AG orders probe into land grab allegation against influential political group
Posted on November 2nd, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

The Attorney General has directed the Acting IGP to investigate into a social media disclosure regarding alleged land grab of properties owned by persons living abroad by an influential political group. 

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  1. Nimal Says:

    I too lost part of my land which that gave me assess to my land at the top,first by a top cop and then by top man of a religion.Prior to that I spent millions constructing 60 ft tarred road that was stolen out of me giving me no access to the land.Got the police to raid that premises where there was illegal activities. In spite of a legal obstruction that my lawyer put to prevent the sale of my stolen land that land was sold with the a loan by HNB where I protested to the bank prior to the sale, nevertheless it was sold.I had two endless court cases against both parties and I directly protested to the judge that I had come from UK several times to the courts that was put back so many times.That kind judge adjourned the courts and held the courts in the afternoon on the land itself, resulting in a settlement where some other useless land was offered to me as a settlement
    My good friend’s home was forcibly occupied by some thugs close to the politicians at Colombo 7 and we protested to MR to stop it and after a decade the same house was used as security to raise a massive loan through a bank in Moratuwa and the endless case is still going on,again initiated by a person close to the politicians. These lawless theft of lands by owners must stop and the courts should act firmly without giving the crooks any advantage.Similatr thing happened in a house close to me here in London where the courts got the people, nearly 20 people evicted in one hearing. This is why I maintain that we have balu culture in the island.

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