Politicians’ Obligation to the Nation
Posted on May 13th, 2022


As a country when Sri Lanka is in dire need of a debt restructure and economic recovery, the IMF in combination with The World Bank prepared a package on conditions set forth.

While these conditions were laid so clearly of what is being required from Sri Lanka, the sabotaging acts committed collectively by short sighted rulers, all other political fractions, Trade Unions, religious fractions and the majority of the citizens have brought this Resplendent Land to its death bed.

As the only viable option available to attempt a resurrection, Sri Lanka and its people have failed to recognize the International Monetary Fund (IMF) who would act in the best interest of that country.

While the top recognized economists were engaged in planning and implementations, the country opted to promote demonstrations, riots, political instability, social instability and violence or violence provoking acts for other agendas of personal growth.

First and foremost, the country needed to be on course of economic recovery and all other agendas to be secondary.

Demonstrations of any sort and provocation acts should not have occurred during this IMF planning stages.

This recovery needs to be achieved by Economists and NOT politicians, Attorneys, Law Enforcement, astrologers and the like.

Upon being on the path of economic restructure and recovery is when all else need to be addressed.

Sri Lanka need a bona fide government in place irrespective of its effectiveness for the IMF to enter into agreement of loan and debt restructure.

Currently they have effectively removed such preventing any financial entity entering into agreement.

If they force the President to be removed at this time, they will nail their coffin for good.

Once the country is in the correct path to economic recovery, is when they need to take steps in eliminating corruption and what surrounds those acts.

Political and social stability must be instilled for economic revamp.

Once the country is on its path to raising its heads, Sri Lanka must be rid of all who promoted all demonstrations, riots, looting, political chaos etc. for they have NOT the best interest for the country but agendas of their own.

Courtesy Hemnath De Silva‘s FB

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