Rights of freeborn men are to enjoy the maximum use of land not access to land; that is to sell and mortgage land
Posted on November 28th, 2020

By Senior Lawyer

Refer to the article ‘A Plan To Ensure Every Sri Lankan Plate is Full During COVID ‘  A paper submitted by Sri Lanka Study Circle in the Lanka published recently  

Finally in 2020 the world has  realised that Globalisation has   completely failed.  It’s master,  USA is struggling unable to select a President , leading the world with the   spread of COVID.  Sri Lanka  had the wisdom to  appoint a President and to go beyond many countries to protect the people from  COVID .

Wake up Sri Lanka  face the truth, get your heads out of the sand, do not wait for foreign funds to research and manage our lands .   

The most distinctive approach for us is to act now for a new strategy,  provide our  own food.  Forget all the World Bank reports and MCC  . They all  planned to  capture our lands; to hand over our  lands  to  large Agri based companies that had commercial interest .  People rose to save our lands.  The  MCC  introduced foreign laws to remove all our traditional laws[ Bim Saviya ]  that apply to small farmers and Chena cultivators.  Until COVID came along, we could not face these external storms, where we were virtually to believe we are doing well if we  reach higher positions of the indices drawn by them; such as the Doing Business Index.  

 Rights of freeborn men enjoy the maximum use of land not access to land which is the capitalist theory,  which says lands must be arranged in a register to be able to be sold and mortgaged  as  vehicles.  

Robbed of the truth for centuries and for 72 years after independence, at least now shall we plan our own strategy for our capital asset land.   Let’s have local reforms to allow  lessees of government lands to cultivate.  Lets give those who deserve Rs 5000 a piece of land on lease to cultivate.  I am sure our politicians will not disagree.    

How could we have  not realised,

1]that we have land that will allow anything to grow.

2]there is sunshine from 6 AM to 6 PM every day with plenty of water

3] that we do not require deeds, lease rights permit   bank loans according to the statutes we have

These pictures are from a small plot of  land .  The boy has no job but he feeds the people in his neighbourhood. He says he does not need any funding.  

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