LPL Franchise Owners
Posted on November 16th, 2020


It is alleged the take over of a television station in Sri Lanka was done surreptitiously by a company with diaspora connections.

Today we hear the SLC is looking to finalize the owners of the five franchises for their T20 league.

As per the contracts the Dubai based IPG group has the responsibility to find the owners on behalf of the SLC for the forthcoming LPL .

It is also mentioned the clearance from the ICC is a prerequisite in this process which one assumes is mainly on previous fraudulent activities.

However what is more important from Sri Lanka’s perspective is to rule out links with diaspora groups who could come as saviors to the SLC. 

Has the SLC in their desperation to find groups with investment ability overlooked this aspect of the vetting process no one knows.

As the Dubai based company has no apparent regard in this respect the country expect the SLC to be very wary of the real danger here. 

We earnestly hope the new sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa has no doubt taken the necessary steps to block such entities entering to have a foothold in our cricket.


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