Minister Ali Sabry should resign from the post of Minister of Justice immediately and also cease to be an MP any further.
Posted on November 2nd, 2021

Dr. Sudath Gunasekara 3.40 Am on 1st November 2021. Mahanuwara.

Minister Ali Sabry should make a public apology to the Sinhala nation and the Buddhist clergy of this country and resign from the post of Minister of Justice immediately in view of his following uncalled for anti-government, anti-President and anti-Sinhala Nation comments purported to have been made by him that appeared in the Sunday Times of 3.10 2021 and also broadcasted over the news the same day (if that news is true). If he doesn’t do that the President should immediately sack him and appoint a Sinhala Buddhist like Wijedasa Rajapaksa to fill that vacancy. 

Because these nasty comments made by Ali has already ignited a island wide wave of anti – President, anti-government and anti-Sinhala anti-Buddhist tension like wild fire among the communal minded and extremist Muslims as already exposed by the communal comments made by a wide range of Muslim extremists, as if they are living in an Arabian country.  I am still waiting to see the wave of statements from people like Rauf Hakeem and ilk such as Asad Sali, Abdul Rahuman and Hisbulla within the country and the reaction including protests and even trade embargoes and diplomatic interference from Muslim countries the world over, tarnishing the image of this country and the GR Government putting the country and its economy from the prying pan to the fire.

Just imagine for a movement as to how Ali Sabry an unknown man becoming a key personality in the country and the whole world overnight thanks to President as he was appointed as the Minister of Justice in this country by him in 2019. He is not even a MP elected by the people. Therefore he was not responsible to the people but only to his Party leader. This is a very good example to  where an appointed MP becomes not answerable even to his own Party leader who has given his/her job when it comes to his personal and communal interest. This is another strong reason as to why the National list should be abolished. In this case now it appears that Ali Sabry is not responsible even to his Party leader He was brought to Parliament by GR through that rogue list of the so-called National list which I have been agitating all governments to do away since it is utterly undemocratic and unconstitutional to have a backdoor list like that in a democratic society.  I just can’t imagine as to how he could be so ungrateful to the President.  If the President had not brought him he would never have been even a back bencher MP.

In a way I am not surprised on his behavior as a Muslim who is only a descendant of another itinerant Muslim trader who had come to this paradise Island of gems and ivory of the Sinhala people as a wondering sea farer for trader in the distant past, either from India or the Arab world who were welcomed by the foolish Sinhala Kings of the yore, the same way present day politicians do, not only with gems and ivory but with land and even local women to be married as their wives. These were the people who had been spying against the Sinhala people as a community right throughout history. As a community they are worse than any other as an ungrateful set of people. The best example is the Muslims in the Panama Pattuwa in the Eastern Province who descend from Muslim refugees descending from those who were settled there by King Senarath in his magnanimity in 1665 when they rushed in to him and pleaded for protection after mass scale killing by Portuguese in the SW coastal belt, now claiming a separate Muslim kingdom. So historically right throughout, Muslims were an anti- Sinhala community ‘eating the ear while resting on the horn’ as the famous Sinhala saying goes

Therefore there is nothing new or surprising in Ali Sabry’s inherent behavior that is a common trait to all Muslims in this country that never disappear until and unless they also disappear from this land of the Sinhala nation. What I can’t understand is the folly and the inability of the Sinhala leaders to realize this gospel truth. Starting from the 2019 Good Friday carnage Ai Sabry had been supporting the Muslim terrorist and the Muslim community at large although GR does not know it or pretends to be so..

So in this case the fault is with the President and nobody else. He should be ashamed for appointing Ali Sabry in the first place as a National list MP and then as the Minister of Justice in this country of all the Cabinet positions, in this time tested and historically proven backdrop in this country which had been a Sinhala Buddhist Kingdom for more than 2500 years. In fact I as a person who had canvassed widely and wrote volumes for him and who had also voted him and as the first man and perhaps the only person to predict his victory long before the Presidential  Election that he will definitely win the Election with a thumping majority. I had had also predicted him of this appointment as Minister of Justice is going to be a political suicide and it might end up even in a collapse of the Government. But unfortunately he didn’t care a penny as he thinks he is always right.  I, as a person who has worked with people like Mrs Bandaranayka,  Lalith Atulathmudala and President Premadasa, was perplexed to have this bitter experience as long as he is surrounded by the present set of Advisers I can assure, that he can never get out of this trap and continue rapidly to his downfall unless he bring about some radical changes replacing his present set of selfish and- self-seeking advisors  and Ministers like Ali Subry, Aluthgamage and Keheliya Rambukwella with some saner blood who put the country and the people first, rather than their purses , the day the entire 6.9 million voter base turning against him is not that far.  If he fails to take immediate corrective measures,  I  would like to remind him of a famous saying by Mao Tsetung  it is with the same hands that put you on the thrown that the people will again lift and throw you on the ground”

