Re: $50 – $80 million dollar investigation:
Posted on July 25th, 2022

Mr Ranjith Naranpanawa Rowville Victoria

The Hon Senator Penny Wong
Suite 4
19 Gouger Street
South Australia

CC: Prime Minister Albanese.
       Secretary General UNHRC.

Re: $50 – $80 million dollar investigation:

Dear Senator Wong,
Firstly please allow us to congratulate you on your outstanding efforts towards peace and International trade.

Secondly this letter was authorised by the Executive Committee of;

Our NGO promotes Peace wherever it’s needed, much more  in Sri Lanka at the moment.
A mother threw herself and her two children off a bridge into the river,  committing suicide because she could no longer bare to see her children suffering hunger.

Also people are dying from the oppressive heat whilst lining up to try to get a minuscule amount of fuel to cook their rice with.

Corruption on all levels is rampant.

The country is in crisis with citizens rioting in the streets and burning down houses and invading the Presidential Palace, ransacking it.

The most valuable farmers are in need of urgent agriculture assistance.

We have a good ear to the ground in Sri Lanka and we have been told that not one citizen has received any food assistance or fuel from the gifted Australian money.

As taxpayers we are keen to communique with you to attempt to locate the journey of that money.
* to whom was it paid?
* has a transparent audit been sent
  back to you or your department?
* do you have something positive
  that we can show the people of Sri
   Lanka to prove that the aid was
   sent and can be accounted for.

We are a most generous country, we are always the first to help when other countries are in crisis.
This is exactly how taxpayers expect their hard earned dollars to be spent.

Thanking you in anticipation of your reply and please do not hesitate to contact us if you think we can help in any way.

Yours Earnestly
Mr Ranjith Naranpanawa
5 Landsbrough Avenue

Public Officer/ Secretary
Diannah Paramour
7010 Huon Highway

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