Beware of ‘Human Rights’ mercenaries 
Posted on August 11th, 2022

Senaka Weeraratna

‘Human Rights’ mercenaries are those who unceasingly vilify the ethnic majority until almost the last pound of flesh is extracted, and are constantly promoting the anti-majoritarian propaganda rhetoric of Multi-Culturalism, Secularism, Reconciliation, and whatnot, and now the Division of the country on Ethnic and Religious lines.

The greatest victory in recent times was achieved by the Security Forces on the battlefield after a huge sacrifice of life and limb by the heroic soldiers. About 30, 000 personnel from the security forces perished.  

It must be noted that when the Allies beat Germany and Japan in 1945, they (the allies) engaged in a full-scale de – Nazification programme and established War Crimes Tribunals to try the leaders of the two defeated countries.

In Sri Lanka, the reverse happened. The winner was placed in the dock for alleged war crimes while the defeated Terrorists, with blood-stained hands for ruthlessly killing innocent civilians in several incidents of mass murder, were hailed as liberators and victims by the international community.

When the Western colonial countries started invading countries outside Europe they found that the greatest resistance to their plans for conquest came from people who they described as savages, for example, the ethnic majority i.e. Sinhala Buddhists, Hindus (in INDIA), Burmese in Burma, Malays in Indonesia, etc. 

In order to overcome the stiff resistance from the locals, they used propaganda both from outside and assistance from within i.e., local collaborators.

An Englishman calls the Sinhalese ‘ a very highly civilized race ‘

Sinhala Buddhists are one of the most demonized ethnic groups in South Asia, despite their tolerance of other races and religions.

The following is an account written by an Englishman named Campbell in 1932, on his trip to Australia from Ceylon, accompanying a group of about 500 (largely Sinhalese), on the ship SS Devonshire, in 1882:

” The Cingalese were a very highly civilised race…. They have deep pride of the Island’s  historical and spiritual continuity.   They burn with enthusiasm in their religious devotion and live up to it.. they are a race of  primitive simplicity, know no malice,  are hospitable, peaceful and cheerful  minded.  The rich  Cingalese  in Ceylon can say as Job said I was eyes to the blind and feet was I to the lame; I was father to the poor, and the cause which I knew not I searched out

Every traveller to Ceylon cannot help but notice the friendliness of the natives; everything looks clean and bright  as if to  show off before strangers that they felt it was good to be alive…They have  left their footsteps in sands of time over a century as loyal British  subjects.

Over 50 years ago,  the  hymn from Greenland’s icy mountains was composed by Bishop Heber, the suffragan bishop of Madras, India, after paying a short visit to Colombo.  The hymn contains the two following lines: ”Where every prospect pleaseth, but only man is vile”  As a matter of fact, the native of Ceylon was never vile” to any one, in any way.  It is a subject on which extreme exaggerations have prevailed.  It is an obvious criticism that if they were as bad as some writers imagined they never could have subsisted if this view of their human nature had been a just one.  Ceylon would have been like a cage full of wild beasts, and the inhabitants would have soon perished in constant internecine war.  

Vile” was in the spirit of poetry” in rhythm with Isle” but lacked the spirit of truth and piety”.  Evangelists use the hymn in their so-called missionary services and Sunday Schools composed of white people in the fervent hope it will give nourishment to the spiritual life of those who sing it and enlarge the collection of the Almighty Dollar”.  

According to the most recent statistics there are no fewer than 187 sects of Christians, and they all more or less, bear very strange names.  Some must flout the Bible in their numerous complex faiths. Some make a religious taboo of the Lord’s Supper, some of infant baptism, some of mixed marriages, and they are all  antagonistic  to each other theologically and overlap each other with churches, therefore the heathen in his blindness” is not safe getting into theological holts with their would-be saviours.”


Memoirs of a Pioneer – 50 years ago


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