Revelation of a threatening letter sent by Islam radicals to founding Thero of Nelligala IBC
Posted on August 23rd, 2020

Courtesy Hiru News

The founder of the Nelligala International Buddhist Center Venerable Wathurakumbure Dhammaratana Thero says that he received a letter of threat, three weeks after the Easter attacks.

The thero made this statement while testifying before the Presidential Commission appointed to probe the Easter Attacks.

Dhammaratana Thero further added that the Zaharan Hashim had approached him in 2016 to buy the land on which the Nelligala International Buddhist Center is built, to construct a centre but had been turned down by the thero.

When inquired by the State Counsel as to whether any incident had occurred during the opening of the shrine in 2016, the thero noted the shrine had been opened under the patronage of the President in 2016.

Dhammaratana thero noted accordingly due to the attendance of the President all surrounding roads and neighbouring houses had been thoroughly checked for security purposes.

The thero revealed that pictures of himself and his vehicle had been discovered during the security check of the arabic school at the mosque in Muruthalawa. Following which the thero claimed he had received a threat claiming to be his “last warning” three weeks following the Easter attacks.

Dhammaratana thero stated that he had immediately directed copies of the letter to the Secretary of Defence, Inspector General of Police and the Army Commander.

However, the Thero claimed that no action had been taken pertaining to the letter so far.

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