Lord Naseby supports vote in the absence of consensus on Core Group’s resolution
Posted on March 10th, 2021

By Shamindra Ferdinando Courtesy The Island

Lord Naseby yesterday (9) said that in spite of the Core Group’s resolution being further watered down, the possibility of the government of Sri Lanka accepting it was unlikely.

The Island raised the issue at hand with Lord Naseby, who unconditionally threw his weight behind Sri Lanka’s efforts to counter unsubstantiated war crimes accusations.

Q: Having made invaluable representations to UNHRC on behalf of Sri Lanka, at the current session too, what would you think is advantageous to Sri Lanka (a) to go with the Core Group resolution or (b) seek a vote whatever the consequences?

A: It appears as far as I can see the Core Group resolution is slowly being amended and may yet be amended further before March 22 so I cannot give a definitive Yes or No now however it seems unlikely it will be  acceptable to Sri Lanka. If this turns out to be the case then I personally would support a vote.

(Q)   Many Sri Lankans believe successive governments conveniently failed to exploit Oct 2017 disclosure made by you in the House of Lords.

Do you believe your disclosures, statements as well as statements made by US Defence Advisor Lt. Col. Smith in June 2011 and Wikileaks revelations could have been used in a much better way by GoSL?

(A) I think the previous Government missed a trick in not exploiting all the evidence that clearly refuted the allegations in the Darusman & OISL reports. I think the present Government faces so many challenges e.g. pandemic, financial challenges plus Geneva plus a devious UK who never supplied the Gash dispatches to the UNHRC plus a constant barrage from the Diaspora all in a short time frame that I do not criticise them. In fact the actions to revitalise the Missing Person Commission & the Reparations Commission are both really positive.

 (Q) Are you disappointed with the way Sri Lanka’s defence continued to be handled? 

(A) Remember my role is to try to help the people of Sri Lanka.

Well informed sources said that the government was under heavy pressure to accept the Core Group’s resolution with India being asked by the government to back Sri Lanka whereas the TNA insisted on New Delhi’s support.

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