“I am not a friend of the Rajapaksas – I have been against them ever since I knew them” – President
Posted on July 21st, 2022

Courtesy Hiru News

Yesterday evening, President elect Ranil Wickramasinghe visited Hunupitiya Gangarama Temple in Colombo.

Although this was planned as a private visit, many politicians of the ruling party and journalists from home and abroad who came to know about it also attended the event.

A British sky news journalist asked the President that since the people of this country are expecting a change and how will you, an old Rajapaksa supporter, make that change.

The rest of the conversation is given below;

How can I be a friend of the Rajapaksas?

I am person who has been against them ever since I knew him.

You have come from abroad today and asking me if I am a Rajapaksa supporter.

Ask anyone here, they are Rajapaksa’s friends.

How do you make the change that Sri Lanka is looking for?

I am ready to make the change that the people of Sri Lanka expect.

I would like to tell you one thing.

As a journalist you should do some deep investigations before you ask questions and don’t ask questions like this.

Aren’t you a friend of the Rajapaksas?

I am not a friend of the Rajapaksas, I am a friend of the people.

Let me tell you something else, I have worked with President Chandrika Kumaratunga before… but I have never voted for her.

She belongs to one party and I belong to a different opposing party.

Saying that I work together with the Rajapaksas does not mean that I am his friend.

I am only looking into it to see the opportunities available to me and the opportunities to strengthen my party.

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