Where the Indian Politicians and Kautillyan Mandarins have gone wrong and digging their own grave by supporting Tamils living in Sri Lanka leading to balkanization of British India
Posted on April 15th, 2021

Dr Sudath Gunasekara  Mahanuwara

Although the Indian Politicians and Kavtillyan bureaucrats think they are masters of statecrafts they little realize that all ways it is not the case. For example they never thought Rajiv will be assassinated by the LTTE when the Indian Government subversively nurtured the Tigers to fight against the Sri Lanka government in 1980s by providing them military training all over India, gave them 32 million US $ and provided arms and all other facilities to fight against the Sri Lankan Forces and to kill thousands of Sinhala and Tamil people. They opened up training camps all over India with headquarters in Tamilnadu for the LTTE Rajiv even gave his bullet proof Jacket to Prabhakaran to protect himself from Sri Lankan fire and to engage in his killing spree. The ungrateful Prabhakaran using the same facilities assassinated Rajiv on May 21, 1991, at Sriperumbudur, in South India. This was how a South Indian Dravidayan Prabhakaran returned his gratitude for benefactor, a North Indian Brahamin ruler and all mighty God punished India and its leader who conspired to destabilize Sri Lankan State in the 20th century by empowering the LTTE and its most dangerous leader Prabhakaran.

It was when Rajiv gave his bullet proof jacket to Prabhakaran, I wrote a letter just about a month before his murder on 21st May warning him of his follies explaining in detail why he should not support the LTTE outfit against the Sinhala nation and the Land of the Gautama Buddha as he could be a victim in retribution to what he was doing to this country. This letter was sent under the Signature of the most Venerable Paliipana Chandananda Mahanayaka Thero of the Asgiriya Chapter of the Siamese Sect, to add weight to my argument. But Rajiv being the typical arrogant north Indian   Brahamin, he never took any notice of that warning. Finally he had to pay the toll for trying to destroy this country just to take revenge from JR.

 I am addressing this open note to the present day political leadership of India not  very much different from their  predecessors  in their duel objectives of  winning over the support of  Tamilnadu  politicians at Home , by supporting the Tamils in Sri Lanka ,rather deceptively, to maintain political stability in New Delhi and wanting us to fall in line with India’s stand in the Indo Pacific region  negating our own interest as an Independent nation in our dealings with countries like Pakistan and China. 

Similarly now I see a parallel episode taking place , that is going to be more detrimental to India than to Sri Lanka in the near future if the Indian Government continues to pursue this course without realizing the imminent dangers bound to emerge.

In this context I strongly advise India to immediately stop interfering in our domestic politics by supporting Lankan Tamils for separation for the above said subversive objects. If they don’t stop this dirty game I will assure India that the balkanizing date of India is not very far. If India helps Tamils in Sri Lanka, to set up their separate EELAM they will thereafter merge with Tamilnadu with or without the other seven provinces and declare their dream EELAM  that was banned In 1963,by  the Government of India led by Jawaharlal Nehru, declaring secessionism as an illegal act.

This is the first step in balkanizing India. Thereafter they will pursue the formation of Dravida Nadu is the name of a hypothetical “sovereign state” demanded by Justice Party led by E. V. Ramasamy and the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) led by C. N. Annadurai for the speakers of the Dravidian languages in South India as  give in the following map.

Therefore I advise the Indian politicians and bureaucrats to reassess and rethink on their folly of ill- treat ing this country at least now if they love India before it is captured by the South Indian Dravidayan tribal  forces who harbor a historical enmity against Brahamin North Indians  for centuries if not for millennia.to read Samuel Livingstone’s book, Sinhalese and the Aryan Theory (1971) Letters of a Tamil Father to his Son. Even his dream world Tamil empire called Ehelam as dreamt by Livingstone does not come true, the declaration of the EELAM with Sri Lanka and South India will definitely lead to balkanizing of British India in the near future if Indian politicians and mandarins don’t stop their dirty game with Sri Lanka. If they want to wants to realize the gravity of my prediction I invite them to read specially the Chapters 1 to 13 of the above book which I suspect to be probably a compendium of letters written by a shroud Englishman under a pseudo name. Every line of this collection clearly displays the animosity the Dravidayans harbor against North Indians who call themselves Aryans. If you carefully analyze the content of their thesis you will definitely see that they are a worse enemy of India than China.  It is particularly in this backdrop I invite the Indian politicians and mandarins to revisit their dirty subversive aggressions against this country, in their own interest.

Therefore I request India not to interfere with our internal matters and mind its own business at Home. On the other hand if you are so concerned about the Tamils presently living in Sri Lanka, calling them only as people of Indian origin, completely forgetting that we Sinhalese are also of the same Indian stock, you are most welcome to take them back to Tamilnadu without bothering us by interfering in our internal matters as we are not a part of your country. Though we Sinhalese are also said to be of Indian origin you treat us as foreigners.

We will look after our citizens the way we had been doing for the past 2500 years in spite of numerous invasions from the 2nd century BC in historical times and even before going back to the days of Rama in pre=historic times.

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