Travel restrictions on more areas
Posted on December 3rd, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

Travel restrictions have imposed on two more areas due to the inflation of COVID-19 cases reported from the areas.

Two Public Health Inspector’s Divisions under the office of Ambagamuwa Medical Officer of Health (MOH) have been issued travel restrictions in this manner.

Accordingly, the following areas will be under travel restrictions until further notice:

Watawala Public Health Inspector’s Division: Lower Dadukele area in Welioya
Ginigathhena Public Health Inspector’s Division: Upper Blackwater area in Kenilworth Estate

Ambagamuwa MOH Dr. Krishan Premasiri said that 15 COVID-19 cases have been reported from the Upper Blackwater area and 07 cases from the Lower Dadukele area.

The decision has been taken following a special discussion held today (03) at the Provincial Health Services Director’s Office.

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