A word about the Ulamas and Bassaas, who have declared war against the President on this Task force and for appointing Ven Galaboda Atteas its Gnaanasara as its Chairman as already they  live in a Muslim country.  These Muslims should at least understand that this is not Ssaudi Arabia or another Arab country. This was and still is the Land of the Sinhala Buddhists eternally protected by the Buddhist monks as it had been for the past 2500 years at least from 307 BC since Buddhism was officially declared the State Religion of the King and the subject alike. You are only descendants of a migratory community of wandering birds who have to understand that gospel truth and adjust to that social milieu if you need to enjoy the salubrious life here without madly conspiring to create a Muslim Kingdom here. Within that scenario there is no room for separate laws or administration for Muslims or any other, for that matter. Therefore One Country and One law should be the Law of the Land and that has to be Sinhale and Sinhala Law as that was there for 2500 years, with suitable adaptations to suit the present day needs.

If you examine carefully you will see the only nation on earth who does not have their own law is the Sinhala nation. The Sinhalese, the Bhoomiputra Sinhalese are the only people in this country who don’t have a law of their own. They are governed under the Roman Dutch Law, while introduced by the Dutch in the 17th century and the British in 1852. On the other hand the Tamils and Muslims have been given their own Laws by the Colonial powers.  

In fact we have to add few more things like one language also to that list. Since this country had been a Sinhala Buddhist Kingdom at least from 307 BC, no one should dare to disturb that cultural rock foundation. If there is anyone who cannot concede to that inalienable truth, whether he is Muslim or Tamil and is not prepared to coexist peacefully within that framework then he/she has no alternative but to go back immediately to the motherlands where the hell he/she had come from, without creating headache for us the Sinhalese, the Bhoomiputras of this Land from the inception of history. AS THE FAMOUS Sinhala say goes ‘Wavulage magul gedara giyaanam wavulek wage hasirenta one”

Then on the other hand no Sinhala man or woman who cannot say this boldly and openly and act accordingly and is still dreaming to be the leader of this country while sleeping with lice for personal benefits and votes having got elected by the Sinhala votes can also say good bye to this country and fly or sail to the countries of those lice along with them

Now as far as the appointment of Ven Galabaodatte Gnasara Thero as the Chairman of this Committee I don’t think the President could have done better. In spite of his other blunders  like the mad Organic Fertilizer rush, the messing up his heart of the vote base the farmer in the village ,  the silence on the truant teacher strike and certain appointments bot at home and abroad, I congratulate him for this appointment. In my view he is the best person for that job. He is blessed with all the faculties including knowledge, personality and erudition to lead any National Committee or movement in this country even by virtue of the simple fact that he is an outstanding and outspoken Buddhist prelate, since it were the Buddhist prelates who had given the national leadership to Kings and Queens in this country right throughout the history of this country. In fact they were the people who had made and unmade rulers in this country and they were the cornerstone of the entire cultural fabric of this Island nation. Any person who cannot concede to that fact should never aspire to be a permanent citizen here apart from becoming a national leader. In this backdrop anyone who criticizes his appointment is an utter mutt.

(Dr. Sudath Gunasekara was a former Permanent Secretary to Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranayaka and the President Mahanuwara Sinhala Buddhist Senior Citizens Movement and was also the President of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service Association (1991-1994) who saved the SLAS from its demise in 1992 from an attempt to amalgamate the Divisional Secretaries Offices and Pradesiya sabha and appoint Div Secs as the Secretaries to the PS chairmen)

News item referred above

One country, one law: Justice Minister Sabry not consulted about task force, not happy over move

By Chris Kamalendran

Muslim members claim they were unaware who was to head it implies that they have to be consulted before

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Justice Minister Ali Sabry said he was unaware of the setting up of the One Country, One Law” Presidential Task Force headed by Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) General Secretary Ven. Galagoda-aththe Gnanasara Thera. This also implies that the President has to get his permission before such a task force is appointed.

Mr Sabry told the Sunday Times he was not consulted on the setting up of the Task Force. I am not happy about the move,” he said.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa issued a gazette notification on Tuesday announcing the appointment of a 13-member Presidential Task Force for One Country, One Law,” with Ven. Gnanasara Thera appointed as its chairperson. The task force’s other members are Prof. Dayananda Banda, Prof. Shanthinandana Wijesinghe, Prof. Sumedha Siriwardana, N.G. Sujeewa Panditharathna, Iresh Senevirathne, Sanjaya Marambe, Eranda Navarathna, Pani Wewala, Moulavi Mohomad, Mohomad Inthikab, Kaleel Rahuman and Azeez Nizardeen.

