Tamil Memorial Monument in Markham, Ontario, Canada
Posted on April 28th, 2021

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . KJ 6G1 Canada

26 April 2021

Mr. Khalid Usman
Ward 7 Councillor
City of Markham
101 Town Centre Boulevard
Markham, Ontario, L3R 9W3

cc.  Mayor Frank Scarpitti

Dear Councillor Khalid Usman:

Re: Tamil Memorial Monument in Markham’s Ward 7.

Permit me to address the members of the City of Markham’s General Committee through this letter on the above subject.

Ladies and Gentlemen, so here we go again – the Canadian Tamil Blarney Lying Gong Show.

The Tamils who arrived in Canada after the1983 July riots in Sri Lanka, saying that they are running away from discrimination and persecution and begging to be given a home as Convention refugees, have concentrated their homes in the Greater Toronto Area and have brilliantly got almost every  Mayor, MP, MPP  hook-line-and-sinker into their ‘Net of howling Canadian Political Fools’. Sad it may sound, but it is the truth.  Facts are there for all of us to see, so I don’t need to be polite or to be very diplomatic. It is for you to accept or reject  my words of ‘crystal-ball caution.’

Notwithstanding what you think of this Tamil community who say they have been discriminated against and persecuted back home, I tell you that 90% of them who got onto the planes at Colombo airport with legitimate passports landed their feet on Canadian soil with no valid travel documents to show the Immigration Officers.  Hmmmmm…poor things”, one would say.

The legitimate legal travel documents lost in the plane in an amazing A-B-R-A-C-A-D-A-B-R-A  Act by these travellers were all economic refugees.  And I bet my last dollar that 90% of them  wouldn’t have had a Snowball chance in Hell to enter Canada as legitimate-immigrants if they were considered by the Canadian Immigration to accept them as new immigrants, after their evaluation according to the point system.  Not a chance!

This may be a crude and a rude remark after my observations, but that is how it is indeed,  and that’s the rub.

Almost all of these Convention Refugees will be on a plane to Sri Lanka after they receive their Canadian passports, and that is proof positive that a lot of them were economic refugees.  And they lied their way in.

Are there any of you who want to challenge me on it, Councillor Usman? Take me on!

The Manthra they have used to their advantage was We got votes”.  You scratch my back and I will scratch yours with our Tamil bloc votes. Simple and effective.

But, here’s your problem Councillor Usman and the rest of the Members of the City of Markham.  You’re dealing with an aggressive Tamil  community who will not be satisfied living in a Markham, but will only be satisfied when the City of Markham evolves into the City of Eelam-Makkam one day, and you are now been presented with the precursor for such a City with this motion to erect a Memorial for the Tamils who died during their separatist war in the island Sri Lanka, 8518  (Ottawa to Colombo) miles away.  Well… let me surprise you Councillor Usman, in the Tamil terrorist War that Canada aided and abetted, innocent Sinhalese and Muslims were killed too, and do you know by whom Councillor Usman… Ha! by the the most ruthless terrorists in the world, who perfected the suicide body-packs.

They were the Tamil Tigers, aka Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam  (LTTE) who were Made and military-trained in 32 military camps in Indira Gandhi’s India in the mid-80s.

Where as the City of Markham is home to a large community of Tamil Diaspora-Refugees with over 21,000 living in Markham, who are demanding their right to erect a Memorial for the Tamils who died in a 30-year terrorist war for the want of their Mono-ethnic, separatist, racist Tamil state, Eelam. After 30 years of fighting and over 100,000 deaths they failed, when on 19 May 2009, they were kick-arsed and annihilated when their Sun-God leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, was shot dead through his forehead on the beach-sands of the Nandikadal lagoon on the east coast.  Well, when you live by the gun you die by the gun, but Prabhakaran certainly did not die by biting into his cyanide capsule around his neck, which he had ordered every other Tamil Tiger to do so in the field when cornered by the Sri Lankan Armed forces. 

If the evolution of a new racist City of Eelam-Makkam, becomes a reality, I say so be it.  I couldn’t care 4 strings of spicy dhal-masala wades, in the  four  Eelam Curry Huts in the four corners of Eelam-Makkam, with a  fried shrimp stuck curled at the center, for your Councillors to line-up for a Take Out before you go home.  You, after all, have recognized this community to have made ‘significant contributions to business.’  Well, here is one such business as the slogan says …. An Eelam-Wade for your Tummy…is good value for your Money.

But, here is your problem,  City of Markham General Committee.  You give in and erect a TAMIL TIGER Memorial in the City of Markham, what makes you think that will be the end of such a strange request.  What nonsense!  You wouldn’t see in it what I see, because all of you are blinded by the thousands of Tamil votes, and caught in the Tamil net of Blithering Canadian Parliamentary Fools.  It may sound sad and strange, but that is the Truth.

