Posted on March 3rd, 2021


At the UNHRC meeting the true friends of Sri Lanka emerged to speak and defend the country battered mercilessly for defeating the world most brutal terrorist organization i.e., Tamil Tiger terrorists in 2009, who held 20 million Sri Lankans to ransom for well over 25 years.  The leading the Sri Lanka bashing were the UK. Germany. Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands. Belgium and the USA, all of them having a chequered history in violating human rights at different times. India, our friendly neighbour while thankfully taking a fair distance from the punitive stance of others opted to emphasize on the rights of Sri Lankan Tamils and their ‘aspirations’ insisting on the FULL implementation of the 13 A” India should be requested to point out whether any Tamil person in Sri Lanka is deprived from enjoying a basic right because he or she is being purely a Tamil.  On the 13th A which was thrust on Sri Lanka along with the so-called Indo-Sri Lanka agreement, most Sri Lankans are of the view that it was a faulty restructuring effort of Sri Lanka’s government by India and the Police and Land powers under the 13 A are a direct threat to the sovereign Sri Lanka. Further, the Provincial government system has not benefited Sri Lanka in any measurable manner and had been an exercise in colossal wastage of hard-earned funds of the central government. As regards aspirations, we are amazed how we can consider ONLY the aspirations of Tamils as all other ethnic groups and the individuals too have aspirations and it will be impossible to walk that talk. We need further training in the recognition of aspirations of different groups from India and we pray for further  comments from the HR specialists in India how they have reconciled the aspirations of other than Hindu religious groups, Sheiks, Kashmiris and other minority groups on Northern most India.

But, many nations at UNHCR rejected the proposition of the Sri Lanka bashers who directly and indirectly were supportive of the LTTE armed insurrection and the separatism threatening the unitary Sri Lanka. They also rejected the ‘the preventive prescription’ of the secretary General Bachelot. The nations who supported Sri Lanka stood for the principle of non- interference in the internal affairs of a democratic country. Any weaknesses in Sri Lankan affairs should be allowed to be rectified domestically in keeping with the constitutional provisions of the country rather than to be dictated and decided upon by the holier than thou sloganeers. Most of the nations who attempt to foist their plan on Sri Lanka are from the Western bloc who killed and maimed millions of persons living in the colonized countries and subsequently destroyed other nations as pawns of the world power games. Their adherence ‘to the human rights are completely at variance with their practices on the ground.

Now, Sri Lanka should re-examine their directions and resolve to work with the friendly nations who supported her to extricate from the trap laid out by the countries who desire an unstable Sri Lanka. The Government and the people should resolve to reduce our dependence on Sri Lanka bashers and re-design our imports to suit the geo-political reality and to avoid any plot to impose sanctions by the wounded nations. Time has arrived to consider the nation’s priorities by curtailing the luxuries even for a given period. We should try to get our requirements from the friendly nations and try to improve our trading relationship with our friends.

This the ONLY way to extend our hand to REBUILD a new world order is to be less dependent on the predatory countries who always insist on their pound of flesh from the developing nations. While we thank the President, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the Government for having rejected the co-sponsorship of resolution 30/1 at UNHRC, we urge the Government to plan to reshape our trade and foreign relations to play our role as an independent member of the international community.


  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Post Covid-19 world order will necessarily be an inward looking world. More and more countries will go in the direction of self reliance on as many commodities as possible. The pandemic put paid to the bogus global village that was the dream child of the Neo Liberalists to make more profits for the wealthy. The pandemic has shown how different countries become vulnerable to external pressures and especially poorer countries have to be at the mercy of richer countries and their carrot and stick approach. It is now obvious that the so called Human Rights card is only a uncamouflaged tool to bash weaker nations with sanctions or else!

    In this direction it is high time a second Bandung Conference is brought about to bring together all those nations that are at the receiving end of Western Christian Powers – the former colonial masters and their successors. Non Alignment should be strengthened to counter the moves by these predatory powers who are the very epitome of injustice in the world and world’s worst actual human rights violators.

    The recently talked about Neutrality is a misnomer and a recepe for disaster. This concept is being bandied around as a means to get over the pressure from our distractors – the Western Christian Powers.

    The most famous Neutral Countries in the world are Switzerland and Sweden. These two countries stood ‘neutral’ while genocide and most heinous war crimes were taking place outside of their territories during the past World Wars! They stood to profit by the misery of those who were robbed,pillaged and liquidated. Switzerland was famous for ‘Numbered Accounts’ and for hiding war booty. It also is the repository of pillaged loot from poor nations. This is the nation that looked after the Black Money of dictators and provided safe havens for stolen loot and other artefacts of cultural, artistic and historical value.

    Let us hope that the Pohottuwa administration that was brought about by an overwhelming majority will have the decency and courage to respect the people’s mandate and keep our Motherland intact for our progeny!

    History is not kind to those who betray trust!

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