Is an IPKF Invasion Imminent–Re-charting US Strategy After the War? 
Posted on March 22nd, 2022

By ‘The Socialist Vanguard Party for the Restoration of a Sovereign Unitary State of Sri Lanka’

Having inked the SOFA document permitting the American military to intervene in Sri Lanka with impunity, is an invasion by India, a US military ally (QUAD) in the region, imminent?

Could this be one reason why India did not vote with the US on the Ukrainian issue?   

Sri Lanka is fighting for her life; she is in the political ICU struggling with multiple complications stemming from treachery, corruption and chicanery.

There are rampant shortages of essential items all over. Shop shelves are empty. There is no money to import fuel or generate energy. Food prices are soaring. Endless queues everywhere. People are struggling to get necessities that would ensure food on the table. The economy is crumbling. The country is on the threshold of bankruptcy and collapse.

Nandasena is in denial. The crisis is deliberate and self-inflicted. The people say that the responsible dastards are Nandasena and Basil and that they must be held accountable.

The people demand that the below-average officer – who bolted from the Army the moment he completed the minimum time required to qualify for a pension, at a time when the country desperately required his services while his peers were selflessly putting their lives on line – must get out or else face the ignominy of impeachment.

The people also demand that ‘Kakka’ Basil, who swore eternal disloyalty to Sri Lanka, be arrested immediately and indicted for treachery and abuse of power.

Analysts say that Nandasena and Basil are playing their ordained roles, fulfilling the plans of the global super-villain, as did Kumaranatunge, Wickramasinghe, Sirisena and Premadasa, before them.

Following the unexpected defeat of the American mercenaries in Sri Lanka’s 30-year war, the Americans were compelled to rechart a new strategy for Sri Lanka.

The new strategy of the super-villain appears to be to dismantle and dismember the Nation State of Sri Lanka.

The government and the opposition forces influenced heavily by the largesse of this evil force, are conniving with the super-villain; his is prominently identified in the ranks of the IMF to whom Basil has turned.

Was it a surprise that many of the opposition in parliament concurred the sentiments of the Government when they said that the IMF is the panacea for Sri Lanka’s ills?

Some may rush to argue that the opposition has political objectives different to that of the government.

Do they seriously have such differences?

Readers may recall that it was the present opposition (then in Government) which engaged in running down the economy, selling off strategic assets, engaging in mega-corrupt practises, privatising State land and implementing the American MCC plan that would balkanise the country.

The present government was elected to power, on the promise that it would reverse all this. What happened? They reneged on their promises and instead accelerated the process that Sirisena and Wickramasinghe had begun.

It is pertinent that the present opposition has not taken up cudgels to reverse unequivocally, for example, the sell-offs at Kerawalapitiya, the oil tanks in Trincomalee, the West terminal in the Colombo harbour, the projects in Sampur, Mannar and Pooneryn.

It is relevant that the present opposition, has not made any pledges to the people that it would not give Land and Police powers to the provinces.

Has the opposition pledged to cancel, as a matter of priority, the ACSA and SOFA Agreements, which threaten Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and security?

The Mother of all US defence agreements with Sri Lanka was first signed by Nandasena in 2007; he did so secretly when he signed the first ACSA Agreement, whilst being an American citizen with undivided loyalty to the flag of America.

On 01 Jul 20 Cabinet spokesman Bandula Gunawardena, as reported by the ‘Asia Tribunal’, briefed the press that the Government had signed the much-delayed SOFA Agreement, initiated by Sirisena and Wickramasinghe.

As per the ‘Asia Tribunal’ report ‘this would allow the American forces to tour the country to conduct combined security operations with impunity for any criminal action on their part. In short, the American forces have been given a carte blanche to kill and maim Sri Lankans as they please.

Given the despicable record of the American military, this is cause for grave concern. 

Many analysts say that the objective of the government and the opposition are the same; viz to breakdown the structures of the Sri Lankan State, playing roles appropriate to their political status quo.  

The Americans are moving these puppets, cleverly; they control the blacks and the whites on the political chess board that is Sri Lanka; either way, they win because whatever political faction is in power, that faction would do the bidding of the Americans to ensure Sri Lanka is in lockstep with the US strategy, that was adopted following the defeat of their mercenary terrorists.  

