Justice for Animals & Nature (JAN) – The Aims and Objectives
Posted on March 17th, 2022

Senaka Weeraratna Founder Member and Vice – President (JAN)

We are a not-for-profit organization incorporated under the company laws of Sri Lanka as an Association (Registration No.GA236166).

In order to create a just society anchored to compassion for all living beings and nature we are carrying on this public fb group, with a view to drawing public attention to pain and suffering of animals largely due to the inhumanity of humans, and destruction of the natural habitat.

We are also uploading videos to our YouTube channel. Please watch them by searching the YouTube under the name ‘Justice for Animals and Nature’ and subscribe to this channel.

The Aims and Objectives of the Organization (JAN) are as follows:

1) To strive for Freedom and Justice for Animals, and creation of a Just Society, 

2) To rebuild an animal – friendly cultural heritage in Sri Lanka, by fostering and caring for the well-being of animals,

3) To campaign for reform of the Constitution and updating of the laws to protect animals, nature and heritage, commensurate with modern standards of care and treatment, and engage in legal advocacy and public litigation, 

4) To liaise and support other organizations within or outside Sri Lanka engaged in the promotion and protection of fauna, flora and nature,

5) To promote humanitarian education and awareness programs commencing at pre-school level, aimed at securing animal rights, protection and welfare, 

6) To work towards ending cruelty to animals and the use of animals in entertainment, zoos, slavery, sports, races, experiments and religious activities including ritual sacrifices, 

7) To promote plant–based food production and consumption, and propagate the benefits of Vegetarianism and Veganism,

8) To call for a ban on the export of live animals from Sri Lanka for slaughter, entertainment and presentation as gifts to other countries, and export of meat products and seafood from Sri Lanka, 

9) To encourage the public to not earn a living by rearing animals for slaughter or killing animals including invertebrates such as crustaceans, and to call for a ban on slaughter of cattle and other animals, 

10) To create awareness on environmental pollution and environmental degradation, and their injurious effects on human health, climate change and bio–diversity, and campaign against all such forms of pollution, including noise pollution, 

11) To advocate preservation of remains of pre–historic and historic cultures and heritage, archaeological areas, residual forests and natural habitats of non–human living creatures, elephant corridors, and engagement in sustainable development,   and 

12) To promote ‘Ahimsa’ as a cardinal tenet pervading all activities.

If you wish to join our organization as a member, volunteer or support us financially to carry out our mission please contact us at the address given below:

Justice for Animals and Nature,

13A, Ocean Tower, Station Road, 

Colombo 4, 

Sri Lanka.



+94 112591500 / +94 766541716 / +94 714441810

We welcome sincere and dedicated people in any part of this world to join hands with us as members to realize these noble aims and transform ourselves into truly compassionate beings.

Justice for Animals and Nature




This comment by a foreigner 

Bruce F. Anderson refers to the twelve points ‘ Aims and Objectives of the Justice for Animals and Nature’.

He says that these objects are worthy of being enshrined internationally and far superior to anything that the Western world has drafted hitherto to advance the cause of animal rights.

Senaka Weeraratna

Founder Member and Vice – President (JAN)

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