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Posted on August 2nd, 2021

Media Statement The Association of Engineering Teachers of the University of Moratuwa

The Association of Engineering Teachers of the University of Moratuwa (AETUM), possesses a responsibility to address issues in the education system and produce skilled engineers with the capacity to cater both national and global demand.

Broadening the access to higher education in Engineering is a need for a country like Sri Lanka while assuring equal access to high-quality education and equal opportunities for all.  The affordability should not be a deciding factor in accessing education opportunities.  Private Engineering Education would lead to inequality in education as financially abled could only afford to get an engineering degrees whilst students with capacity and passion for engineering having no opportunities. Therefore, we strongly believe that in order to maintain the sustainability of the Engineering profession and the engineering education upto the required quality and credibility, equal opportunities should be made available for all the students in the country.

In this context we, as the Engineering Teachers, feel that there is a requirement of a national policy for engineering education to achieve the aspirations, expectations, and requirements of our nation.  The expansion of the engineering education should be done as a part of national policy formulated by all relevant stakeholders.

We urge the government to refrain from changing the current education system by amending the Universities Act forcefully. Concomitantly, we urge the Government to restructure the existing Kotelawela Defense University to serve its original and intended special purpose without letting the education system towards a militarized environment. Engineering graduates who can think and act freely to solve engineering problems following ethical and moral principles are the type of graduates we need who are being produced by the current system.

Therefore, we urge the Government to take steps to draft an engineering education policy that includes the minimum standards for new Engineering Faculties/Universities/Institutions, required physical and human resources, and minimum entry qualifications for Engineering Education as stipulated by the Instituition of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL).

Prof. KTMU Hemapala

President -AETUM     

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