Sri Lanka The Need of The Hour
Posted on November 19th, 2021

Dr. Chua Rajapakse MNZM Wellington NZ

Please permit me some reflections on what has led to some of SL’s present challenges and the need of the hour to overcome them.

At one stage Sri Lana’s trajectory was conditioned by confidence and self belief . This was epitomised by it’s then  President famously telling the foreign ministers of UK and France Please remember that we r no longer your colony. I was voted in by my people to end this war and I will not go home till that is done”

His post war economic vision  was a government led infrastructure development epitomised by among others building up the  motor ways & roading network  and provision of nation wide , electricity and pipe born  water supply.  For development of Manufacturing  industry he  coopted local and foreign investment . This was epitomised by the building  of the Hambantota Harbour a few nautical miles off the busiest sea lanes along with a neighbouring Export Promotion Tax Free Investment Zone for manufacturing industry. He also added an Air Port to facilitate potential investor visits and tourism.  The Yahapalana  govt criminally sold these  off just when it was starting to show a return with starting of ships bunkering.

He also visioned an IT Hub  with  the Colombo Port City Project” , as another pinnacle for foreign investment in technology , IT and banking. This again the Y administration criminally delayed claiming adverse impact on environment” and ended up by renegotiating the same on worse terms with several years delay. If not for that by now the CPC would be showing significant economic return.

If not for these criminal acts of this hastily put up visionless and policyless idiologically opposed combination  labelled by those who were later were responsible for the Easter Sunday Massacre , as Yahapalana, which in reality was any thing but that, SL would now be reaping the returns of these investments and would have been far better cushioned to face the adverse impact of Covid.

Our current President and his administration has been continuing the trajectory of his brothers administration,  hammering home the message,   come and invest in SL. We r making investment easier and easier with changing the process to a one stop shop” .

This message is being echoed through repeated IT based investment promotion fora .  It is being echoed with every one of his overseas visits. Been echoed with the bilateral  contacts at UN  & at the Glasgow climate change summit,. Been echoed with dialogues with  overseas heads on these visits . Been echoed with oververses heads on the net . Been echoed with overseas  visitors, to the country.  Every embassy has been instructed to spread the message .

 His administration five decades after the first discovery, is for the first time making  a well organized and structured attempt to access the considerable off shore natural gas resources of SL.

His administration  is making every attempt to work SL out of the economic mess caused by the economic collapse left by Yahapalana compounded by COVID . This has left SL short of $4 billon from tourism and $3 billion from foreign remittances.  He has  successfully vaccinating SL back to these resources . Criminally  SL political opposition is again  doing it’s damnest  to derail this covid recovery with their screaming uthgoshanists” spewing millions  of Delta viruses with each of their screaming chants”

The sad and diabolically hypocritical and treasonal reality is that the political opposition encouraged and sustained  by inimical forces headed by well endowed sections of the Tiger Diaspora , ISIS forces, & International Evangelic  organisations ,misrepresent every effort of the govt at recovery and progress through orchestrated misrepresentation and baseless,blatent and diabolical lies. With these they are attempting to destroy the confidence of  Sri Lankans & their  self belief . They are attempting to baselessly raising a spectre of despair ,despondency, hoping to lead to  chaos so that they can achieve their dream of seizing power. What  one remembers of the period when they were in power were two unprecedented Bank Robberies and the Easter Sunday bombing!

Many sections of the media similarly Internationally  encouraged and sustained  are prepared to orchestrate these myths . They would rather orchestrate  myths than the reality.

Today, gossip TV and rumour” rules the roost” and most I’ll informed citizens are left believing this as rumour as it lis so pervasive and they unwittingly contribute to this by passing on the same false views.

A most important need for SL now to work itself back to prosperity is to stop paying heed to gossip , rumour  especially spread through  social media. The responsibility of the  main stream media is to  act responsibly discouraging propagation of rumour and myth. The govt for it’s part has to do  it’s bit by promptly, repeatedly and frequently updating the country of their plans and actions and reasons behind them leaving no room for gossip and myth” to pervade.

Dr. Chua Rajapakse MNZM Wellington NZ

The dip in numbers in June coincided with effect of first phase of vaccination in May. The rise  after Juy 10th coincided with the Guru Uthgoshanas” starting in July12th. Time will tell whether there will  be another spike after the SLB Uthgoshan’s starting from 16.11.21 
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