2nd OPEN LETTER to MP M.A. Sumanthiran
Posted on September 10th, 2021

Asoka Weerasinghe. Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester  . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

9 September 2021.

Parliament of Sri Lanka

Dear  Mr. M.A. Sumanthiran:

You must be surprised to receive another OPEN LETTER from me in eight days .  Here is the reason.

I have come across your name during many, many moons, and have read your Tamil concerns and dismissed them  as Tamil separatist humbuggery-tosh and put them aside;  Suman, I hope you noticed that I did not throw them into the waste paper basket but kept them aside for future references and to deal with them if I had to.  

As I had to deal with Appapillai Amirthalingam to prove to the late Robert Wenman, Conservative  MP for Fraser Valley in British Columbia,  as a Tamil rascally politician who went about in a saintly-vetti, as a “moderate Tamil.”.  But  he was a  Goddam, bloody liar, who told Canadian parliamentarians that he had never asked for a mono-ethnic, racist Tamil state, Eelam.  Robert  Wenman got him on VHS tape. I will come to that incident later.

But what pinched me and got my goat is how you had adopted Madam Michelle Bachelet, who is on a contract as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights  (UNHRC) which was dismissed as a “cesspool of political bias” by United States’  Nikki Haley, as the caretaker of yours and my Sri Lanka.  So you go crying to her whenever you sneeze or when your belly aches saying ..”Mummy..Mummy Michelle,  Sri Lanka is not being nice to me..nor nice to us Tamils. .”  Ha! What a joke!

Suman, let me be absolutely loud and clear to You as the noon-hour Ding-Dong of the Big Ben that….

 “Sri Lanka, is your land, as well as my land, 
from Point Pedro to Dondra Head,
from the Northern red drying-chilli gardens
to the meandering Mahaweli waters
as this land was made for You and Me.
And when I went walking
along that kabook A9  Highway
I saw above me the Kandy-Jaffna skyway,
and saw  below me the verdant-green valleys
of rich Orange Pekoe tea gardens really,
and this land was made for Me and You….”
Let’s have No “if’s and but’s”, and let us not start to

spoil for another fight, with your Hocus-pocus “Tamil Homeland” concept. when none of the heritage, ethnology,, ethnography, archaeology provides you that luxury.to stand on your two feet.

I find it a bit strange...no a correction...Very Strange,  that you are pushing through your adopted Mother Michelle at the UNHRC  seeking progress on the OMP file to harass yours and my Sri Lanka.

Listen Suman, let’s not be bull-headed about this Human Rights file of  the “disappearing Tamils” to harass Sri Lanka over it, until the countries that gave the Tamil runaways refuge, open their files so that their parents  can identify them.  Until that happens you go nowhere, nor will your adopted Mother Michelle. on this issue, You all look like a bunch of farcical fools.

 This is an  unhealthy game of Hide and Seek; Identify me you Fools if you Can;    Boo…Hoo..Mother I am here and alive, that you all are playing.

Amma, I am Harry, not Hari your son anymore.”  And there are so many possible permutations in such board Games.  They’re all LOL Games. trying to fool the world and punish Sri Lanka for having won the “Kick-arse” Tamil Tiger Terrorist War,  when big Nationals owning armouries of sophisticated war-weapons weren’t  able to wipe out terrorists in places like Afghanistan.  And that is the rub, and that’s how the “Proud” cookie crumbles.

Suman: Here are some stories of Tamils who are supposed to have “disappeared’ and the Government of Sri Lanka was suspected for their disappearance…”

Montreal 1992:

1.  “Knock..knock.. Who’s there?
      “Harry Jegen

      ” I am searching for one Hari Jeganathen from Sri Lanka?”
      “I’m Hari Jeganathen, now going by the name Harry Jegen for convenience.”
      “Your mother has reported that you have disappeared and perhaps  dead.”
        “No, tell her that  I am quite alive and well.”

2.  :Knock……knock….  Who is there?”
      “I am Jude Linken”
      “I am searching for one Jothi Mahalingam”, a Tamil from Sri Lanka.”
      “Yes,  it is me alright.   I changed my name to make my life
       uncomplicated in Canada.”

Toronto 1991

3.  I identified a mystery Tamil who was linked to the Tamil Tiger terrorists involved in a counterfeit operation in Lawrence W. Highrise in Toronto.    He was supposed to be a “disappeared” Tamil.  The suspect was one Pathmasothy Kanapathipillai.  

The Canadian Government should have provided that information without  placing a badge of “Guilty of his disappearance ” on Mother Sri Lanka’s sari-pota. Right, Suman?  What is this ugly game that you are playing.   Nasty..nasty Mr. lawyer!  Read the Toronto Star of 18 December 1991 – Police investigating if passport forgers linked to terrorists byline by Paul Watson and Dale Brazzao.  This ‘disappeared’ Tamil was put behind bars for 18 months for forging Canadian passports.

4. Suman. for five years of my life I spent working for the Sri Lanka Government (1987-1994) at the Sri Lanka High Commission in Ottawa, taking care of the Communications portfolio.  However, when the First Secretary was not available who was responsible for issuing passports to interview applicants I was asked to  help him out.

It was such a day that I went to interview Tamil applicants, mainly Convention refugees, who were applying for passports and travel documents.to replace the passports that disappeared inside the aircraft before they landed claiming to be “persecuted and discriminated” refugees from Sri Lanka.

