Revised quarantine guidelines issued for arrivals from overseas
Posted on March 18th, 2021

Courtesy Adaderana

Director-General of Health Services has issued revised COVID-19 quarantine guidelines for all incoming passengers and tourists arriving in Sri Lanka from overseas.

The guidelines noted that they should receive the approval to enter the country from the Foreign Affairs Ministry and other relevant authorities or from Sri Lanka Tourism, respectively.

All travelers should submit the filled Health Declaration Form to the staff of Airport Health Office at Health Counters at the arriving airport, it read further.

Key points in the guidelines for Sri Lankan citizens/dual citizens and foreign nationals:

• For passengers who have received the recommended doses of COVID-19 vaccine:

– They should arrive in the country after two weeks of completion of COVID-19 vaccination.

– Upon arrival, they should produce the original copy of the vaccination certificate together with a certified copy of English language translation if the certificate is not in English language, to the Airport Health Officer.

– They will be referred to a PCR test within 24 hours upon arrival (Day One) from a private or state sector laboratory approved by the Health Ministry.

– Once the test report is available, they will be released from the quarantine hotel or centre by issuing a discharge document mentioning the date of PCR sample collection and PCR test result.

– They should undergo repeat PCR on Day Seven after arrival to Sri Lanka from a private or state sector laboratory approved by the Health Ministry.

• For passengers who have not received the COVID vaccine or not completed the recommended doses of vaccination and arrive in Sri Lanka within less than two weeks of vaccination:

– If they are undergoing hotel quarantine (single or shared by family members), they will be referred to PCR testing on Day One and Day Seven. 

– However, if they are under quarantine at a centre, they will be subjected to PCR testing on Day One and Day Ten.

– If both tests are negative, they will be released from the quarantine procedure, following the second PCR test.

Upon being discharged, all arrivals are required to arrange their own transport method to go to their respective residences from the quarantine hotel or centre.

Immediately upon arriving home, they should inform the area Medical Officer of Health (MOH) by telephone or email and produce a discharge document issued by the designated authority at the quarantine hotel or centre.

After informing the area MOH, the travellers, who have received both vaccine doses and obtained a negative PCR report on Day One of arrival, are not required to quarantine further.

For those who have not received the recommended vaccine doses, a balance home-quarantine period (out of 14 days) under the supervision of area MOH, is mandatory.

All PCR test results must be informed to the MOH attached to their respective residential area. If one of the PCR test results is positive, they should inform the MOH, and follow the treatment protocol of Health Ministry.

If febrile or display respiratory symptoms of COVID- 19 during the quarantine period, they should inform the relevant MOH.

In the meantime, separate guidelines issued for tourists arriving in the country have also been revised by the Director-General of Health Services.

Revised Quarantine Measures for Travellers 18-03-2021 by Adaderana Online on Scribd

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