What a Fight! What a Win! Bravo Sri Lanka! Bravo Mahinda! Bravo the Non-Aligned and the Global South! -(Part 1)
Posted on April 4th, 2021

By Citizen Perera

The global bully has his nose bloodied

Jayawewa! Venceremos! Viva la Sri Lanka! We, the Non-Aligned, the Global South and Sri Lanka, gave a bloody nose to the global bully; we together defeated America, the new Caucasian Colonial cuss which attempted to use the UNHRC, to drag our heroic soldiers and fry them after a mock trial in an Electric chair in the US for having decisively defeated the American backed terrorists; the Americans also attempted to use the UNHRC to give itself unilateral powers to invade sovereign Nation States with impunity and, to unilaterally impose economic sanctions on other Nation States of the world.

The Americans failed thanks to the valiant efforts of the Progressives in the Government, spearheaded by Mahinda Rajapaksa and which included Dinesh Gunawardena. 

But that was only a single battle; let Sri Lanka gear up for more. We shall overcome the Enemy if we are vigilant and use our heads.

But first things first, let us savour our victory.

The henchmen of the Americans tabled the draft Resolution against Sri Lanka, with all its fabrications and lies.

 America’s devious plan

While Sri Lanka was the obvious target of the draft Resolution, the Americans had deftly concealed a far more devious plan; the Americans conspired to have the draft Resolution adopted unanimously using some of their agents, inside Sri Lanka.

If the draft Resolution against Sri Lanka had been adopted unanimously, such unanimity would have given moral justification, by virtue of precedence, for the application of these same recommendations to other sovereign Nation States, especially those in the Non-Aligned bloc and the Global South, also targeted by the Americans for Colonisation.

Bachelet attempts to arrogate to herself the powers of the UN Security Council

It is ironic that the justification for the application of the Resolution to Sri Lanka and extending that justification to other Sovereign States was being made when the recommendations made by Bachelet were in total violation of the UN Charter, when the High Commissioner was acting ultra vires in making such recommendations and when the High Commissioner, arrogantly and in violation of the UN Charter, was arrogating unto herself the powers of the UN Security Council.

 The New World Order – the Order of the American bully

If the draft Resolution had been passed, unanimously, the world would have been pushed, yet another step closer, to a new Global Order, the Order of the American bully where only American unilateralism would prevail; it would have resulted in the demolition of some major pillars of the existing Multilateral Global Order where every Nation State enjoys Sovereign Equality and every sovereign Nation respects the sovereignty of the others. 

The recommendations and wording in the Bachelet Report gave the lie to why the Americans were pushing for the draft Resolution to be adopted unanimously.

Reaching Consensus on the Resolution meant Sri Lanka admitting to being a Failed State

Bachelet in her report says, The Government has now demonstrated its inability and unwillingness to pursue a meaningful path towards accountability for international crimes and serious human rights violations.”

If the draft Resolution had been adopted, unanimously, it would have meant that Sri Lanka admits and agrees with the rest of the world community to being a Failed State; viz, unable and unwilling to enforce the law against perpetrators of major crimes and violators of Human Rights.

And loaded into that statement, subtly camouflaged but nevertheless implied, is the admission that Sri Lanka did commit ‘international’ crimes and that Sri Lanka is indeed guilty of serious Human Rights violations.

With such a self-admission, with the Resolution having the unanimous support of all the Nations of the world, it would have been a herculean task for Sri Lanka to resist the recommendations, made by Bachelet, being implemented within the country, although the contents of Bachelet’s recommendations are in violation of the UN Charter and although Bachelet has not been delegated by the UN with the powers, she has arrogated unto herself to make such recommendations.   

Bachelet copies verbatim from the dust -binned American template of Colonising Sovereign Nation States

The Bachelet report contains verbatim, some passages from that obnoxious document, rejected by the world community, ‘Responsibility-to-Protect-Other-Nations’, the American template to Colonise Sovereign Nation States.

Bachelet had perhaps retrieved this document from the dustbins of a handful of fellow trailer-trash who in 2001, banding together, had given a highfalutin description of themselves, heh-heh-heh, ‘The International Commission of Intervention and State Sovereignty (ICISS)’!!

 Canada embroiled in the ongoing genocide of a group of its citizens funds the ‘Responsibility to Protect-Other-Nations’ project

It was this schmuck that produced this fetid document, ‘Responsibility-to-Protect-Other-Nations’. This trailer-trash group was financed and directed by Canada, that white settler Nation making feeble attempts to clear itself of charges of ongoing genocide of the country’s indigenous population.

Some crucial passages from this discredited doctrine, have been borrowed and insidiously inserted by Bachelet in her Report.  

The Bachelet Report recommendations permit the Americans to military invade any country, if America unilaterally decides to do so; it permits America to kidnap, investigate, prosecute, convict, imprison and execute soldiers of any country (like the case of Sri Lanka’s soldiers) in American facilities including those forcibly and illegally occupied by them like Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay, and additionally to peremptorily invade any country to prevent an anticipated disaster or tragedy as foreseen by America.

/ to be continued

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Very simple arithmatic. The Global North – the Christian West together with a few lap dogs brought in a resolution. Out of a total of 47 only 22 voted for the resolution, 11 voted against and 14 abstained. This clearly shows that the majority were not for the resolution. 25 Countries together gave a bloody nose to the noseyparkers of Human Rights and to the self declared “Exceptional Nation of the world – the US!

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