Response to your “Dear Friend” letter of August 7, 2022 on Sri Lanka
Posted on August 27th, 2022

 Asoka (Weerasinghe)

Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1

25 August 2022

Hon,. Pierre Poilievre MP

Conservative Party Leadership Candidate -2022

Dear Pierre.

I note that you are galloping to victory to lead the Conservative Party, the Party that put me  through emotional waves of highs and lows when you all dealt with Sri Lanka’s Tamil Eelam War and  supporting the Tamil Tiger terrorist cause. The end result was my decision to abandon your lot, give up my card carrying membership (Sustaining Donor-1544311255047), and not vote for the Conservatives ever, not even holding my nostrils closed keeping away the Conservative stench of hypocrisy.

  1.   Pierre, I told you in my first letter to you that when you were just out of your diapers, a 4-year old, holding on to your Mumma’s finger toddling along to Kindergarten in 1983, I was involved in this Tamil Eelam issue trying  to drum into the heads of your Canadian Parliamentarian colleagues to understand the TRUTH, when they began to clue into that the Tamils who were seeking refuge were possible banks of block voters.  You Conservatives were selling your bleeding hearts and souls to the Tamil separatist cause and became mindless suckers to win their Sinhala-blood soaked votes.   And I was no Johnny -come-lately in this file.  And I knew the direction the three major  political parties, Liberals, Conservatives and the NDP were heading.  So be it, I said, and then committed  to deal with it with my voice and pen.  You have heard me several times.
  • Pierre you were 21 and the assistant to Stockwell Day, then Leader of Canadian

Alliance, who was, quite rightly,  going after the Liberal Minister of Finance, Paul

Martin, who together with Maria Minna, the Minister of CIDA, and nine other

Liberal Party back-benchers, patronized the $60-a-plate Fundraising lunch

in Toronto by FACT in May 2000, to collect funds for the most ruthless Terrorists

in the world the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) aka, Tamil Tigers, and Stockwell lambasted them during the Question Period in Parliament..

And Paul Martin called  your boss, Stockwell Day a Racist” during Question Period in Parliament.  I watched it on CPAC.

You phoned me asking me to support Stockwell on his stance against Canada

supporting the  most ruthless terrorist group in the world, the LTTE.

And I did.  Two days later, early morning you phoned me and said –” Asoka,

your letter is in, in The Ottawa Citizen, and Thanks Asoka for supporting

Minister Stockwell Day.”;

  • You went through together with Stockwell Day, Minister of Public Safety, and MP Jason Kenny of the Conservative Party, who took the lead to Ban the Tamil Tigers in Canada on 10 April 2006.
  • And on Thursday, April 27, 2006, a small delegation consisting  of Mahinda Gunasekera, Ira de Silva, Daya Hettiarachchi and I met  Ministers Day and Kenny  in  Minister Day’s office to Thank” them for banning the Tamil Tigers

as promised us in May 2005, when the two of them gave us the assurance that all legal measures would be taken against the LTTE and its front organizations soon after your party assumes power.

     5.   Pierre, this is what I wrote to Conservative Foreign Minister, Lawrence

           Cannon on May 20, 2009, a day after the Tamil Tigers were annihilated by 

           the Sri Lankan Armed Forces, after reading his pathetic Press Release, the 

           worst that ever came out of Canada’s Foreign Ministry Office. 

           A war that every country including Canada  said it was an unwinnable war, and 

           wanted Sri Lanka to hand over to the Eelamists the land that  they claimed were 


           And the separatist Tamils had been spoiling  for a fight, and finally they did for 30

            bloody years until Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his armed forces 

            of  brave, heroic  men and women got the Tamil Tiger leader, Velupillai

            Prabhakaran with a bullet through his forehead on the sands of the Nandikadal 

            Lagoon, on 18 May, 2009. And, of course, Pierre, we Canadians didn’t like it. 

            Shucks! That was too bad.

            But here is what is so despicable about it, and that includes you. No Canadian 

            parliamentarian has  given credit to Gotabaya’s heroic men and women in khaki 

           and surge, for their Classic Textbook, Human Rights Act for giving back the

            Right-to-Life to 20.5  million of their people which had been hijacked by the

           Tamil Tigers for 30-bloodying- years. 

           So much for the hypocritical-bleeding hearts of the world that was so concerned  

            about Human Rights violations during the Eelam terrorist war.  Pierre, what 

            Bull…what Hogwash…. what  a crotch full of cods-wallop…what strings of 

            baloney hanging in a stall at  the Byward Market…what  decorative strings of 

           Masala wade hanging at  the entrance of a Haro Hara  Eelam Curry Hut!

