Flush Out Toxic Heavy Metals With Coriander
Posted on April 11th, 2021

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Coriander, or cilantro, is a remarkable healing plant and it is unusual in that its leaves are used as a herb and its seeds as a spice. This versatile ingredient not only tastes great, but it also has many health-protective properties. Coriander contains antibacterial compounds that protect against food poisoning and numerous bugs, and is an effective anti-inflammatory. What’s more, coriander has an amazing ability for detoxifying the body, by binding to heavy metals and helping to remove them from the body.

Many of the healing properties of coriander can be attributed to its exceptional phytonutrient content. It contains a volatile oil which is rich in beneficial phytonutrients, including carvone, geraniol, limonene, borneol, camphor, and linalool, as well as flavonoids like quercetin and kaempferol, and active phenolic acid compounds, including caffeic and chlorogenic acid.

Coriander Removes Heavy Metals

Heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium are all extremely toxic to the human body and are associated with contributing to the deterioration of neurological function.

Coriander is a simple, natural way to detoxify the body and remove these toxic substances from tissues. This healing plant helps to release these heavy metals from the brain and central nervous system into other tissue.

In two studies carried out by Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, it was found that the leaves of the coriander plant accelerated the excretion of mercury, lead and aluminum from the body.

He had been treating several patients for an eye infection called trachoma, which is caused by the micro-organism Chlamydia trachomatis, as well as similar viral related infections. Following the standard treatment with antibiotics, Dr. Omura found that the patients’ symptoms would clear up initially, then recur within a few months.

He found these organisms seemed to hide and flourish in area of the body where there were concentrations of heavy metals like mercury, lead and aluminum. Somehow the organisms were able to use the toxic metals to protect themselves from the antibiotics. While he was testing for those metals, Dr. Omura noticed the mercury level in the urine increased after patients consumed a serving of Vietnamese soup. The soup contained Chinese parsley, or as it is more commonly known, cilantro/coriander.

Further testing revealed that eating coriander increased urinary excretion of lead and aluminum, and when used synergistically with antibiotics, the infection was eliminated for good. [1]

In the second study, three amalgam fillings were removed from an individual using all of the precautions available to prevent absorption of the mercury from the amalgam. This included methods like strong air and water suction, water rinses, and a rubber dental dam, but significant amounts of mercury were later found in the individual’s lungs, kidneys, endocrine organs, liver and heart. There was no mercury in these tissues prior to the amalgam removal. Coriander was able to remove the mercury in two to three weeks. [2]

Using Coriander

To receive the remarkable benefits of this herb, add fresh coriander or its seeds to almost any food, both cooked and raw. Try blending together olive oil, fresh corianderlime juice and lime zest with some sea salt for a delicious, zingy dressing to drizzle on raw or cooked vegetables or salads.


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4 Responses to “Flush Out Toxic Heavy Metals With Coriander”

  1. Nimal Says:

    Seems a very good presentation and I will find some time to read it, better than presentations about our balu history and culture.

  2. dingiri bandara Says:

    Every spice, cardamom,cloves, cumin, cinnamon. fenugreek, turmeric & pepper Goraka, Tamarind,coriander and so on, has beneficial effects on humans, in addition to neutralizing poisons , preserving cooked food, removing cholesterol and balancing blood sugar etc. the list is too long. I believe our ancestors had this knowledge and over time lost, but we continue to us them. Turmeric in addition to its antifungal and antimicrobial properties, is believed to to reduce plaque formation in the brain that leads to memory loss and alzheimer’s. Turmeric it is recommended be always combined with black pepper for best effects.

  3. aloy Says:

    In addition to the use of spices, our way of processing food stuffs like rice also used to remove harmful substances, I believe.

    In the olden days when rice was being cooked we used to get a bad smell at times. So, one of our bright scientist found a way of preventing the smell by using a ‘scientific method’ and got the World Bank to fund the construction of massive rice mills to solve the problem thereby eliminating the smalltime rice millers who used the traditional method, and also creating a rice mafia that we have today. But little did he know that in the process our professor, removed the mechanism our people had for removing harmful substances (perhaps reducing the starch content also) by a biological action that produced the smell.

    I hear that today people avoid eating the ‘supiri’ stuff that they produce, make the children sick and perhaps make them obese.

    One more thing:
    We should avoid the stuff made by industries funded by various countries that have global agendas, and those wrapped with polythene decorated with ‘stripes and stars’, like a plague.

  4. Nimal Says:

    I think simple unprocessed for is the best.

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