Posted on December 22nd, 2021

Insight by Sunil Kumar

Dec17th. 2021

The Global Tamil Forum (GTF) -strong supporters of the deposed Tamil tigerTerrorist  in their never ending cacophony about separatism and minority rights which are obsolete and abstract in multicultural Sri Lanka, as usual has called on the Government of Sri Lanka to reflect on recent messages conveyed by the US and the wider international community through the newly imposed sanctions by the US State Department on two former Sri Lankan Army officials albeit based on unproved speculation.

There seems to be a total misinterpretation of the protocols related and a display of their blatant continued moves towards agitating minorities within and without Sri Lanka and need to be educated if this is in anyway possible that they are stepping out of line with the realities involved in the US Sanctions which by themselves are out of line and a display of unwarranted US actions directed at SrI Lanka in recent times despite the so called cordiality between the two countries where a certain duplicity appears to be visible.

Indeed it is true that Sri Lanka is in the midst of many crises but to suggest that “the trajectory is heading towards increasing authoritarianism and militarised governance, further marginalisation of Tamil, Muslim, Hindu, and Christian communities, the debilitating financial crisis and the economic challenges engulfing the people and  has the potential to seed new conflicts in the country” is a bold and inciting statement by a puny group of minority Tamil protesters who have neither the right nor the credibility to make such statements without looking at themselves in the mirror and realizing that it is a complete misconception of the issue where they are attempting to create a non existent situation with much exaggeration where related facts seem to be distorted perhaps in an attempt to stir up dissent with the minority communities at a time when the Government is making valiant attempts to stabilize the country for all citizens not merely the minorities referred to.A government which has endeavored to deliver much to the country despite apparent shortcomings which hopefully will be supplemented soon against many odds..

The GTF says that quote ” Marking the Human Rights Day on 10 December, the US Government has imposed human rights-related sanctions on two Sri Lankan military officials. The US sanctioning these two officers appears more for the message it conveys to the Sri Lankan leadership, than for its direct impact on the individual officers,” in a  bold statement to the media without any consideration of its impact on themselves and their interpretation of the issue at hand which appear to have them confused as well as ignorant towards US objectives and its relevance to US / Sri Lankan relations.

Furthermore the US State Department sanctions on Sri Lanka Navy Intelligence Officer Chandana Hettiarachchi and former Sri Lanka Army Staff Sergeant Sunil Ratnayake for their involvement in the gross violation of human rights” on Human Rights Day on 10 December are based on  unproven speculations portraying the GTF’s haste to draw conclusions sans tangible proof and perhaps needs to be confronted towards punitive action against them by the Government of Sri Lanka.

The links, sympathies and involvement of the GTA with the TNA who are also surreptitious sympathizers of the former Tamil tigers and continue to promote the cause of secession and separation are well known and hence all the agitation by the GTA seems hardly worth a second glance from a Government perspective in these turbulent times where the country faces greater priorities beyond the bickering of vague entities such as the GTA and the directionless TNA often clutching at straws in their desperate attempt to survive.

It is also quite apparent that the Biden Administration is on a spree of disentitlingcertain minority nations of their right towards asserting sovereignity based on its own concept of righteousness  and misconceived agendas which do not serve them well and a stark reality in the world of today where Sri Lanka appears to have become a target despite there being no tangible evidence or proof towards complete credibility in the present climate of US accusations.!

The GTF based on all this are better off focusing on things merit worthy to Sri Lanka as a collective part of the population albeit under a different banner!.


  1. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    To further facilitate the meanderings of the GTA as well as the TNA, the ever fluctuating US attitude towards Sri Lanka which always seems a double standard depending on who is in the Whitehouse, it probably is to their advantage as it appears to embolden them although they have little or no ground to stand on the moment it becomes evident that they are strong supporters of the deposed terrrorists.The Sri Lanka administration should make note of this and act accordingly as what the rhetoric of the GTA as well as the TNA certainly tantamounts to is sedition and incitement, freedom of a speech notwithstanding in the best interests of National Security as well as the safety of Sri Lanka’s Sovereignity which these “Deadbeats” are attempting to undermine.

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