Re: Mr. Bodhi Dhanapala’s personal attacks on Professor Wimalawansa
Posted on November 11th, 2020

Sunil Wimalawansa 

Dear Editor: 

It is very unfortunate that most of the comments by the author of the email below are unfounded, scientifically incorrect, and is geared to nothing else but character assassination.  Just because a person disagrees, there is no reason to attack him or her and engage in assassination.  This is scandalous and defamatory.  

The author had been unsuccessfully tried previously using the same tactic, using different platforms.  Over the years, some of you may have seen such unfounded deep and unscientific criticisms.  Thus, I am not surprised.   

One such example was (currently, inactive), that was funded by the SLGo and maintained by the ministry of scient and technology, by its head, Prof. de Alwis.  [this website states, this Basecamp account is temporarily paused. Ajith de Alwis can resume it].   The goals of this blog site were to come up with novel solutions to help to curb chronic kidney disease in the NCP region in Sri Lanka.  More than 250 people from multiple countries participated and contributed to this site for the benefit of Sri Lanka, at least over four-year period.   

For more information, kindly contact the site administrator, Dr. Sachi Panawela at the ministry of science and technology ( ; Project Scientist – COSTI).  Because of his extreme, repeated personal attacks that had no relevance to science and the mission of the site, his participation was terminated (in fact, banned) by the mentioned Basecamp site administration.   

Banning of his participation of the government-run blog site was due to a similar, aggressive personal attacks and vicious character assassinations on Sri Lankan scientists that was disruptive and became a nuisance to the participants against other contributors.  This example also demonstrates the trend of his disliking others with differing views.  Despite multiple warnings by the SLGo site administrators, author continued with his unfounded vicious attacks led to preventing his participation after that.  This author-initiated email below is yet another beginning of similar line, to demonstrates his glory but with empty information.  Such should not be tolerated or encouraged.   

I have neither interest or time to waste to refute falsified and bogus clams, interrogations, and personal attacks by anyone.  My comments and writings are based on science as we know of today (with the advancement of science and knowledge, these can be changed tomorrow) and on global evidence that is applicable to Sri Lanka.   

I have no political affiliations in Sri Lanka.  I have lot more important things to do on my primary global efforts for the past four decades, on disease prevention;” not treatment as falsely claimed. 

Kind regards and good luck. 

Sunil Wimalawansa 

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