Muslims Will Not Start War and Suffer Over 100,000 Muslim Deaths and 198,000 Muslim War Widows Over Cremation Issue
Posted on December 20th, 2020

Dilrook Kannangara

Compared to Sinhala JVP and Tamil LTTE caused death tolls, Muslims have been the most peaceful community. I was both amused and appalled when a powerful Muslim MP said Muslim youth will take up weapons if they are not allowed burial of COVID-19 dead. TNA as expected echoed this very same sentiment which is also hilarious. TNA is more aware than anyone else that when Tamil youth took up weapons it killed over 100,000 Tamils and caused 89,000 Tamil war widows. Is the TNA acting like the fox that lost its tail and wanted other foxes to lose theirs?

Most Muslims understand the impact of unknowns surrounding the burial of COVID-19 dead. They therefore cooperate with the government. Only a fraction of Muslims (most had nothing good to say ever about Sri Lanka or the Sinhalese) keep demanding the burial of Muslim COVID-19 dead. No matter what the government does, they will keep hurling their racist stones at the government and the Sinhalese. In fact, if the government caves in, that will make them bolder to make worse extortion demands. Also, the mere fact that they make this demand suggests it must be bad for Sri Lanka. They do not have a history of doing any good or wishing any good for Sri Lanka so this too must be bad by definition.

What is most interesting is not even the small (10% within the Muslim community) Wahabi sects have demanded the burial of COVID-19 Muslim dead! They claim to follow Islam to the letter. This clearly shows the demand to bury COVID-19 dead is simple fantasy and a political football.

The Muslim community is certainly not interested in war. A war like the LTTE war would kill over 100,000 Muslims (and they will not be buried) and make somewhere between 89,000 and 365,000 (assumed the highest number of wives of 4) Muslim war widows (on average 198,000). No one wants this. Therefore, the fear mongering by the Muslim MP that Muslim youth will take up weapons over the burial issue is just nonsense. The government must not cave in and expose its weakness. Treat everyone equally and do not assume undue risks over a deadly pandemic that still has many unknowns. What works for Arabian deserts do not work for Sri Lanka.

2 Responses to “Muslims Will Not Start War and Suffer Over 100,000 Muslim Deaths and 198,000 Muslim War Widows Over Cremation Issue”

  1. Nimal Says:

    See how lethal a religion could be and I rather have a wine bar in preference to a places of worship because all my promotions was decided over a pint because one relaxes and give up ones inborn prejudices..

  2. dingiri bandara Says:

    The Quran does not specifically prohibit cremation. The first funeral is said to be that of Abel, a son of Adam & Eve. When Abel was killed by Kane, it was not known what to do with the body as they had no experience. A raven is said to have been sent to show as how to dig the ground to for a burial.At that time fire was yet discovered, for a cremation. in the Middle East and the deserts fire wood was very scares and bodies started to rot very quickly. hence they ere wrapped and buried. The clothes , burial practices and many other customs were to to suit climatic and other conditions in the Middle East region. All monotheistic religions don’t follow the same practices and traditions.For instance farsies who Zoroastrians, another monotheistic religion, feed their dead to the vultures. I believe that if the creation story is true, there cannot be many creators. There can be only one and people from time to time adjusted their practices and traditions as necessary. For instance take the case of loud speaker use to call for prayers. there were such thing before. now they are used for convenience.
    What happens after death is not really known but I don’t believe it depend on how dead body is disposed of. What really matters is how one has lived. The suicide bombers, it is said are made to believe that they will immediately go to heave and so on. There will not remain any bodies for any type of funeral. What then?

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