Tamil genocide, Geneva fiasco and a Tamil Che Guerra – Part 2
Posted on March 2nd, 2021

C. Wijeyawickrema, LL.B., Ph.D.

Vigneswaran’s egg basket

Vigneswaran placed his one and only genocide egg in Michelle Bachelet’s broken basket, expecting a surrender by the GOSL, headed by Gotabhaya Rajapakasa. Vigneswaran’s this jocular behavior was a desperate attempt to piggyback on the American global strategy aimed at getting a foot hold in the island, by hook or by crook. The U.S. Plan to use UNCHR & OHCHR mechanism, unethically, as a vehicle to achieve this objective meets with the ultimate Eelam goal of Vignes, TNA and others via 13-A plus demand. After failing to get the MCC Trojan horse in,  USA is also in a desperate mood as evidenced by the strange  <undiplomatic> behavior of its ambassador in Colombo. Shamelessly, she is almost like a new Adele Balasingham with a velvet glove.

Divide and Rule- the American way (soft power)

The historical, standard, American state policy has always been to find a local support group for its foreign policy operations, whether in Libya, Iraq, Iran or the Philippine. Ranjan Ramanayake is a classic example of its stupid side while Sarath Fonseka, Mahesh Senanayaka and Maithripala Sirisena could have been victims of it. Vigneswaran and TNA  Tamils provide it in plenty, in addition to the Sinhala black white brigade dispersed all over the country as spies, dollar-funded NGOs, officers at high levels in key government entities and in political parties of all colours and shades. The 2015-2019 Yahapalana cabal is buried but not dead, and waiting for the right time to resurrect. For the time being the 13-A plus crowd has the <father of 13-A plus> Dayan Jayatilleka as Sajith Premadasa’s foreign policy guru to spun his soft power-Indian power canards, which must be gospel truths for the SJB MPs.

A stab in the back by Dayan J

What more America needs than a man who on May 27th 2009, just 8 days after the war victory sabotaged it by promising UNHRC to implement 13-A plus in full. The Sinhala Buddhist village boys and girls (with some minority and Sinhala Catholic participation) sacrificed the lives and limbs to end a 30-year war in less than 3 years to abrogate 13-A death trap and the Rajiv/Dixit document forced down the throat of JRJ. By sending Dayan J as his trusted agent to Geneva, MahindaR got struck with a new tiger’s with a pen on the neck, instead of a cyanide pill.

Democracy: tool or weapon?

Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right.  Democracy and human rights are bad words for America, if the results of it are not beneficial to the American ruling class. This is why democratically elected governments become targets of regime change sooner or later. In this game successive American administrations rarely learned from past blunders. This is beyond and above the role mentioned in the book, the Confessions of an American hit man.

Take the Sri Lankan case. Michelle Bachelet or the American ambassador in Colombo has no business to comment on what Gotabhaya is doing in implementing the historical mandate the voters gave him, twice in one year. But UNHRC/OHCHR is used and abused by the US administration. to compel Gotabhaya to do what it wants to implement as its global anti-China policy.

The Indian RAW and the CIA know very well that Tamil separatist politicians in the North and East are losing their voter base slowly and surely. This has no serious adverse impact on US strategic interest in the region as India’s Modi is now a prisoner  in US hands. But it is big trouble for the Tamil politicians struggling for survival. This is why they think Tamil Genocide cry as the last chance (merchandise) in their unfortunate long journey. So Bachelet is trying hard to deliver 13-A plus to Tamil politicians using war crimes as the younger brother of the genocide bargain. Therefore, if Jayanath Columbage agrees to any type of consensus proposal, it is the beginning of the end of Sri Lanka as one unitary state. Because, making the present 13-A level federal state more federal by adding 13-A plus would take Tamil separatists one step closer to the Eelam goal. A cancer cannot  be cured by feeding it. The country is waiting to see how Sarath Weerasekera and Dinesh Gunawardena take control of the task to bell the UNHRC cat and its masters US and UK politicians who are getting unjustly enriched by LTTE bank accounts and elected to power by Tamil voter banks in their respective electorates in USA, UK, Germany, Canada etc.

Erosion of the voter base in Jaffna (kitchen on fire)

The delusional genocidal demand of Tamil politicians and the recent P2P march that DSB Jeyaraj in Canada brands as the new turning point of a new Tamil dream must be dissected and understood in the light of democratic changes taking place in Jaffna as ground truths.  According to Pakiyasothi Saravanamuttu, a leading NGO dollar mudalali, P2P  was a historic Tamil-Muslim alliance after 50 years.

