LTTE Terrorism-Church Links – Can someone explain these photos?
Posted on September 25th, 2021

Shenali D Waduge

The following photos are alarming and raises more questions than answers. Who can explain the connection?

There were many Church-based NGOs operating in the North and East throughout the conflict. Many of them had their offices virtually next door to LTTE offices.

Audit the monies sent to these organizations throughout 30 years and evaluate against what they had done against what their websites and reports claimed they did. What were they really upto in the North and East when LTTE was running a defacto state using LTTE police, LTTE judiciary, LTTE courts, LTTE schools, LTTE teachers, LTTE curency…? Who can answer?


Father Emmanuel of GTF – whats the flag at the podium? LTTE flag

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    In the South the Christian Church, be it Catholic or other Christian denominations, they have always been promoting sessionism in Sri Lanka. They have been ‘running with the hares in the South and hunting with the tigers in the North and East’! Their gambit is to get a Christian region of their own in the Western Seaboard – a Kristu Raajya.

    We have a lot of questions from the Catholic and Christian Churches and their priests in the South. While their brothers have been cohabiting with the Tigers, in the South they provided safe haven to the Tigers in the Western Seaboard – Christian Belt. Some even helped carryout the attacks and bombings – the attack on the Katunayake Airport and CTO bombing just to name a few.

    They were the cat’s paws that manipulated and carried the canards and red herring – Human Rights, Fundamental Rights, Democracy, Freedom of Speech, Right to Self Determination to the Christian West. These countries in turn used these catchy slogans as ‘the developing world thrashing sting ray tails – Madu Walgas to castigate Sri Lanka in all International Fora and to impose various sanctions.

    Fast forward to 2019 the Christians were at the receiving end of a terrorist attack themselves. The antecedents for these happenings lie outside Sri Lanka far away Middle East and the war between Christian and Islamic nations. The funding, trainers and necessary ideology came from the Middle East; Sri Lanka provided the cannon fodder in terms of the human capital – the willing and primed walking human bombs. They were ready to march when the calling came. By now it is clear that it is a happening in New Zealand far away from Sri Lanka that triggered the dastardly attack.

    As for bringing those responsible for the Easter Sunday Attacks to justice – it takes time for the judicial process to get ready and put in place water tight litigation charges and procedures. Let us look at a few similar or more horrific incidents that happened elsewhere in the world:

    a) 9/11 attacks in the US: 20 Years after the attacks five are accused of war crimes in the September 11 aircraft hijackings that resulted in the deaths of 2,976 people.A new military judge has been assigned to the trial, previously expected to start in 2022 but now likely to be further delayed as lawyers for the defence prepare to attack the legal foundation of the military commission.13 Nov 2015

    b) 13 Nov 2015, Paris Attack: Trial only beginning now – nearly 7 years later

    c) 17 July 2014 – Malaysian Air Lines attack – Trial began in June this year – after 7 years

    Cardinal having prevented bloodshed at the hands of his (peaceful) followers in the immediate aftermath of the attacks is now asking for his ‘pound of flesh’! His underlings are following suit to blacken the current administration, who for all their doings and undoings is not resposible to this dastardly crime.

    The people of Sri Lanka should now be asking that the complicity of the Christian / Catholic Churches with the LTTE too should be investigated – for it resulted in over 100,000 deaths. The current administrations is only complicit in not taking action to stop the Muslim radicalisation further, which of course is another story!

  2. Gunasinghe Says:

    Rathnapala, You are absolutely right on. I could not believe that some Sri Lankan including yellow robed dude protesting In NY during Gotabaya visit to UN. I lost respect for Cardinal Malcom after his constant bickering about Easter Sunday attack.

  3. aloy Says:

    “What a wonderful world”!.

    The lie and the truth can flip from time to time (just like the magnetic poles of the world) and there are gullible to believe those religious leader hiding behind a cloak, cassock or a yellow robe. They will spin yarns like 72 virgins waiting in heaven for the believers, and an eelam for the martyrs and fellows to believe the yellow robes who include ‘surangana katha’ in their ‘bana’. Every thing has a validity period. Isn’t that what the ‘cardinal trying to expose?.

    The victims of a bomb attack become the terrorist in the eyes of some kind of patriots.

    I say again( sing again to myself) ‘what a wonderful world!.

  4. aloy Says:

    I am sorry to say that I have quoted the title of Singer Luis Armstrong’s famous song in wrong context. I am actually disgusted and want to run away to some other place.
    I see the wealth of our country squandered. The strategic assets being disposed and given away in the same way the rulers acted foolishly circa 1505 to various piwers. This will only make our place like another Syria one day or Sinhalas will be slaves controlled by mimorities as before. And some monks actually doing it right now.
    It is time to prevent it immediately and take the country back on a path towards properity.

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