Sajith Premadasa the most undemocratic and unwise Parliamentary Opposition Leader of the World.
Posted on April 13th, 2021

By Charles S.Perera 

Sajith Premadasa contested the Presidential election from the UNP led coalition of political parties. The Yahapalanaya Government was then in place with a  majority. When Sajith Premadasa  was defeated at the polls and  Gotabhaya Rajapaksa won the Presidential election with 69 lakh of popular votes, Sajith Premadasa if he  was a  wise man,   should have suggested dissolving the Yahapalanaya government inorder to allow the new President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to form a caretaker government. 

But Sajith Premadasa was undemocratic, full of anger and jealousy that he lost. Therefore  he took the opportunity to  make it difficult for the newly elected  President to implement his manifesto which had been accepted by a majority of the people of Sri Lanka.

By allowing the newly elected President  Gotabaya Rajapaksa to form a caretaker government  and implement  his political manifesto Saubhaagye Dakma”-Vision of Prosperity, Sajith Premadasa would have respected both the  people of the country who  had accepted  the Saubhaagye Dakma”,  and the democratic tradition of accepting Gotabhaya Rajapaksha as his President, as much  of the people of Sri Lanka.

When  Ranil Wickramasinghe after his Yahapalanaya  political debacle, was kicked out by his UNP voters from his political home ground , the UNP block voters had nowhere to turn to, therefore held onto the only straw thrown at them for bad or for worse. That straw was Sajith Premadasa who was parading with his Samagi Jana Balavegaya having also been kicked out by the UNP and its HeadQuarters the  Sirikotha.

Sajith Premadasa and his SamagiJana  Balavegaya  keep boasting as a great accomplishment   that Samagi Jana balavegaya despite being a new Political party secured 54 parliamentary seats at the General Election. There was nothing to blow trumpets as it was only the UNP block vote that  came to  Samagi Jana Balavegaya. 

The UNP block vote  may not have come to Samagi Jana Balavegaya of Sajith Premadasa  with any ease of mind, as the previous Presidential election campaign  of Sajith Premadasa was the most ridiculous and sickening  election campaign ever.  Sajith kept ranting about his dynamos, his father’s DNA running in his blood, his holy mouth, his wish to visit homes incognito  at night to see through windows how the people live.

Whatever political party Sajith leads, he and his companions cannot be separated from the UNP which raised them to become politicians.

Now as the Leader of the Opposition, Sajith Premadasa’s  sickening style of addressing the Parliament flaunting his English manners  dropping English words into his Sinhala phrases, trying to look down upon the Speaker of the Parliament quoting Churchill , Gandhi and others, always criticising the government  for everything, showing himself as a know all pandit even  recommending  medicine for Covid 19, and even leading manifestations against the government, makes him  certainly the most undemocratic opposition leader of any parliament in the world. 

Sajith Premadasa the opposition leader has no control of himself  most of the time showing his  ignorance of parliamentary procedure ignoring the subject under discussion to make a statement which  has no relevance to the subject, and continues to speak when the Speaker asks him to sit down.  

The principle characteristic of a democratic Opposition Leader of a Parliament  is to respect the rulings of the Speaker of the House. Sajith Premadasa is no respecter of parliamentary traditions  and behaves unfittingly in the Parliament. He is a poor example  for his indisciplined members of the opposition, to  make them behave and speak  as respectable Parliamentarians.

Sajith’s followers such as  Sarath Fonseka,  Harin Fernando, Hesha Vithanage, Nalin Bandara, Hector Appuhamy, Chaminda Wijesiri, Asoka Abeysinghe, Alawathuvala, Mujubi Rahman, Manusha Nanayakkara , Kavinda Nanayakkara, Ranjan Ramanayake,  are not different from Sajith Premadasa. They are empty minded and hollow. They cover up their incompetence by  blaring out threats, shouting insults  and making  personal attacks at  the  members of the Government and speak disrespectfully of the President and the Prime Minister. 

