Sri Lanka Has Hit the Bottom! – Strategic Geographical Location of Sri Lanka Ignored.
Posted on July 26th, 2022

Prof. Hudson McLean

Sri Lanka Has Hit the Bottom! – 

Strategic Geographical Location of Sri Lanka Ignored.

Why Sri Lanka Needs New Blood. New Young Leadership!

Why are two Island States under British Rule in the Indian Ocean, Ceylon (an Island paradise) & Singapore (a muddy fishing village), emerging during the 1960s, slumped into a Third World, whilst the other climbed into a First World?

Whilst Lee Kwan Yew as the founding Prime Minister, had Vision, Leadership, Control, and Honesty, the Senanayake, and Bandaranaike wasted Time on Nationalism, Religion and did nothing to develop the basic exports created by the British. 

The following governments with No Leadership suffered, partly due to LTTE-Tamil Terrorism and endemic Corruption.

The staple exports such as Tea, Garments, and a few Domestic labour human exports, and Tourists kept the economy on a drip feed.

Borrowing and increasing the Government Debt steadily climbed upwards, with a question, how much did the leaders benefit from the backsheesh & kickbacks.

The day of reckoning arrived with COVID-19 and the rising price of oil.

Even then, there were no Ministers of State with any Leadership, Imagination, or Innovation to offer any Life Support to the drowning economy of Sri Lanka.

Only just as President Gotabaya Rajapakse was taking an Air Force jet escape flight to the Maldives, one Sri Lanka businessman Dhammika Perera came up with a potential positive solution, a Seven Point Plan.

This goes to show that there are potential or business leaders with Strategic Thinking capabilities and Sri Lanka desperately needs New Clean Honest Patriotic Talent.

Sri Lanka cannot survive on the basic revenue earners and must develop business-oriented Export Revenue generating industries. 

Develop and Market the three Ports, Colombo, Hambantota, and Trincomalee.

As stated by Dhammika Perera, Ratmalana Airport could be developed into Cheap Regional Charter flights.

Nationalistic ideas of Sinhala should give way to English as a vital conduit to foreign revenue.  Both IT and Healthcare are revenue-generating exports, to create employment to the 20-25-year-old.

The Foreign Ministry may upgrade its missions in the EU, UK, USA, and Canada with properly trained professional Marketing & Sales Oriented staff.

The operative word is Results-oriented Selling Sri Lanka to targetted markets!

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