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Posted on May 3rd, 2022

Australian News

In one of the video reports, the person by the name of Nimal Perera does not want to answer the interviewer’s question about the mysterious British-Virgin Islands-domiciled company called Sabre Vision Holdings and walks away giving the impression to the viewer that there is something fishy going on. However, in 2016, this same person (when the UNP was in power and determined to jail the Rajapakse’s) confessed to collecting money for Namal Rajapaksa and his confession led to Namal Rajapaksa bieng arrestd (see page 7). However this allegation was not proved in a court of law and Namal Rajapakse was finally aquitted. The million dollar question is Why does Nimal Perera walk away now when the Austarlian journalist asks akward questions whereas in 2016 the same person came forward to get Namal Rajapaksa arrested? Isn’t this typical “Manufacturing Consent” ? see also: probe-assets-fleecing-by-us-citizens-of-sri-lankan-origin/

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