Posted on April 28th, 2021


I read an article published in Daily News on 28.04.2021 ‘World Military Spending Rises to the US $ 2 Trillion by Thalif Deen.  The article was concluded quoting a statement US Secretary-General, Bank-Ki Moon, ‘the world is over-armed, and peace is underfunded.’ My question is could last a funded peace in the modern world?  The best example is since the beginning of the LTTE issue the peace of Sri Lanka had become a funded peace that has not been succeeded, could we still believe in a funded peace?  

The book, Mahavamsa, describes a peace effort of Lord Buddha between two groups in Sri Lanka that had been not a funded peace and lasting forever and ever. Do we need a funded peace or genuine peace between ethnic communities is the major question we should ask ourselves and different communities?  There are people in the UN that they are desperately looking for brokering a peace deal with intention of making money. This is called a funded peace. After ending the LTTE war people of Sri Lanka that many reconciliations and funded peace deals.

I can remember Mr. Talif Dean also worked in a newspaper in Sri Lanka was he an agent of funded peace in Sri Lanka. In addition, Mr.Iqbal Athas and other journalists manured for funded peace.   I don’t know people need to judge it. Geneva Issue against Sri Lanka also seems like a funded peace deal rather than a genuine peace process.

How much money was spent on peace deals in Sri Lanka and the people of the country know that funded peace was not successful and Geneva brokers looking on money than making genuine steps for long-lasting peace as Lord Buddha did in history?    

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