Open later to President Counselor Mr. Chandaka Jayasundara
Posted on July 15th, 2022

Orpheus Perera

Dear Mr. Chandaka Jayasundara(Presidents Counsellor),

You, being an educated man, seem to be blind and did not analyse the entire situation of Sri Lanka. Real problem is that this crisis was NOT created by Rajapaksa. Maybe Mr.Kabral is a bit responsible as the Governor of the Central bank did not see that this was going to happen. 

In 1920 Mahatma Gandhi organized the Indian people to boycott imported goods(imported by the British) while Ceylonese(I mean Sinhalaya) embraced them. These goods were not given free to Sri Lankans. The money went out of the country. Mahatma Gandhi’s struggle made the British empire crumble and even Sri Lanka got independence in 1948. Our “Kalu Suddo” kept on importing goods. When we were kids in the 1950-1960’s I can remember Apples and Grapes were rotting on Borella Streets. Shops were full of Cheese, Ham, Fish canns and so on. They were all  eating away our wealth.Between 1970 and 1977 Sirimavo stopped all that and tried to make the country ECONOMICALLY INDEPENDENT, getting donations from the Eatern Europe and China to set up industries. There were shortages. Since I was about 11-21 of age I spent time queuing up for rice ration andt CWE to buy dry fish, near the bakery to buy bread. I never felt bad about it. Indian people don’t even eat bread, even if they live in the UK. 

Sinhalaya did not like this and voted out Mrs. Bandaranaike giving JRJ an absolute power to import. I left SL. Each time I come I find that more and more new things are imported. There were only a few EXPORTS. Sinhalese people don’t have brains to see this. Even now how many Gas, petrol, diesel, urea(mixed with Indian Urine) and coal ships come to Colombo. We(you) are getting into more debts.. Leave Rajapaksa’s alone unless you are working for LTTE diaspora. If they are harmed you all will be cursed. Especially the innocent gentleman Gotabaya Rajapaksa. In 2017 when I questioned the plastic broom from a lady in Kelaniya, she said “We also like to use Foreign goods like Australians”. I just thought what a  patriotic citizen she was.. In Australia they don’t have coconut fiber to make brooms and the country is so rich with valuable exports. If I can find conventional Sri Lankan brooms I will definitely buy them(Like I drank CEylon tea for 7 years in the UK and 35 years in Australia). You are lucky that in 1960 Mrs. Bandaraniake stopped letting Queens Councillors practice in Colombo, because they charged large sums of money to defend rich criminals(like Buddharakkitha).

Please leave Gatabaya Rajapakse alone, else you will be cursed(all of Sinhala community).

Aso check this You tube.

This is the truth. nothing but the truth!

Orpheus Perera

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