Suspected container truck with coconut oil seized from Dambulla
Posted on April 2nd, 2021

Courtesy Adaderana

A container truck has been seized from Dambulla on Thursday night (April 01) on suspicion of carrying a consignment of coconut oil containing carcinogens.

The vehicle in question was taken into custody by a team of officers of Dambulla Police, acting on a tip-off received by the Mayor of Dambulla Jaliya Opatha.

The said container truck was found while parked at a private warehouse located behind the Dambulla Dedicated Economic Center.

The health authorities will subject the samples of the seized coconut oil stock for testing to ascertain if they are suitable for human consumption.

According to Dambulla Mayor, a permit or any sort of legal document allowing the transportation or storage of the coconut oil consignment in question has not been found during the raid.

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