Special letter to Agriculture Secretary (Video)
Posted on October 27th, 2021

Courtesy Hiru News

A special letter has been sent to the Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture by a group of university professors, lecturers, and senior officials in the field of agriculture.

The letter has been sent seeking an opportunity to propose an efficient and effective program combining the real potential of organic farming in the country and the latest technologies related to it.

With the signatures of 141 people, they have stated that they intend to propose to the government a program that can be implemented to resolve the crisis in the agricultural sector facing the country and to implement it in line with the Green Agriculture Vision.

Meanwhile, farmers in various parts of the country staged protests today, claiming that they were unable to cultivate due to the lack of fertilizers and agrochemicals.

Representatives of 41 farmers’ organizations in the Bakamuna area in Polonnaruwa have started a hunger strike three days ago to demand fertilizer for their crops.

Meanwhile, Hiru News team inspected the farming lands in the Ampara District, which are cultivated using organic fertilizer

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