The Travails of Fundamentalist Islam as applicable to the Sialkot Murder
Posted on December 12th, 2021


The travails of Fundamentalist Islam is a global scourge that has spread like wildfire around the world sadly because there seems to be no control to curb it by the powers that can effectively do so probably due to apathy and the usual excuse that it is not a global priority which is an irresponsible and unrealistic one, to say the least, if this is the case!

The recent gruesome and unwarranted killing of Factory Manager Priyantha Kumara in Sialkot Pakistan must take center stage on the platform of world opinion about the mendacity of what Pakistan is today and the dangers of tolerating with impunity such a miserable and conscienceless nation which is also a nuclear power, which alarmingly is also a land full of wretched fanatics who even destroyed the life of the beautiful, charismatic, and politically focused, patriot Mrs.Benazir Bhuto and many others who sought to resuscitate the ills of Pakistan based on their own sense of patriotism and continues to pander to global terrorism by tolerating the Taliban also reputed for butchery, rape, wanton destruction and the trappings of related criminality along with many other criminal excesses including the bus bombing of the Sri Lankan cricketers in Lahore some years ago. This is a country that seems to be a hotbed of despicable criminal activity which needs curbing.

What has transpired appears to be a direct result of the fundamental political dogma of undesirable sources like the Taliban, ISIS, and AL Quaeda which have indeed taken root u in countries like Pakistan where it is imperative that the Government of Sri Lanka needs to respond post haste beyond mere lip service to this atrocity in a manner that will stir the consciences of those who matter and set up a sense of global awareness about Pakistan if it already hasn’t!

True enough there are monetary responses and others by the Government of Pakistan and the GOSL to compensate the widow and children of the victim but they will not bring him back and the agony and shame of it all will remain perhaps indefinitely as an indelible aberration which was a price paid for missed preventive action that might have been taken although the impossibility of it all looms high in a country of fanatics with whom Sri Lanka has close ties which is a real irony.

 Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan who is a beacon in the darkness of the country has been magnanimous and gracious in his response where hopefully the penalties for the accused will be more than stringent which even then will hardly compensate for the dastardly deed as the fanaticism which has gripped countries like Pakistan will need a huge upheaval of procedures towards restitution which many believe could prove to be a near-impossible task.

Perhaps if all world leaders are unanimous in their response towards the need to initiate immediate action against fundamental Islamist practices involving murder and mayhem it could be a start.

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