             Pierre, here is one more despicable act of insolence by yours and my Canada. 

             Who failed to acknowledge the  amazing  Classic Textbook example of a 

             Human Rights Act, when 295,873 Tamil refugees who were marched from 

             the west coast  to the east  coast of Sri Lanka for 60-months, like a herd of 

             unwashed cattle as a Human Shield by the Tamil Tigers under a scorching

             Jaffna-Killinochchi sun.

             It was Gotabaya’s heroic men and women in khaki and serge. that 

             rescued them’, and absolutely no one, including you talks about this amazing 

             Human Rights Act.  Pierre, and that is down right being ‘sick’.   Explain 

             Pierre…explain.  Why?  Do I smell a nasty rat here?

Dear Minister Lawrence Cannon:

You have failed me, a Sri Lankan-Canadian, and Sri Lanka with your Statement on Sri Lanka expressing your concern on civilian casualties and not recognizing the Sri Lanka Government defeating the most ruthless terrorist group in the world which you all banned on 10 April, 2006.  You ignored the euphoria among all Sri Lankans, including some Tamils,and the relief  they shared having had the Tamil Tigers eliminated which gave 20.5 million peoples their Right-to-Life which had been hijacked by the Tamil Tigers for 30-blood spilling years.

Your statement is proof positive that the Conservatives have now begun to pander to the Tamil Diaspora and have forgotten that  there were other communities, especially the majority Sinhalese who were affected by this unnecessary brutal, war with killings, assassinations and ethnic cleansing in the thousands of individuals by the Tamil Tigers………….”

         6.  By then Pierre, you certainly knew that Canada was supporting this Tamil 

         terrorist group, and were aiding and abetting the terrorist war in Sri Lanka, by 

         letting theTamil separatist diaspora collect  $2 million a month for 13 long Liberal

         years to  stuff the Tamil Tigers war chest, to buy  sophisticated military weapons 

         to kill my Sinhalese  people together with my Muslim brothers and sisters for the

         want of their  Mono-ethnic, separate, racist Tamil state of Eelam, carved out of 

         33% of the  sovereign Land of the island in the North and East of Sri Lanka,

          bordered by 66%  of the coastline for 12.6% of the Tamil population (then).  The 

          Tamil population may have dwindled to about 6% now, as almost all of them flew

          out of their Cuckoo’s-nests, thumbing their noses at their Mother India, searching

          for roads paved with gold and the lands  over  their fences that were greener than


    7.  Pierre, you certainly knew that the Tamils cut a cheque from a Bank account of

B. Thambirajah, in Vancouver, for 7.5 million dollars on September 22, 1993,  to purchase 60 tonnes of RDX and 10 tonnes of TNT from the Rubezone Chemical

Factory in the Ukraine.

It were these  high explosives that were used in a truck bomb to bring down

the Central Bank Building in Colombo’s Financial District, on 31 January 1996,  killing 114 and maiming for life 1338 others.  Among  them was a Director of the Bank, who had a Masters from Waterloo U, and a PhD in Statistics from Ottawa U.  

A  few minutes before the truck bomb went off, he had  gone to the Library a few floors up.  Two stacks of books had fallen on his legs and both were amputated.

Pierre, turn your hands and look at your two palms.  That slight red stain on your palms are of the Sinhlese blood that we Canadians were responsible with the money that a Tamil cut a cheque from a Bank in Vancouver, to purchase those high explosives.  So we, Canada, aided and abetted the most ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists to kill my people.  How do you feel now Pierre.  Do you admit that you are one helluva -sinner supporting the Tamil separatist cause.  Would you?

      8.  Canada’s support for the Tamil Tiger terrorists, the most ruthless terrorists 

           in the world according to the UN:

i. Ian Cotler, the Minister of Justice for the Liberal Government admitted to the

   Editorial Board of the National Post, that the Liberals were not willing to

   antagonize the Tamil community, and thus not willing to ban the Liberation

   Tigers of Tamil Eelam aka Tamil Tigers, the killer terrorists’. The Liberals did

   not want to lose their votes.  But didn’t mind sacrificing the lives of my

   Innocent  Sinhalese people.  That is how the Liberals selfish cookie crumbled,

   And I a Sinhalaee-Canadian will never, ever forget this nasty Canadian horror


        ii.    Pierre, the evening of November 5, 2007, was dark, cold, shivering  and wet 

              and nine Liberal MPs, stood in vigil with thousands of Tamils at Markham Fair

              Ground in memory of S.P. ThamilChelvan, the leader of the Political Wing of

               the Tamil Tigers who was killed by a bomb dropped on the building in 

               Kilinochchi where he was in a palaver with four other combatant Tamil Tiger

               Terrorists.. That evening all the Liberal MPs lambasted the Sri Lanka

               Government for that killing.

