We categorically deplore and condemn Interference by the Indian Ambassador in Sri Lanka’s internal matters
Posted on March 15th, 2021

 Dr. Sudath Gunasekara Mahanuwara.

While we categorically deplore and condemn Interference by the Indian Ambassador in Sri Lanka’s internal matters we call upon the Government to take stern action against all ambassadors who behave in this manner and deport them as soon as possible (as Premadasa once did to British Ambassador) and discontinue diplomatic relations with all such enemy countries

Dear Patriots,

Please seriously look at the following news item.

 Indian Envoy tours North, East to meet political heads & assess India-funded projects

11 March 2021 08:17 pm – 0     – 983

Indian High Commissioner Gopal Baglay has undertaken a four-day tour of the Northern and Eastern Provinces to interact with a cross section of society there including political leaders and inspect the projects  funded by India which are in various stages of implementation, sources said.

The High Commissioner also would visit the places of religious worship. This is his first such visit to the two provinces after he was appointed Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi renewed his country’s call for the implementation of 13th Amendment in full. It was repeated by India even during the ongoing session of the UNHRC.

Moreover, the Jaffna cultural centre and the Palali airport development are the two key projects financed by India. (Kelum Bandara)”

After reading this news item it gives me the Impression that the North and East of this country have already ceased to be a part of Sri Lanka.

Otherwise why the Government keep silent on this type of undiplomatic, undemocratic and highhanded action by the Indian High Commissioner Gopal Baglay. Has he already ceased to be the High Com of India to Sri Lanka and openly assumed the role of the Indian viceroy reigning over the Indian suzerainty in that part of our country. Otherwise why should he makes a 4 day tour to meet Tamil political Heads in that part of the country and interact with the Tamil people there. What business he has to inspect development projects in that part of this country funded by India. We categorically deplore this  high handed undiplomatic interference with the internal affairs of this country by Indian High Commissioner. This in my opinion amounts to a violation of all accepted international diplomatic covenants as if he has completely forgotten that he is only another Ambassador representing his country in this country and neither he nor his country has any legitimate authority to behave and act in this manner. This is naked interference in another sovereign country’s self -respect and dignity. I think he is acting on the assumption that the defunct Rajive/JR Accor of July 29th 1987 has already accorded North and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka as the Traditional Tamil homeland. For his information, I must categorically state the Tamil Homeland is in South India although the Indian Government has denied it to them at Home in spite of the fact 70 million Tamils live there. They have not even recognized Tamil as a national language or an official Language in India. Not only Ambassador Gopal but also the entire Indian Government should be ashamed of this hypocrisy and duplicity.

 It is common sense that India adopts the same attitude with regard to the Tamils in the plantation sector as well. It is high time that India should understand these Tamils living in Sri Lanka are no longer Indian citizens. True they may be of Indian Origin. But looking after them is our business as long as they accept this country as their country. Why are these Indian politicians and bureaucrats concerned so much about the welfare of Tamils in Sri Lanka, when millions are suffering at home even without a lavatory in their own country?

While deploring his unethical, undiplomatic and high handed action, the Government should I think, call upon this arrogant ambassador to explain for interfering with our domestic affairs this country. In the event he fails to do so he should be deported immediately for violating International diplomatic covenants and this should, I think, apply to all other Ambassadors as well who interfere with our internal matters and violate diplomatic norms and act against our interests. We want only friends and not enemies who stab from behind.

Isn’t it a big tragedy that some of these Diplomats are more concerned about minorities living in this country than the native Sinhalese to whom this country belong and who have shaped its civilization for two and half millennia, discriminating the natives as their enemies.

Looking at the way how our own politicians discriminate against the Sinhala majority by curry favouring the Muslims and Tamils, traitorously at the expense of their own nation, in a way it is not surprising that these foreign diplomats also behave in this manner.

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