Posted on June 3rd, 2021

Arun Siddharth Arulanandam

TO EXPATS AND OTHERS – PLEASE DONATE FUNDS TO OBTAIN DRY RATIONS AS A GOODWILL GESTURE TO THOSE IN NEED in Jaffna. A request came in today – May 25, 2021. Due to lockdown, the Civil Society will purchase from known vendors and Cargills and distribute. Deliveries are not possible due to the lock down.

Please share with anyone interested in helping. They appealed to us for help because their Nationalist leaders” have not visited, and the diaspora overseas are not helping the poorest of poor. They have reached a desperate point and we need to respond to their appeal.  We can help them as a goodwill gesture.

This appeal comes from the Sri Lankan American Action Coalition (SLAAC)



Arun Siddharth Arulanandam – President- Jaffna Civil Society Centre.

               Location No-238, K.K.S, Road, Thavady, Kokkuvil, Jaffna

               Tel.   +94 77 484 2464

Donations to be sent to the Account.

AC Name-Arulanandam Arun

AC No    – 82743354

Bank Name- Bank of Ceylon

Swift Code – BCEYLKLX

Branch Name-Chunnakam

Branch Code-053

Branch Address -No-146, K.KS. Road

Chunnakam, Jaffna

Contact No- 077-4842464

(Arun Siddharth /WhatsApp, Viber  Imo)

How to send funds

Go to  (The guaranteed rate today is Rs. 198.50) 5/28/2021

Register with email and a password and proceed.

Some tips to help:

There are 3 options to make transfers

1.       From the checking account (which I have used) and that has the lowest fees

2.      From a debit Card

3.      From a Credit Card (Highest fee)

The transfer is acknowledged as per email provided.  Depending on the day of the week it takes no more than two days to reach the receiving bank account.  Also, a stage by stage notification is received from the start of the US$ transfer to Transferwise (now known as wise but the website responds to TransferWise as before) and then to the receiving account.  Email for Arun is

Arun Siddharth Arulanandam

Arun Arulanandam  <>

Email he tracks on the phone:

Anjalika Silva

Science may have found a cure for most evils; 

but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all — the apathy of human beings.”

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