We don’t have passports’ ‘, they would say to Immigration officers at the Canadian airports where they had landed.

.I interviewed a young guy of 22-years who had applied for his third passport in three months, having lost the other two in the past two months.  So he was applying for his third one in the third month.

So what was the going price, was it 20,000 dollars or 25, 000 dollars. “I asked pointedly.

It was 25, thousand dollars, Sir”, he responded.

“So you really didn’t lose them, you sold them, didn’t you?”  

“Yesss..: “ and before he could complete the sentence, his uncle who was with him butted in.

“Sir, I think he misunderstood your question., He doesn’t speak English well.”

“Sorry, Sir, your nephew did understand me.. he sold the previous two for 25,000 dollars each.”.

I turned to the young guy and asked him.  “Now that you are a millionaire according to the converted  Sri Lankan rupees, have you  told your Mother back in Sri Lanka that you are now a millionaire,  She would be very happy to know”.
“No, Sir, she doesn’t know.  I have not contacted her since I left home.  She doesn’t know where I am.”

“So you have disappeared…right?”    He didn’t respond.

“I am sorry I cannot support this illegal business of yours and am not prepared to issue another passport.  However, I will seek advice from the Director of Immigration in Colombo, and let you know.``  The decision was that he wasn’t entitled for another passport for the next three years.

So Sumanthiran that is the Tamil crap  that is going on with your Tamils who flew away from the cuckoos nests in Sri Lanka seeking greener pastures and roads paved with gold.  And you the lawyer, have the audacity to complaint to your adopted Mother Michelle, to go after the Sri Lankan Government  over  the apparent post-Eelam War A-B-R-A-C-A-D-A-B-R-A-“disappearing Tamil Act.” 

And by the way  so that you know Suman, what I found was a sad phenomenon, in  the early 1990s, that only happened to the Tamil families.  Every October, November and December, only the Tamil parents, and not the Sinhalese,  Muslims and Burgher parents got afflicted with cancer.   All these Tamil refugees come to the Mission in the hundreds with telegrams from Home with the same message – “COME HOME IMMEDIATELY MOTHER/FATHER IS SERIOUSLY ILL WITH CANCER STOP MAY


Not nice, Sumanthiran. It is time you cut out this ‘Bull-shit.” of yours.  My tolerance level on that score is zero,  And I don’t like it.

Did I hear that your adopted Mother Michelle works for the UNHRC, which Nikki Haley of the US called it a “Cesspool of political bias”That is the rub!

And finally let me share the incident with Appapillai Amirthalingam that made me turn on him and  call him a God damn Liar.  And I resent that rascal..

During a conversation with  Robert Wenman, the Conservative MP for Fraser Valley, in British Columbia, (he is no longer with us) he said, “Asoka, but the Tamils never asked for a separate Tamil State, Eelam.”

“What the heck are you talking Robert, from where did you get that notion.”

Amirthalingam told me so.”

“No, I don’t believe you.  I doubt he would ever say that.”

I got him on tape, Asoka.  Come home tomorrow evening and I will play you the tape.”

So I did go the following evening to his home at Hog’s Back, near Carleton University

He took me to the basement and played the VHS tape.  Robert  Wenman, the Conservative MP for Fraser Valley, was right.  Amirthalingam stood in front of a white wall, with his white vetti and his white kurta shirt, with  a Vadukoddai saintly-cat smile and said

“No, I never asked for a Separate Tamil State, Eelam, nor did my  colleagues of my political party.”

All that was missing on him was a rusting gold -plated saintly halo over his head.  That bastard!

Robert, tomorrow, I will bring you printed articles for my defense, and read all of it.  I will meet you two days later,

and you can tell me what you think of Amirthalingam, when he comes to town and the Speaker of the Canadian  parliament introduces him standing in the Gallery of the Chamber,  and you  Canadian parliamentarians, stand up at attention and clap  your hands in unison, welcoming him.  What a facial Act of separatist Tamil Hog Wash – an Act of the Canadian-Tamil Blarney Gong Show.” So I met him two days later, and Robert Wenman, showed his embarrassment getting boiled lobster red in his face and told me –“I am embarrassed.  You are right..  This Amirthalingam has take us down a thorny garden path.  I am sorry, for what happened”

“Robert, don’t apologize to me.  Get you party to send out a Press Release, explaining the embarrassment of the Conservatives’, and apologizing to the Canadian-Sinhalese Community..”

“You know what, Robert, that will never happen as you guys and gals are groveling at the Tamil feet as you all’ want

their Sinhalese-blood soaked. votes.”

Well,  Mr. Sumanthiran, you will hear from me again, as I want to speak to you. and exposé you to your Tamil separatist shenanigans’,  And don’t you ever question our Sinhalese intelligence, as I will be the first Sinhalese to spit dragon-fire at you.

May Peace be with You.


Asoka (Weerasinghe).
Ottawa, Canada

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  1. Charles Says:

    Asoka it was great reading you. But in reference to Sumanthiran I,ill drop this line : “…..as this land was made for You and Me3 Because this land was not made for likes of Sumanthiran. These are not sons of Lanka but will always remain its enemies…… trespassers intruders.

  2. Priyan Wijeyeratne Says:

    Well wrote again Asoka!! Please keep writing. Ayubowan!!

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