The recent unpleasant spectacle presented by Sarath Fonseka showed clearly what happens when persons unsuitable to be politicians  are elected to Parliament.  Sarath Fonseka may have been a good military strategist, but he is certainly a bad politician. He cannot claim to have won the war against the terrorists  because he was only a part of the winning team. The winning of  the war was a coordinated effort of all Armed Forces-Army, Navy, Air Force, Police; Intelligence Units, and above all a determined Government  standing  firmly behind the Armed Forces in their  fight to eliminate  terrorism. 

Sajith Premadasa and his Opposition Parliamentarians are a poor spectacle wherever they are seen.  When you see them in TV debates  you know what they are going to say, because they tell the same thing all the time. A serious debate for them is a comic relief. They laugh and make irrelevant remarks, ask stupid questions to  destabilise the speakers from the government.  They demonstrate their political incompetence as members of the Yahaplanaya government which ruined Sri Lanka for four and a  half years , and will  even  continue the same destructive yahapalanaya saga all over again if they were ever to come to power.

Harin Fernando, is responsible to a great extent for the Easter April massacres  in Churches, as he was warned by his father that a bomb was going to blast in a Church on that Easter Sunday, and asked him not to attend the Church  that day.. He listened to his father and kept  away from the Church, but  did not inform  even the Pastor of that Church about the warning that his father gave him. 

It is strange that Harin Fernando’s father died later but no one bothered to inquire how he had come to know of the scheduled bomb blast. Was his death somehow connected to the Easter Bomb blast ?  These questions have not been asked though hue and a cry is being made to arrest the man behind the massacre. 

As Venerable  Galaboda Atte Gnaanasaara thero said,  the brain behind Saharan was the Muslim Extremist teachings and as long as this extremist Muslim teachings are allowed to flourish,  there will be no end of Muslim extremeists willing to sactrifice themselves to destroy Churches, Buddhist shrines, and statues or even Hotels to kill non believers.  

It was wrong to have banned Budu Bala Sena because it only pointed at the Muslim extremism  from where the danger comes from,  but never  acted irresponsibly to condemn the Muslims as a whole.

Sajith Premadasa should discipline his parliamentarians as the President of Sri Lanka has been elected by a majority of the people of the country and once elected he becomes everyone’s President that includes Sajith Premadasa the Leader of the Opposition. They should therefore have the decency to address the President of Sri Lanka respectfully. In parliamentary debates with the members of the Government  , the Ministers may be criticised for political actions they have taken with which the opposition does not agree. But that should not be made an occasion to make personal attacks  and speak demeaningly of the President and the Prime Minister.

Sajith Premadasa is an unwise politician. Though he tries to take credit from the fact that he is the son of Ranasinghe Premadasa, the difference between the father and son is evident. Ranasinghe Premadasa had  a modest beginning and had an understanding of the poor people. Sajith did not have that experience and in trying  to be like his father he becomes pretentious and pompous.  Ranasinghe Premadasa is also not a President about whom the people of Sri Lanka have good memories. Sajith Premadasa cannot therefore be that proud of being the son of his father.

Sajith  has no ideas of his own and tries to copy the President Gotabhy Rajapakse. During the Presidential elections he was delaying the presentation of his election manifesto awaiting the Presidential Candidate Gotabhaya Rajapakse to present his Election manifesto. When President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa started his visit to villages-”Gamanga samaga sangvaadaya” to meet and speak to the people and personally implement the demands of the people, Sajith Premadas also started visiting villages. He has made that an occasion to carry on an election campaign and criticise the government. 

He forgets that he is only the Leader of the Opposition and wants to do the work of the President. He wants to bring down stranded Sri Lankans from abroad and house them in his own confinement Centres. He will set up hospitals  !

From the beginning Sajith Premadazsa  had been acting not as a leader of the Opposition but like a man having a vendetta against the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

It is time that Sajith Premadasa stops his comic political drama and become a serious politician who respects the  majority of the people who voted for  Gotabaya Rajapaksa for his Political Manifesto Saubhagye Dakma’  which  the President is implementing despite all the difficulties he has to face.  In democracy the Opposition in parliament is of the political party which would form  the next Government. 