             One of the Liberal Parliamentary jokers, Borys Wrzesnewskyj (Etobicoke

             Center), having lambasted the Sri Lanka Government christened the

             Tamil Tigers as Doves of Peace”.  

             That was a sick joke, Pierre, hoping to pick up every Tamil vote of the

             thousands who stood in vigil with them.

             Holy Moses, Pierre, a few weeks later these Liberal parliamentary 

              Crap-shooters couldn’t find a place to hide their faces, not even in their kitchen 

              sinks, as their  Doves of Peace” mutated at a steady pace and turned  into 

              brutal ”Killer  Doves” and went on killing the unarmed innocent Sinhalese, 

              with sophisticated  war- weapons bought out of funds collected in Canada.  

              What a hoot!   What  nine sick Liberal jokers.  All for the want of the Tamil 

              votes. Haro..Hara!

             Pierre, at 8:05 in the morning of Wednesday, November 28, one of the Liberal 

             women Doves of Peace, a Tamil Tiger suicide bomber with a bomb hidden in

             her bra blew herself trying to assassinate Douglas Devananda, a Tamil, the

             Minister of Social Services, killing his Coordinating Secretary, and seriously

             injuring 10 others of the Public Relations Office, and a Sub-Inspector of

             Police, a personal bodyguard to the Minister.

             Pierre, this was the 279th suicide bombing by the Liberals ‘Doves of Peace’ 

             that you foolishly seem to be sucking up to.  Shame on you, grovelling at their 

             feet for their Tamil votes. Well.  Pierre, such is the Canadian Federal 

             Government Politics and their shameless politicians who have sold their souls

             for  the Tamil separatist cause,  If such action by you is going to hurt

             and destroy my dignity and others of my Sinhalese community.  I tell you

             quite candidly.  Don’t . Stop  it, right now!  I have already struck you off my list 

             of well wishers who will be getting my Christmas card this December. 

      9.    Dear Pierre, so that you know.  In your Dear Friend” communication of  

             August 7, 2022, you said…I will work hand in glove with our allies to 

             provide an economic partnership – prioritizing those most impacted by 

             these difficult times  and by opening permanent consulate services in 


             I only hope you won’t emulate the Judy Sgro, Liberal Minister of Immigation’s 

             arrogance,  who just after the Tsunami of Boxing Day of 2004, exposed her 

             arrogant shenanigan, when she told  in parliament, that it was not necessary 

             for Canada to get permission from the Sri Lanka Government to open a 

             Consulate Office in Jaffna.

             Pierre, this is what I told this foolish Canadian Cabinet Minister in a letter.   

             ‘Judy, it  Is time you get back to College and audit a course in Diplomacy 

            101,  so that You don’t try your belligerent arrogance, and get kicked out of

            Sri Lanka.  Be taken by your hand by a police officer, in case you slip away

             and hide in the Canadian High Commissioner’s residence, and put you on 

             the first plane out of Colombo to bring you back to Ottawa. Hope you 

             won’t embarrass  yourself, your political party and the Country you

             represent.  Just cut it, Judy.  Just cut it!

    10.    Pierre, in that same Dear Friend”  friendly note you say, I would restore

             Canadian leadership by standing with the human rights advocates, support

             the war crimes investigations they demand ….”

             For Pete’s sake Pierre, give me a break! There is a tinge of arrogance in that 

             Conservative stupidity.

             The Godfather of Tamil Tiger terrorism, Canada, falls flat on its face. 

             Canada who had a penchant to paint itself lilly-white, and at the bat of its 

             eyelids point its finger at other world cultures to say, Hey, baby…We are 

             holier than Thou!  

             Pierre, first look at the beam in your own eyes before you come to poke your 

             finger at the mote of Sri Lanka’s eyes.

             Whoopee doo Pierre!  Sweet Mother of Jesus!   I knew all along this wasn’t

             true the way that Canada’s ‘Whitemen’ shot and killed the native First

             Nation peoples, like the Newfoundland Beothuks.