The Sunday Times understands that none of the task force’s Muslim members was aware that the task force would be headed by Ven. Gnanasara Thera or even that he was going to be a member. Does this means that the President has to get their consent before the President take a decision mean

Colombo Municipal Councilor Kaleel Rahuman claimed he was not informed” that he would be appointed to such a task force and only found out about his inclusion only through the media. Does this mean the President has to get his consent before he is appointed to that a committee?

Mr Rahuman had been elected to the CMC from the United Peace Alliance (UPA). Its party leader Basheer Segu Dawood said they would meet next week to discuss the issue. Mr Segu Dawood said the party would take disciplinary action against Mr Rahuman if he chose to accept the position of task force member under Ven. Gnanasara Thera. That means Mr Segu Dawoodis against Mr Rahuman’s appointment

Meanwhile, during the government party leaders’ meeting at Temple Trees on Thursday, Ceylon Workers’ Congress (CWC) Vice President and former Provincial Councilor Senthil Thondaman raised issue over non-representation of the Tamil community in the Presidential Task Force. Mr Thondaman told the Sunday Times President Rajapaksa had asked them to propose names of Tamils who should be on the task force and assured that he will appoint Tamil members to it.

Issuing a statement, the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) said it was shocked and dismayed by the establishment of the ‘Presidential Task Force for One Country, One Law’ under the leadership of a controversial individual.” This demonstrate Ulamas objection as well. I wonder whether he can mention any public figure who is not controversial.

The ACJU statement, issued under by its Secretary Ash Sheikh M. Arkam Nooramith, did not mention Ven. Gnanasara Thera by name, referring to him only as a controversial individual.”

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One Response to “Minister Ali Sabry should resign from the post of Minister of Justice immediately and also cease to be an MP any further.”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Ali Sabri who probably ‘voluntarily’ appeared as counsel for President Gotabhaya is a trojan horse from the Islaamists, very unfortunately now deep within the President’s close circle. It was a grave mistake to appoint him as the Minister of Justice knowing very well the past of another Minister of Justice – Rauf Hakeem. During that time we witnessed how Muslims entered the Law College in higher numbers than would have occured through a natural process of Law College entry. 
This time too after the advent of Ali Sabri – he has brought about measures to exclude Sinhala students by excluding Sinhala Language as a medium of instruction in the Law College. All these follow the machinations of Baithurdeen Mohammed as the Minister of Education that allowed Muslim students to study in the English medium giving them an undue advantage over Tamils and Sinhalese students. This has now led to the present situation where Sinhalese Students find it difficult to study and practice Law. What this situation will lead Sri Lanka and mainly the Sinhalese in a few years cannot be anything other than cultural and ethnic genocide in that Sharia Law could very well become the Law of Sri Lanka! 
Self serving politicians have over the years given way to Islaamists, just to get a few parliamenatary votes for short term gain over their rivals. In the process it is the majority Sinhalese who have suffered unduly. This time around the people of Sri Lanka, and a majority of whom are Sinhalese voted in Gotabhaya Rajapakse as the President and the Pohottuwa in the expectation that ‘political tails’ such as the Islamic vote nor any other minority grouping will not be given to ‘wag the dog’! It looks as if the worse is happening or we have to consider that the President has become a ‘prisoner’ in the hands of minority interests. 
The very person who treated Ranil Wickramasinghe differently and differentially when interrogating him over the Central Bank Bond Scam is the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka today. He could as the Attorney General flout the principle that all are equal before the law and still stay to become the Chief Justice. The bigwigs of the BASL did not go to courts over this issue! The Justices who colluded with politicians in deciding on how to sentence their political opponents are still to be arraigned before the Law!
The Muslim Islaamists did not have any issue when a fraud such as Rishard Baithudeen was appointed the Minister of Industries together with over 40 different portfolios or when Azath Saaly was appointed the Governor of the Western Province or when MHM Hisbullah was appointed the Governor of the Eastern Province. All three are now under a cloud of having supported Wahabbi Terrorism in Sri Lanka.
Now that Ven Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thero has been appointed only to head a Presidential Task Force to look at the inequiteis in the Law in Sri Lanka and to propose remedies to bring about the promise made by the President – One Country – One Law there is uproar from all corners of the so called intelligentsia. Let us see what he can come up with for he is one person in Sri Lanka who has been contantly campaigning against the inequities faced by ordinary people and most knowledgeable of the effects of how law is applied unequally and preferentially. He too has been at the receiving end of the Law on many occassions. He is ably supported by well qualified personnel in this task.
Ven Gnanasara is the right man for the job at this time! He has no qualms and will bring about the inequities of law to the fore!

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