Only In Sri Lanka
Posted on July 21st, 2021

U. B.Gunasinghe

After listening to the news from Sri Lanka I could not believe how disgusting the behaviour of some people, especially some selfish politicians, trade unions, and health workers unions.  

Only in Sri Lanka did doctors and nurses organized strikes demanding pay hikes and solutions for other job-related matters during a pandemic.  These problems may have existed for many years before the pandemic started.  Miraculously they woke up suddenly and jumped into action during this pandemic not limited to Sri Lanka, but all over the world.  It is shameless behaviour obviously backed by some of the political parties who want to disrupt government efforts to control the situation.  I have read about some countries’ retired nurses volunteering in hospitals where help is needed.  These nurses are called travelling nurses.  They work expecting nothing in return.  

Somehow when hospital strikes are over again backed mainly by opposition parties teachers started the same thing.  One of the leaders who have the same name as a Russian dictator acts like a mad fox.  What I have heard is that he is not even a teacher.  He seems to be handled by some NGO.  Among protestors are monks.  Nowadays monks behave like madmen.  Why do they need money?  If they are real Buddhists they must help people not participating in rallies during the pandemic.  If these teachers are really concerned about their students they never participate in treacherous activities.  I am sure these rallies definitely create Corona hot spots.  

It is so sad to see none of the opposition parties has given a modicum of support to combat the pandemic.  They looked like vultures to see any misstep taken by the people working to combat the pandemic.  

Another disruptive activity is trying to stop vaccination.  Public health officials started a strike in the middle of vaccination efforts. Fortunately, our army took charge of vaccination and they do a fantastic job and continue to do so.   At the same time, some doctors and other health officials spread bogus claims highlighting the unfounded ill effects of some vaccines.  Someone even tried to stop importing Chinese vaccines.  These people do not care how many died during the pandemic. Their priority is to grab the power.

On the political front, I saw a gathering of opposition parties to create a common front to rescue the country.  I am not going to make anything more than people who were very vocal about how to rescue the country.  One guy was a crook who imported expired medicine and gave it to cancer patients, and another one was who tried to hide from a hit and run road accident and he also destroyed Avangrad company stopping foreign exchange to Sri Lanka.  Another one was a racist Tamil politician talking about the Tamil problem. He should talk to Mr Sidhartahan, who is a community activist trying to help underprivileged Tamil people.  He can get a good answer from Mr Sidhartahn: what are the real Tamil problems?

It is so pathetic these selfish politicians’ behaviour. My suggestion to the government is to stop paying salaries to striking government workers.  Why in the world do these morons get paid during these disruptive activities.  Also, the army should take the front line in vaccination projects.  This is the only way we can have a successful vaccination programme.

2 Responses to “Only In Sri Lanka”

  1. Nimal Says:

    Because of the Srilankans working for me are with all evil ways ruining the others working with, stressed me up so much, had to seek medical attention and put that big investment worth several miilon UK pounds for sale today. I have never seen such horrible people, while the wine bar/café run by my ex college running smoothly with a profit. Truly our people are criminals in disguise. This is why our politicians are so bad. Just can’t go on, so upset…

  2. Sarath W Says:

    I had so much hope for our country when Gotabaya was nominated as the presidential candidate as he was surrounded by so many good people, professionals, intellectuals and many patriotic ex service leaders. But he appointed most of the failed, corrupt, uneducated and incompetent old guard as ministers. Too many Rajapaksas are in the cabinet, not because of their skills, but just to please Mahinda. I love and respect both Gotabaya and Mahinda, but they too should love the country and let the best people run it. Only way to get rid of those corrupt, uneducated and incompetent MPs and ministers is to get rid of the unbelievable perks they enjoy and change the constitution to appoint ministers from capable people from outside the parliament.

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