  Pierre, this what the last Beothuck, Shanawdithit (Nancy April), who died on

  6th June 1829, said  to our White-Canadians’ then:

‘Coughing Beothuk syllables

I try to make you understand

as I am part of you and affable

wanting to be understood

and be alive,

as I am Shanawdithit.

You have hurt me enough

having shot me twice

by Noel Boss a Mi’kmaq

hunter and a rough

trapper to paint

the earth red with my blood,

killed my people for the fun of it,

stole our furs and slyly crept

to burn the mamateeks when we slept.

And I still want to be understood and be alive

For I am Shanawdithit.

We tore our cassocks

to reveal our bogmoots (breasts) to prove

we were women begging for your mercy.

Shooting and cutting our throats

Killing the nits from lice,

and I still want to be understood

And be alive

for I am Shanawdithit….”

(from Canadian Stories, Vol.23 No.131, 2020)

Pierre Poilievre, that is your heritage, being maestros  of Genocide”.  Unfortunately it’s mine too now, although I am not ‘white’,   I am of the colour 

of the best of the 50 shades of brown, which is the colour of the crown of hair

on your head,  since I have adopted  Canada as my home.  I will happily sing her National Anthem with You saying

          O Canada….I will stand on guard for thee..” with a lot of absolute honesty, 

          truth and pride.

11   Pierre, whether you like it or not, you are part of Canada’s Genocidal heritage”.

       Here’s the despicable story well related on a wall at the Wabano Centre  on

       Montreal Road in East Ottawa, serving the Indigenous and First Nation peoples.

       Pierre, if you haven’t been there, then go..  That wall will be the litmus test to know

       whether you have an honest and a compassionate heart, as you will come out

       with tears welled in your eyes, the way the ‘white-Canadians treated the First  

        Nation peoples. Not like the present ‘white’  crap-shooters who are lying their way

        to win recent Asian immigrant votes.  I cried!

12.  Pierre, your ‘Dear Friend” note said …For decades, we have demanded 

       reparations for war widows….”.  

       Shish! Pierre, don’t be so  damn cocky and demanding, as I Asoka Weerasinghe

      who has poured his heart with sympathy for the Canadian First Nation Peoples,

      having interpreted their rich and sometimes painful cultures in the early 1970s

      while creating Ottawa’s Victoria Memorial Museum  Halls of People of the Long 

      House  (Iroquois), The Buffalo Hunters (Plains Indians), Children of the Raven 

      (West Coast Culture), and the Inuit (Inuit/Eskimo), tell you bluntly  and with some

       crass authority.   Hey, Pierre, you are now being a cunning joker.  Surly what

       was good for the Goose surely should be good for Gander. Here is what did 

       happen in recent Canadian history, and you have nothing to complain about poking

       your Conservative blue-finger in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs. It is none of your  

       Business.  Here is a Canadian Truth……

      Survivors of St. Anne’s residential school have spent decades in court, 

       fighting for compensation for the years of abuse and torture they experienced 

       as children.  The Canadian federal government has spent over $3.2 million in 

       legal fees Fighting them,” 

      This bit of news gives me the incentive to ask you Pierre don’t be a fool to rush 

       in  where angels fear to tread”  Be careful as your honesty” in your credibility as 

       a Good politician” is on pretty shaky grounds.  All this arrogant stupidity  just to 

       garner Tamil votes. What bullish, foolishness!.  Is it worth it? 

13.  Pierre, now I gather that at age 43, you have promoted yourself as the Saviour of 

       the Sri Lankan Tamils, who you believed were persecuted. 

       Persecuted” you say.  Pierre, I am sorry  to say that with that accusation of guilt,  

       I have come to the conclusion that you know sweet-nothing of the ground situation

       in Sri Lanka.  The Tamils have  massaged your mind and brain to make you look an 

       absolute Dunce-capped fool.  They have figured out your vulnerability, ready to kiss 

       their feet for the  promise of 1000 Tamil votes.  What a way to be a politician.  When

       the Tamils ask you to jump, so you jump; in case you lose 500 Tamil votes if you 

       Don’t.  This is a belly-aching Hoot!


        Here is what it was on the ground,when July 1983 riots took place.