Therefore  It should act respectfully and await their time to speak to the people in a political campaign, and point out the faults of the government and present their own political Manifesto for the people to accept or reject it.

6 Responses to “Sajith Premadasa the most undemocratic and unwise Parliamentary Opposition Leader of the World.”


    Charles Perera’s views on Sajith will be shared by many. To win, he offered free sanitary products for women, Rs25,000 help each family, promise to visit each household to their problems. Now he complain the government is printing money. If Rs25,000 has been given instead of Rs 5,000 the volume of paper money needed to print will be five times greater.
    Sajith is an empty vessel, in his Study at home, his photo is displayed on the wall, holding a rolled certificate of LSE. Neither this photo nor LSE certificate displayed in public in his Office of Opposition Leader. Charles has mentioned many names of MPs of similar character like Sajith, if there is one MP who speak some sensible things in SJB it is only Dr Harsha De Silva.
    Sajith’s wife elevated herself to the Status of Madam., a clear drama of puppet show that will never win hearts and minds of intelligent Sri Lankans.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    People’s house violated!

    What goes at the Parliament is obcsene. Those on the floor of the House are supposed to be the people’s representatives. However their behaviour is not worthy of this position. They have become a law unto themselves. They do not follow parliamentary rules and regulations. It is time that some decorum and an acceptable code of conduct brought in to make them behave.

    Haggling and catcalls have become the norm and the rule. These must stop. The Speaker of the House has no control. He is behaving as if he too is one on the floor and too lenient. He or others who come to represent him during his absence must be able to control those on the floor. It is time that the Speaker took some stern action to control those on the floor starting with the Leader of the Opposition.

    There was a remand prison or something something akin to a ‘cooler’ in the old parliament where anybody misbehaving could be incarcerated for the day. I believe there should be such a ‘cooler’ in the new parliament too and it be used more liberally to keepout hot heads till they cool off.

    It is difficult to understand how slander can be tolerated under the parliamentary priviledges, which is exactly what happens now at the parliament. Most of what is said have no legit or near legit ‘fact basis’. This way valuable parliament time is wasted on ‘red herrings’ that draw away the main flow of the debate elsewhere!

    The recent debate on the Easter Sunday attacks was one such incident. The Opposition’s main intent was to throw ‘red herrings’ and divert the course of the debate. Although this was pointed out time and again by the speaker, by the leader of the house and by the government whip, all that was to no avail! What is most hilarious was that it was the so called Leader of the Oppostion who was leading this Red Herring campaign!

    Speaker, act like a man or get out!

  3. dingiri bandara Says:

    just because of personal ambitions, prejudices and ignorance, those who wish the current administration fails must realise that what they wish the country as a whole fail. Does not mean that I agree with everything that goes on.

  4. Nimal Says:

    What we see in the parliament is disgraceful which reflect the sad culture we have in the country,afterall the last colonials left the Parliament as a place to have our democratic rights and our wishes represented, but non of it seems to work, sadly our balu culture has taken over and we now want the colonials back to put things right.China is doing their own way to get the country to high standards that will be equal and even better than the Western democracies in time to come. Western democracies are held back with things like political correctness, democracy by people even when the people are wrong, where people’s wish for Brexit will bring doom to UK and breakup the United Kingdom in the process.
    All countries have their weaknesses but countries like ours are still far out of step.

  5. dingiri bandara Says:

    What I hear is as per Sajith Premadasa is that Sri Lanka is messed up. My questions Sajith are: Why do you wand you wife want you to be the President of such a messed up country? What are your plans and how are you going to correct the situation? I am very curious. I am sure many would like to know before the next elections.

  6. Gunasinghe Says:

    I could not agree more Charles. This guy is an idiot. Way he talks shows he so narrow minded and foolish.

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