Maharaja’s Jockstrap Protest at Galle-Face – A Re-run of Ukraine’s ‘Maiden Square’ False-Flag Operation in February 2014-(Part 2)
Posted on July 12th, 2022

By Jonathan Manz

/Contd from Part 1

In Ukraine in Feb 2014, Yatsenyuk, a former Central Banker now installed as the Junta Prime Minister, scrapped the Russian bail-out deal and sought instead IMF assistance.

 The IMF demanded the immediate implementation of austerity measures; pensions, heating-assistance and other social programs were slashed.

 Describing the situation created by the coup, an analyst said Regime change unleashed chaos, transforming Ukraine into a financial black hole”.

 The Coup in Colombo on 09th May, had many features that resembled the Ukrainian Coup of 2014; just days prior to Sri Lanka’s Black Monday, 23rd March 2022, Victoria Nuland, now the US Deputy Secretary of State for Political affairs and also a Board member of the NED (the CIA) met up with NED funded protestors in Colombo; the simmering issues erupted in earnest after that visit.

The NED has reportedly invested 2.5 million USD for the Colombo subversion Project.

Sri Lanka was shocked when President Rajapakse, showing his hand and his complicity in the Coup, unconstitutionally appointed as Prime Minister, Wickramasinghe, a detested politician, rejected by the people and his party, who enjoys having his hair tousled by the Americans.

 It became clear why President Rajapakse wanted Prime Minister Rajapakse to resign on 08th May 22.

Wickramasinghe lost no time in telling the country that he would be aborting the will of the people – expressed strongly at the Elections of 2019 and 2020 – by repudiating the policies on which the government was elected.

Wickramasinghe made it clear that he would be moving the country into the IMF camp (Washington), privatising all Land in the country (in violation of the Constitution), initiating measures that would enable foreign Countries and entities to own Sri Lanka’s Land, resources and assets and, assist the US  to establish in Sri Lanka the largest military Base in the Indo-Pacific region which would serve as the Headquarters of the ‘Indo-Pacific Command’; he hinted that he would be signing and ratifying the ACSA, SOFA and MCC Agreements.

With South Korea applying for membership in the NATO, it appears that NATO too is pivoting to Asia; Sri Lanka could well be a critical NATO Base in the Indian Ocean, abutting the Indian sub-continent.

 With Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka being potential NATO candidates, in the light of recent developments, the US could well be developing a NATO capability which could either encircle China or chip away at the edges, to threaten the integrity of the Union of India.

 In Sri Lanka, the coup on 09th May 22, nearly cost Mahinda Rajapakse his life; a fighter, especially when chips are down, he has already begun creating political ripples forcing the Americans and their dual-citizen cohorts to engage in psy-ops to assassinate him on social media.

President Rajapakse considered by many Sri Lankans to be, if not the foremost, one of the leading traitors in the 2600-year history of the Island, escaped indictment and the wrath of the people, in May, by colluding with the plotters; if he too were swept-out now, how would Wickramasinghe be brought in as Prime Minister?

The plotters overthrew the legitimate government of Sri Lanka but retained Gotabaya Rajapakse as the President of the Junta.

It may perhaps be confusing to the ‘jockstrap and braces’ protestors at Galle Face, inanely chanting ‘Gota-Go-Home’, to perceive that the President, is a part of the Junta, which says that the Galle-Face protestors must stay on.

The Galle Face protestors do not seem to realise that they are perhaps unwitting players in the plot, to be available as cannon fodder if and when the occasion demands.

Yes, Gota will go but only after completing the job the Americans have assigned him, to do; analysts say that he needs to accomplish this, to their liking, to ensure a guaranteed safe exit.

The Junta is required to facilitate the breakdown of what is left of the structures of the State (the Judiciary, the Legislature and the Executive) and to dilute the potency of the instruments that prop-up the structures of the State, such as the Constitution, the Police, the Clergy and the Military.

To achieve this end, the Junta must therefore, deliberately NOT take any meaningful steps to resolve the shortages, the queues and the frustration.

In such a situation only, would the frustration and anger of the people rise to a breaking-point.

Simultaneously, the Junta needs to provoke and confront these people, whose patience is at breaking point, with law enforcing agencies who, complying with orders perhaps, would be required to act unprofessionally and insensitively towards these people.  

The stage is being set-up for a holocaust. When the situation explodes there would be anarchy, mayhem and carnage.

Developments within the country suggest that, that flash-point is not very far off; a date, 09th Jul 22, has been named by the American-funded political Parties and Unions as D-day.

Pseudo left politicians are openly inciting insurrection and courting arrest, perhaps like Wijeweera seeking the protection of a prison cell to avoid being killed in any conflict with the security forces, a fate that may befall the ignorant flock resorting to anarchy.

When the need is to bring to book, immediately, all those inciting anarchy, the Junta fails to act against the insurrectionists.

All the American funded elements on the political chess board, are well positioned and strategically deployed: the political Parties, Trade unions, University unions, NGOs, TV anarchists and underworld, to name a few.

Forces, which could be described as auxiliary, have been diabolically and unwittingly lured into queues, to be effectively used by the American Junta, without their volition.

These auxiliary forces (the people in fuel queues) are strategically ‘deployed’ around the length and breadth of the country; they can be easily used to, cut-off cities and towns, take-over police stations, paralyse the country, create simultaneous flash-points around the country, allow anarchical mobs a free rein in cities and towns (with police attention distracted elsewhere), lay siege to government establishments and make the country ungovernable.

In this scenario, the American Junta established on 09th May 22 will capitulate and hand over power to the new American Junta. The Americans would now be in total Control of the Island.

If the Americans believe that Gotabaya Rajapakse has done his job to their satisfaction, they will allow ‘Gota to Go Home’ and be re-united with his family.

If the Americans believe that Gotabaya has not completed the job given him, satisfactorily, the likely scenario would be a ‘military intervention on humanitarian grounds and the intervening forces would complete the task, left undone by Gotabaya.

Many analysts pose the question, Is not waging war against the Government of Sri Lanka punishable with death”? If so, why are no investigations being initiated against Anura Dissanayake, Kumar Guneratnam and prominent Sri Lankan broadcasters like Watawela, Shaukat Ali and lawyers like Peiris?

Julie Chung, in acknowledgment of her gratitude to Dissanayake, visited him in his lair and invited Champika Ranawaka for crumpets and tea.

Observers pose the question, Julie, what is your take on ‘conspiracy to commit sedition’?”

Donald Trump is being investigated for ‘conspiracy to commit sedition’ for storming Capitol Hill; are you not in conflict with your government’s policy by hugging, kissing and encouraging anarchists who stormed the President’s House, Temple Trees and vandalised Government buildings?”

 Julie it is time for you to go home. The people are angry as they chant, Go-Home-Julie-Go, Go-Home-Julie-Go”.

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