The opposition will only play the part, scripted for them by the Americans, that includes the sham protests.

What is the core objective of America’s new strategy for Sri Lanka that has been charted after the war? Many analysts opine that it could be described as the ‘Breaking down the structures of the Sri Lankan State, namely the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary.

The Government and the Opposition have been described as two sides of an American coin, developed to fall heads or tails, alternatively, as decided by the Americans. Many people are of the view that the Americans have total control of Sri Lanka’s legislature as they do of the Executive.  

And what of the legal system which includes the bench, the official bar, the unofficial bar, the police?

There have been several instances where the bench has been ridiculed, intimidated, power usurped, the rule of Law transgressed, the endless use of nolle prosequi -a grudgingly used procedure – and an unofficial Bar found wanting in their obligations to the country, resulting in the foundation of the Legal structure of the country swaying perilously.  

And the Executive, in the words of many, has proved himself to be an American nincompoop with tunnel vision better equipped to be a parade-square sergeant capable only of carrying out orders and keeping the parade square clean.   

When the structures of the State – the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Executive – have been sufficiently weakened, the sovereign State of Sri Lanka would be ready to disintegrate; it would be the beginning of the end.

The country has been reduced to a failed State.

A failed State insinuates anarchy. In that backdrop, the country is easy prey for its predators.

All what is left for the Americans to do, to dismantle completely the once proud sovereign State of Sri Lanka, is to change the Constitution, empower the provinces with Police powers and the power to sell Government Land and resources to private parties, including foreigners

Would that be tough task to achieve given this political climate?

To achieve this, the Government needs only to allow the political temperature to rise further by continuing to be insensitive to public opinion, heaping further burdens on the people to a point of utter frustration and violence.

With NED money floating around the country, the opposition would oblige their paymasters

The opposition would raise the ante to a pitch reminiscent of the colour revolutions of the last decade, provoking and compelling the Government to respond in a manner that would endanger life.

When life has been endangered and mayhem follows the Americans, fortified by SOFA, will ‘intervene’ on ‘humanitarian’ grounds’ very likely with their QUAD military partner.

The Indians, biding their time for their entry cue, will invade the island.

To coordinate the action that needs to be taken by India including –  a new Constitution for the Island, Land and Police powers to the Provinces, the right of Provinces to cede from the Nation State of Sri Lanka, the right of any of the provinces to annex itself to India, sharing Sri Lanka’s Palk bay with Indian fishermen, making Adam’s bridge a National Heritage of India  – would require a National Government that would record for the India’s and America’s benefit – the fake unanimity of Sri Lanka in signing the contentious agreements.

Nandasena has a 2/3rd majority in parliament; he therefore does not require a National Government to implement contentious agreements. Why then a National Government?

The majority of the people voted for a government that would undo what the Sirisena-Wickramasinghe government did; the Nandasena government reneged on their promises and the people’s sovereignty was violated.

The ‘others’ in parliament are those whose policies were democratically rejected outright by the majority of the people. To take them now into a ‘National Government’ is to violate the sovereign franchise of the people and violate democracy by sneakily attempting to bring the ‘rejected’ into power, behind the backs of the people.

If there is a National Government it would be a double whammy for democracy.

A National Government suggests that it would be working on an agenda of its own for which the people have not given their consent; it would be a virtual coup and would therefore be illegal.

A National Government also suggests that Nandasena has given an indication that he is unable to provide leadership to the country; it suggests that he is relinquishing his presidential powers in favour of a multiheaded National leadership. 

Yes, Nandasena must go; he cannot be allowed to mangle democracy; he must resign or else be impeached.

To overcome the economic problems, the people demand that China’s assistance be sought; ask them to make a bid for development projects in Sampur, Pooneryn, Gulf of Mannar and proposals to develop projects in the Palk Bay.

Whatever provocation, people must desist from violence against the State; it only weakens the State structures further which it what the enemies of Sri Lanka want. Even agitating in international forums weakens the State.

Instead, agitate for the enforcement of the rule of law; for a start agitate for the immediate arrest and trial of Basil, Sirisena and Wickramasinghe. Agitate to pass legislation to make offshore banking illegal and to make it a Capital offence.

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