There is a very good chance that if they get their wish of a Tamil Memorial erected within the borders of Ward 7, there would be nothing to stop this Tamil community wanting  a Grotto with their Sun God Prabhakaran erected at every street corner to pay their respect to their Warship Sun God Velupillai Prabhakaran at every morning, noon and  night.  That will be a  hoot, won’t it.!  

And I don’t see how you all would want to deny this request and antagonize this Tamil community, when you all want their votes ever so badly to get back your seats in Council, which is also your bread and butter really. A sirloin steak on the dinner plate rather than a Hamburger, That’s how the Markham (Eelam-Makkam) demo-crazy works, isn’t it!  This is how this  ethnic refugee political game of chess is being played. pitting the two Sri Lankan -Canadian communities, Tamils and Sinhalese, with ‘kick-arse’ anger, on both sides, won’t it!  For God’s sake stop this foolishness right now.

Councillor Usman,  to please these Eelam-Makkam Tamils, I won’t be surprised even if you let your Tamil community spray paint your Ward 7 sky, a Sinhalese Blood Red, the colour that they loved to spill during the 30-year long separatist War, which is also the colour of the Eelam flag. You give in Councillor Usman, and here is what you are walking into by providing space for the Tamil Memorial in your Ward 7, a Memorial Graveyard for all the once refugee ethnic communities that make up Ward 7 of the City of Markham.  It is your choice Councillor Usman. It is up to you and your Mayor, and Councillors to make or break this annoying trend because of the ‘Tamil vote hungry’ stupidity.

Once upon a time, long, long time ago the first whitemen came over, I believe it were the Germans, and plundered the land from the Indigenous people who lived in thousands of hectares of land which makes Markham now.  They were the Iroquois, People of the Long House of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the Huron Wendat, the Petun and the Neutral. And they lost the names of the land like Hiawatha, Shenandoah, Onanwatgo, Tekakwitha,  which were changed by  the White plunderers, and the Indigenous people resented it.

You bet the indigenous people who are watching the new phenomenon, a group of Brown people trying to take over Markham surreptitiously,

and will change the names of roads and streets once again of Eelam-Makkam into, Logan Avenue,Thamilchelvan Street, Rathika’s Private, Thileepan Lane, Jaffna A9 Highway, Velupillai Close,  Soosai Way and Vaddu-kodai cul-de-sac.

 Councillor Usman, you and your Mayor better get ready to make peace with the Iroquois and other ethnic communities that have made Markham their home for donkey’s years,  and will resent these rooky Tamil Thambies, taking over what was theirs, to make it the new Tamil City of Eelam-Makkam.

I say to you present Councillors who will support erecting the Tamil Memorial which is based on a lie, go and drown yourself in a bowl of hot curry porridge – Kanji, rather than flying kites.

And here is the reason why I started this brief with true-to-my-heart’s-words – the Canadian Tamil Blarney Lying Gong Show.

The proposed motion to erect a Tamil Memorial Monument in Markham is on the premise of a GOD DAMN TAMIL LIE.

And here is Asoka Weerasinghe’s TRUTH.

You stated; Whereas the City of Markham condemns the demolition of a memorial site built in Sri Lanka at Jaffna University in 2019 which was dedicated to the Sri Lankan Tamil civilians who lost their lives in the Mullivaikkal at the end of their 26 yer civil war in Sri Lanka ending in May of 2009.”   

WRONG!   Shish!  What baloney! What a bunch of poppycock!  What a crock full of codswallop!  I’d like to meet the draughtsman of this Markham Fairy Tale.  What a LIE.

This  Memorial that you are referring to had been declared as an unauthorized construction by the University Grants Commission which is an independent body and thereafter, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Sivakolandu Srisatkunarajah, who is a member of the Tamil community ordered its demolition on the 8th of January 2021.  However, on appeal made by the University students, a replica monument was permitted to be built within the university premises soon after.,  Councillor  Khalid Usman,  that is the God Damn Truth.

It is time you at the City of Markham Council cut out this foolishness and  get back to your Community political sanity, or else you will end up with a  huge Graveyard in Ward 7, of Memorials for victims of terrorist war killings around the world whose peoples have found refuge in Markham.  And I will certainly support the Iroquois-indigenous people whose land was indeed plundered by the Whiteman which is now your present Markham, and very like will be the City of Eelam-Makkam in the future,

I wish you luck, Councillor Khalid Usman,  and I wish Mayor Frank Scarpetti a double-dose of Good Luck on this issue of the proposal of a Tamil Memorial Monument of insanity.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

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  1. Nihal Perera Says:


    Your letters are funny and entertaining to read. However, I am afraid that sarcastic letters like these will not yield any positive results.

    The way I understand the Mayor and the Markham city council has postponed the Tamil resolution till the end of October, in order to made a decision based on facts not on Tamil lies – in spite of heavy objections by the pro-LTTE elements in the community.

    However this type of sarcastic and unprofessional attacks will not help those Sri Lankan expatriates who are trying hard to convince the city officials to oppose the proposal.

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