Mr. Wigneswaran! Observations on your address to Parliament
Posted on August 25th, 2020

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

Mr. C.V.Wigneswaran
Sri Lanka Parliament
Sri Lanka.

Re: Observations on your address to Parliament

Dear Mr. Wigneswaran:

It was with great interest that I read your inaugural speech to Parliament, wanting to know what the new Tamil Political-Man on the Block had to say.

Right off the bat one comment jarred my understanding of the Ceylon/Sri Lanka History which was mischievously interpreted differently from what I was taught at school.

Oops! Where is this Tamil Man coming from, who once upon a time, not too long ago was the Chief Minister of the mainly ethnically cleansed Tamil Northern Province having kicked out the Sinhalese and Muslims who had lived there for generations.

Your comment that I start my felicitations honourable Speaker, hailing you in my mother tongue, the oldest living language in the world, and the language OF THE FIRST INDIGENOUS INHABITANTS OF THIS COUNTRY and proceed in the link language.”

Well, what crap was that Wiggy?   It is not worth a barrel of stinking Jardi sitting on your dining table for your dinner after a swig from a coconut shell cup of Jaffna’s best toddy. That comment  prompted a comment about you under my breath, This guy seems to be a bloody fool picking a fight with the legitimate indigenous peoples of Sri Lanka – the Veddhas.  These Tamils seem to be good at thinking that they are the blue-blooded tribe in Sri Lanka.   Shish! Wiggy…come down your  high horse before you have a Humpty-Dumpty Fall soon.

So I checked on your background of your schooling where you may have been taught this separatist” lie.  Was it at Valvettithurai Smugglers Vidyalayam, or was it at theVaddukoddai Maha Vidyalayam, or was it at Katheeja Vidyalayam, all in the Northern Province.  

 Well, Wiggy, you surprised me to know  that you were a product of Kurunegala’s, Christ Church College; Anuradhapura’s Holy Family Convent and ended up at Colombo’s Royal College.  I am sure that none of these prestigious Colleges would have drummed into your skull that your tribe, the Tamils, were the first indigenous peoples of Sri Lanka.  And you tell me that once upon a time in your life you were a Justice in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka.   Smart, bright with a clinical legal mind. I am stymied to my wits by you Wiggy.

Tell me, Wiggy, what the heck did you have in your sambar with your thosai that morning for breakfast,   before you went to parliament to deliver your historical speech for your new Tamil political party.   Not good…Not kosher…not  cricket…bloody awful Wiggy!

Didn’t anyone tell you during your schooling days that the Tamils were invaders once upon a time… long…long…long time ago, but were kicked arse and chased them back to where they came from, running for their lives with their vetti pulled tight between their buttock cheeks so that they could run faster.

O! sure…sure,  Wiggy, the South Indian military expeditions were constantly crossing over to Sri Lanka and wresting power in certain areas in the North of Sri Lanka for short periods.  This frequent warfare would have strained the socio-cultural connections between the Sinhalese and the Dravidians.  Indian settlements in Lanka during this period were probably few, for they did not exercise any political power.  Like in the first century B.C., a Tamil usurper, Elara, seized the Sri Lankan throne. The Tamil King Elara’s ultimate defeat, at the hands of the Sinhalese prince Duttugemunu, woo…woo..” is regarded as an epic event in SriLanka’s history, when these Elara- Tamils from over 18 mile-Strait of salt water ran after having got their butts kicked, and the salt-water soaked and dripping from their gold and silver threaded Vetties.  And that is a realty check for you.  And who for Pete’s sake told you, and gave you the dead rope to hang yourself saying that you are a member of the Tamil-tribe, of the First Indigenous peoples of Sri Lanka.   Haro…hara..what Tamil Blarney!”

Well it did happen, Wiggy, and the Indigenous Coast-Veddas, Anuradhapura-Veddas, and Bintenne-Veddas continued to live happily ever after as Hunter-gatherers. That is a reality check for you Wiggy.  Got it?

Wiggi, you were 10 years old at Royal and I was 13 years old at Nalanda getting excited about the famous, BIG Gal Oya project, the innovation of the first Prime Minister of Ceylon, Rt. Hon. D.S. Senanayake, after Independence in 1948.

It was a project based on the 62 mile long Gal Oya river rising from the Badulla range in the Central Province and dammed in 1949 for the welfare and prosperity of all Sri Lankans.  

The repository of water after the damming now forms the lifeblood of the peasant  farmers of the historic region of Digamadulla.   Remember!

And here is the problem that I see in your speech.  Prior to this Gal Oya project on either side of the Gal Oya river grew a relentless jungle. And the actual denizens were not your Tamils, but were a few Veddhas and wild animals.  It was largely unoccupied land and the homeland of the elephant, the bear,  the leopard, the monkey, the deer, the snakes, and the jackal.  So where the hell were your first indigenous Tamils to call it your ‘homeland’.  If they were there, where the hell were they hiding Wiggy.  And all that is proof positive that you are a Humbug claiming that your Tamil people were the first Indigenous people of the North and Eastern Provinces.  So let’s cut out that rubbish Wiggy.  Stop trying to pull wool over my eyes. Sure you Tamils enjoyed 131 years being the privileged minority’ during colonial rule, and we Sinhalese happened to be the wronged majority”. That does not give you the right to claim that privilege  of being the first indigenous people in the North-East of Sri Lanka.  That is a load of bull…and a drumlin of pads of dried cow dung.  So let’s cut out that crap.  I hope you got it.

And if you indeed will be conferring with the Vedda Chief in Dambana, to claim your thesis of being the First Indigenous people in Sri Lanka, and that you want to usurp that privilege for the historic records, I  suggest that you wash out that red target between your eyebrows, as it is a tempting spot to get at you if  angered, with a stone from their stone-bow-catapult.  They are brilliant stone-bow-catapult shooters.  The reason why I am warning you is Wiggy,  I was in Dambana in January 2003 and met with Kenda, Veddha Chief Tissaharmy’s third grandson, an Olympic-brilliant stone-bow-catapult  shooter.

He pointed to a leaf in a tall tree, and told me that he was going to bring it down with one stone.  Alright, let’s see”, I said. One pull of the bow he let loose the stone, and down came the leaf.  I clapped.”  Have it, a gift from me” he said and handed the catapult.  It is hanging on the wall in my den with a label which says – Stone-bow- catapult used by Veddhas, (Indigenous people of Sri Lanka.  A gift from Kenda, 3rd Grandson of Veddha Chief Tissahamy. Veddha Village, Dambana, Sri Lanka. January 2003.

No more pretentious rubbish from you Wiggy, as it just doesn’t cut mustard with me.

Good Luck.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

2 Responses to “Mr. Wigneswaran! Observations on your address to Parliament”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    Why it has to be always Asoka or Shenali to highlight the lies from these racist mob? The government has a 2/3rd majority in the parliament, but none of them was brave or educated enough to correct this racist scum Wiggie. The members of the parliament have an obligation to learn the history of Sri Lanka, not just sit there and enjoy all the perks.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    Spot Wiggy – This Moses came floating on a wicker basket from Australia to Jaffna! Aboriginal people think theirs is the oldest spoken language in the world too!

    * Wiggy in hat with his brothers he left behind in Australia!

    * Wiggy’s nephews bathed in ashes!

    (With apologies to the wonderful aboriginal people in Australia)

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