ABOLISH THE PROVINCIAL COUNCILS – Do what must be done. Do not hesitate. A New Constitution
Posted on December 31st, 2020

Stanley Gunaratne 

There has been recent noise to perpetuate Provincial Councils by various politicians – including within the government ranks. What of the PEOPLE’S VIEW?

These useless politicians are as clumsy as they are incompetent and treasonous – the whole lot of them. To have come up with this ridiculous proposal to hold Provincial Council elections during a pandemic, at a time of economic stress and during public submissions for a new constitution and public calls for these parasitic things to be abolished shows complete disdain for the people. This is a farce and no doubt the likes of MR in particular want to perpetuate Provincial Councils. Useless government and useless opposition! The Provincial Councils and the Indo Lanka Accord (already illegal under international law as per the Vienna Conventions) have to be abolished in totality. The constitution is such a mess and so corrupt, it must be dispensed with and replaced with a sound constitution that is designed by patriots (not useless politicians) and approved by the People. Our country could have been developed rapidly in the last 10 years and has ended up getting nowhere. In addition to the spokesperson in the article in that image, some other useless character who is a “State Minister” told the media the other day that we have to consult India. How such lowly, brainless and spineless people who say such things occupy high office defies logic. These politicians are the bane of this beautiful country.

Reasons why Ceylon/Sri Lanka is not developed:

1. India created a terrorist group that killed innocent people and wasted 40 years of development

2. India inserted idiotic constitutional clauses into the Sri Lankan constitution making it highly bureaucratic and encouraging division and inaction as well as massive corruption never seen anywhere else in human history

3. The Indo Lanka Accord removes Sri Lanka’s independence and results in restrictions on foreign investment

4. Indian bootlicking politicians try to preserve the corrupt system in Sri Lanka resulting in no rule of law, no cohesion nor any foreign investment

5. Without a pro business environment, meritocracy and investment (domestic or foreign), nothing gets done and no progress is made.

6. The bizarre, absurd and nonsensical notion by crazy people that India has to be consulted in the governance, development and organisation of this country even to drink a cup of tea despite the fact this nation is not, has never been and never will be part of that godforsaken Indian Union!

7. A frog in the well mentality that India is the world, things “cannot be done”, waiting for the coconut to fall onto our lap instead of seizing the moment and bickering amongst ourselves or against helpful countries when India – our actual enemy – is running riot. This is the equivalent of fiddling whilst Rome is burning!

So a country which could become a first world nation within 5-10 years, languishes as an Indian lackey and third world country UNTIL the entire system is torn down and reset.

An example constitution that could make this country great, which totally abolishes all the Indian installed rubbish in the country is one here:


It is high time we clean the entire Augean stables of this country. Without the basics being right, this country with massive potential is on a path to nowhere. As per recent articles on Lankaweb, our energy needs and food needs can easily be achieved. Any foreign investor will tell you this country can be another Singapore if there is the rule of law and we can easily reacquire our status as a global centre of commerce/hub.

If ANY politician does not advocate abolition of the 13A, Indo Lanka Accord and wasteful bureaucracy in this country – no matter what party they are from – they are guilty of high treason and should be expelled to India.

Even recently, Indian fishermen plunder our fish and get caught by our Navy, and politicians still talk about releasing these criminals.

Let us restore our self respect, common sense and ambitious purpose to get things done, fulfil our national destiny and say “Yes we can”. If not now, when?

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee oh Ceylonese!

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