My dear Sampanthan WHY HIDE THE TRUTH?
Posted on February 23rd, 2022

Stanley Perera Melbourne, Australia.

My dear Sampanthan,


One minute you go to UNO.  The next minute you go to the Indian Prime Minister.  Now you are asking Tamil Nadu politicians to support your move against the GOSL on Human rights violation.This is never ending agitation.  In your old age Sampanthan  you must sit down and relax reading the newspaper.  Look back at your past.  What have you achieved in your campaign against the GOSL?  You conducted a campaign with the Tamil Diaspora and the LTTE Terrorists against the GOSL to establish a seperate State in the North and East of Sri Lanka with the blessings and support of Tamil Nadu to the world..  Did you go anywhere with your Tamil people’s aspiration propaganda campaign telling a pack of lies.  Did you ever tell the world that GOSL rescued 298,000 Tamils in the North when they were taken hostage by the LTTE to make a human shield?

The GOSL gave you a new lease of life after annihilating the LTTE terrorists menase by not locking you up in a cell for the campaign conducted against the GOSL    This is a classic example Sampanthan.  You must tell the world the TRUTH.  You exported some 250,000 Tamils from North to the west under the guise of Refugees.  They are in actual fact BOGUS Tamil REFUGEES who are supporting you financially to topple Rajapakse government.

Sampanthan, you are lucky to be in Sri Lanka.  If it is in the western country  You are thriving in jail for treason charges.

Sampanthan, tell the truth.  You are lucky to be a Sri Lankan.


75% of Sri Lanka’s population are Sinhalese.  Tamils are only 12% of the population.  You are demanding privileges not enjoyed by 75% of the total population.  These 75% of the population gave 2/3 majority votes in the Rajapakse Government to delete the 13th amendment from the constitution.

My dear Sampanthan, just relax and learn to enjoy your life at this old age of yours.  Your bogus claim of Tamil peoples aspiration is a myth.  You have no genuine desire to serve the Tamils in Sri Lanka. 

Say “thank you Sri Lanka” for the new lease of life after the annihilating LTTE Terrorism.

 Yours Truly

Stanley Perera Melbourne, Australia.

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