Navy officials inform Bopitiya Church to be vigilant of a possible attack (Video)
Posted on September 28th, 2021

Courtesy Hiru News

A group of naval officers has arrived at St. Nicholas Church in Ja-Ela-Bopitiya and asked persons there to be vigilant as information has been received that a bomb attack is being carried out.

Rev. Father Jayantha Nimal of the church stated that a team of naval officers returned this afternoon and rectified the situation.

CCTV footage also showed a group of naval officers arriving at the church in a cab at around 10.05 am today (28).

The church priest had not been present at that time, and the navy officials had stated to a maid who was at the church that there was a possibility of an attack.

Rev. Jayantha Nimal had telephoned the naval officer who had arrived at the church and inquired about the incident.

The church priest had also inquired from the Archbishop’s Palace regarding the relevant message given by the Navy officers.

Rev. Jayantha Nimal stated that a group of officers from the Uswetakeiyawa Naval Base had visited the church this afternoon and stated that the statement made by the Welisara Naval Base this morning that there was a possibility of an attack was a mistake and that steps would be taken to rectify it.

Hiru News team inquired about this from the Public Security Minister Sarath Weerasekara.

He told Hiru News team after a discussion with the Navy Media Spokesperson that it was part of a security plan.

However, the Minister further stated that the officials who visited the church have made more statements than required and that they would rectify the statements made.

According to the church priest, a group of officers from the Uswetakeiyawa naval base had come to the church and rectified the facts that had been presented in excess of the required amount.

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