*1.  Loss of vote base

Jaffna politicians are well endowed with so many electorates. A comparison of the number of seats JVP won and the total votes it received, with the same number of total votes, TNA & Co. got 4 times the MP slots. While this is the case on the surface TNA is losing its voter base slowly but steadily.

On the other hand, the anti-TNA and anti-separatist voter base is increasing in all electorates, except in two or three cases. At the 2019 presidential election, and  later in the 2020 parliamentary elections, pro-government candidates received at least 1000-2000 votes in practically every electorate.  One SLFP MP got elected from Jaffna bringing back memories of the Jaffna Mayor Alfred Duraiappa days when Mrs. B went and opened the new Jaffna university. TNA politicians now using its students as agents of Eelam fight! The pro-government vote is sufficient to organize anti-separatist, Sinhala -Tamil social movement at electorate level including the teaching of Sinhala and Tamil to Tamils and Sinhalese.  Arun Siddharthan brings  lot of oxygen and track to such developments.

*2.  Arun- anathema to Tamil Separatism

” අරූන් සිද්ධාර්ත් කියන කඳුළු කතාව…” – YouTube

The person elected as anti-Eelam MP may not be the best choice, but in that SLFP block there is a young man, an anti-thesis of  what Prabhakaran projected in the 1980s. P was an enigma. Federal Party executive committee did not give room fo his voice at the beginning, and this fishing caste boy had the support of lower castes, When P became a ruthless dictator, vellala people either left the country or moved south. The low caste masses became victims of P’s army. Vellala politicians hiding in Colombo embraced P as their new god, who replaced SJVC. By murdering his rivals P reached the top making high Vellala politicians his slaves. Vellala politicians in Colombo 7 (and Sinhala politicians) survived from black cats roaming with suicide bombs by glorify him as the sole representative of  the Tamils in north and south. Vigneswaran and Sumanthiran now secretly worship him as the fore mostTamil hero in history.

 Arulanandan Siddharthan (Arun) who contested last election as a SLFP candidate in Jaffna has become a Tamil Che Guevara. He is the son of toddy tapping grandparents and a self-educated man who is a deadly challenge to Vigneswaran-Sumanthiran and Ponnambalam combine. The established Tamil politician cabals tried to brand him as another tiger in the making.

On February 2019 at a Hiru Salakuna debate (Episode 172), he disarmed and defeated the Tamil separatist politician, M. K. Shivajilingam, who still believes that Prabakaran is living in another country! In short, Arun made Tamil politicians naked. Now two years later his interviews are so popular in the south. He is like the Sinhala Marikkar in 1956, the postal minister in SWRD govt, more Sinhala than than the Sinhalese. Guided by the Buddhist Middle Path, this 43 year old man is a challenge to even the federal-bound Sinhala politicians hiding in the SLFP and SLPP. He openly declares that the Indian embassy branch in Jaffna is a RAW field office, a symbol of stupid Sinhala political game.

If he is in the Diyawanna hotel he would handle Tamil separatists in it, which Sinhala MPs failed miserably to do, except perhaps, Sarath Weerasekera. Arun brings practical and ideological arguments to defeat Jaffna politicians’ game of fooling poor, innocent and caste-discriminated Tamil masses. Arun and BBS leader Ven. Gnanasara have the same ideological background and both will face more anger from Sinhala politicians for exposing their games. Those who are in hunger to carry Lakshpathi Shukra girl on their shoulders must realize the value of Arun to bring ethnic peace to the island.

*3. At his 2019 interview Arun mentioned about the last Sangili king, Remigius Kanagarajah, now living in Holland. The king was angry about the separatist game TNA and others, including the Tamil LTTE agents operating from foreign locations, disclosed Arun. This king wants to come back to Jaffna, and from his recent interview with Truth with Chamuditha, if he comes he is not going to be like a Queen Elizabeth in Jaffna or the twin Mahanayaka Theros in Kandy. He wants real action to eliminate the separatism germ from Jaffna. Reminiscent of  king Sankili’s acts before 1619 against Christians, Sumanthiran and Rasamanikkam grandson as Christians will have a hard time if the king comes back.

