Remittances from exported goods and services from foreign earnings should be remitted to SL within 180 days – CBSL
Posted on March 12th, 2022

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Foreign earnings from all exported goods and services have been made mandatory and to be remitted to Sri Lanka within 180 days from the date of shipment or provisioning of services, the Central Bank stated.

Issuing an Extraordinary gazette notification, Repatriation of export Proceeds into Sri Lanka” the CBSL Governor stated that every exporter of goods and/ or services shall; immediately upon all and every receipt/s of export proceeds being received, forthwith submit all related documentary evidence on each and every receipt of export proceeds, in respect of every export of goods and/ or services to the respective licensed commercial Bank or a permitted licensed specialized Bank (hereinafter referred to as a licensed bank”), that receives such proceeds, in Sri Lanka.

The Gazette notification

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