*4. Caste pollution

Tamil politicians of an artificial vellala lable, with white marriage connections started even before the capture of Kandy in 1815, had better deals due to American missionary schools in Jaffna and Batticaloa. Tamil mudaliyar Kumarasuriyar was at the scene of the capture of Tamil-Buddhist king, along with a Bandaranayake and a Tombi mudali Jayawardena, to assist the white soldiers!

Some people think lower caste people in Jaffna are Sinhala people subjugated by the Vellala settlers brought down from Indian by the Dutch to grow tobacco on Jaffna red soil. When Math professor Sundaralingam was playing havoc at the Maviddipuram kovil, Federal Party Christian politicians kept mum. It was SWRD who passed a law against social discrimination in Jaffna (Act 21 of 1957).

While Federal politicians ignored or suppressed the issue an anthropology vellala Christian Jeyaraj Stanly Tambiah, wen to Thailand to study the Theravada Buddhism. He did not think of more sociology and more anthropology research topics available in Jaffna in the early 1960s to study. He was determined to write a book one day (1997)  titled, Buddhism Betrayed, the theme being Why Buddhists kill.” The book was funded by Lal Jayawardena from Norway using UN links, and a devil-looking picture of Ven. Maduluwave Sobitha was supplied by his wife Vishaka Kumari Soysa for the cover page.  His book has so many falsehoods which I challenged before his death. Book was banned by the politicians not because of its false content, but because of the ugly cover picture. It is the same stupid approach these Sinhala black white politicians have been taking on the question of the need to defeat separatist ideology by an ideology based on the Buddhist Middle Path.

Buddhist monks went West

Buddhist monk did not want to go to Jaffna to help the suffering low castes due to Federal Christian protests. They decided to go to western countries where there was hunger for Buddhism. They did not even go to support Ambedkar. Ambedkar embraced Buddhism on his own with millions of Dalit followers. Imagine, what could have happened if Evangelical, born again types had a chance!

*5. Army and  the low castes

The vellala Tamil politicians prefer to have Sinhala bodyguards, but they hate the true understanding developed/developing between the army and the poor people in Jaffna. They want army to come and rescue them when they are in trouble due to flooding etc. but go to UNHRC complaining occupation by army of their land.

*6. The Sri Lanka Hindu Society is working with Bodu Bala Sena and Ven. Ratana’s projects  for some time, and this is another force that Tamil separatists hate. The P2P and all other mini fires that TNA tries to light has a set of Christian priests as the frontal barrier and again, Arun with a Christian wife knows this game too.

*7. Conclusion

These ground truths must be utilized by the Gotabhaya administration to defeate the Eelam threat by using a justifiable alternative ideology. It is so readily available now. Instead of taking Vesak to Nagadipa, which is an un-Buddhist act, geographically and politically-speaking, the government should support people like Arun to promote his teaching Sinhala program etc. We know what NGOs/INGOs did prior to May 2009 in the Wanni with millions of dollars given to them for developmental work, The victorious army found none of those!

Vesak in Nagadipa is a waste of money which could be used to help the temples in the Nort and East to reapair their temples. If monks advising MR is promoting this idea, what is it got to do with lebbes and pastors participating in it? This reminds what a senile D. M. Jayaratne did with Sambuddha Jayanthi celebrations when he was MR’s useless PM. Interfaith is a western coup to fool Buddhists. Why are we trying to go on the same garden path, that defeted MR in 2014? Why give Sumanthirans and Vigneswarans to mislead Tamils?

One last word of caution is that any attempt to resurrect the buried 13-A minus or plus PCs would be the end of Rajapaksa politics in Sri Lanka. Instead of this dead rope, empower people at the Pradeshiya Sabha or Divisional Secretariate level removing the PCs. If Jana Sabhas are established at GSN or with GSN’s re-demarcated with natural boundaries, we do not have to go an kiss Modi’s or Michelle Bachelet’s foot or something else. It is my hope that the new constitutional draft would not be a another disaster like the Pasku commission. The key issue is whether it is going to give oxygen to the PC cadaver, to satisfy SLPP’s PC lobby who knows no democracy nor any rule of law. Are they any different from the roudies in the Diyawanna? SJB and LoO Sajith are clearly abusing and taking the government on a ride. When will thi end? Would Lee Kwan have tolerated such chaos?  70-80% of country’s problems could be solved having Jana Sabhas (if a pradeshiya Sabha is the larger unit, then natural GSNs will be wards), and make it consisting of (1) people selected members on a non-political party basis, (2) the temple  (church/kovil/mosque) representatives and (3) the army. This is the best separation of powers we can offer to the world as a model.

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