        The predominantly Tamil Jaffna District had 555 government schools for the

        Tamil student population of 207,524, and the capital City of Colombo  had

        only 251 such schools for 231,609 students.  This is not a tricky question as even

        a Grade 5 student will come up with the right answer. Pierre, with this TRUTH

        were the Tamils persecuted?;

        Jaffna Tamil District had 41%  of their schools equipped with  government 

        approved science laboratories,  compared to the all island average of 19.6% 

        Government approved Science laboratories.  Pierre, with this TRUTH were the 

        Tamils persecuted? ‘

c   . When the Black July riots happened on 24 July of 1983, the Chief Justice of the

         The Supreme Court was a Tamil (Justice S. Sharvadanda);  The Inspector 

         General of Police was a Tamil (Rudra Rajasingham); and the Attorney General  

          was a Tamil (S. Pasupati). Pierre, with this TRUTH were the Tamils 

          persecuted? You can be Judge and Jury in this  Canadian-Tamil-Conservative 

          Blarney Gong Show.

  d.     When Sri Lanka’s Black July riots happened on 24 July, 1983,  the Sri Lankan

          Diplomats  serving as the High Commissioner in Britain, and Ambassadors in 

          China, France and Germany were Tamils.  Pierre, with this TRUTH were the

          Tamils  Persecuted?  Be truthful.  Do you feel that you have been taken

          down a Tamil Tiger  garden path with treacherous slippery slopes with 

          numbing rose bushes with idiot-thorns!

  14.    In your Dear Friend”  epistle of August 7, 2022,  you said, You don’t

            need a soldier every five meters on the streets of Toronto – and yet the 

            peaceful Sri Lankan northeast now constitutes one of the most militarized 

            non-conflict regions  in the world.”

            Pierre, that statement shows that you are a naive politician, nor are you a leader

            of a country, trying to save your country and its peoples from terrorists who 

            want to take over, who are been provided with cylinders of oxygen to survive by

            Foreign  Do-gooder desk-mercenaries whose Kalashnikovs are government 

            supplied pens and computers.  These desk-mercenaries have no business to

            aid and abet to revive the Eelam War by  extending their Voices in support

            of the Tamil separatist cause. 


            Pierre, have you not come across such incidents where Leaders of countries 

            adapt extraordinary measures to deal with extraordinary  situations.  If you

            haven’t  Pierre, look no further. Roll back 52-years of Canada’s modern-history

            until you come across the words  Canada’s 1970 October Crisis,”  For Pete’s 

            sake Pierre, what is Good for the goose surely should be Good for the 


            You were certainly not sharp in your mind were you when you made that snarky 

            comment : You don’t  need a soldier every five meters on the streets of 

           Toronto – and yet the peaceful Sri Lankan northeast now constitutes one of 

           the most  militarized non-conflict regions in the world.”

           Pierre, so that you know this is what happened.  The October Crisis took place

           in Quebec in the autumn of 1970.. The Crisis was the culmination of terrorist

           attacks perpetrated by the Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ), a Quebec

           Independence Movement.

           On 5 October 1970, the FLQ kidnapped the British Trade  Commissioner

            James Cross in Montreal.  Within the next two weeks the FLQ also kidnapped

           and killed Quebec’s Minister of Immigration and Labour Pierre Laporte.

           Quebec’s Premier Robert Boroussa and Montreal’s Mayor Jean Drapeau

           asked for Federal Government help.

           Pierre, this is how the Liberal Party Prime Minister,  Pierre Trudeau ‘s Federal

           Government helped.

           For one kidnapping and one killing of a Provincial Government  Minister, Prime 

           Minister Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act to nip in the bud of the 

           FLQ terrorist movement.  That decision flooded the Ottawa Streets with army

           fatigued soldiers cradling assault-rifles like babies.  And  at every street corner

           there were soldiers with assault rifles with a finger on the trigger ready to shoot.

           Pierre, you were still not born then, but I witnessed it all as I was landing at

           Ottawa’s old airport around 4:00 in the afternoon on October 16.         

           I witnessed from the plane’s window, at least 50 helicopters buzzing in the sky 

           like monster mosquitoes.   That was my introduction and welcome to Canada. 

          The following day  I learnt that it was a real Military drill and not a film set for a 

           Walt Disney film Aliens coming to take Canadians away.

            And you, Mister Piere Poilievre, had the gall and the temerity  to make that 

           snarky comment about Sri Lanka – You don’t need a soldier every five meters

           on the streets of Toronto – and yet the peaceful Sri Lankan northeast now 

           constitutes one of the most militarized  non-conflict regions in the world.”    

           Pierre, the more you try to win the Tamill votes, the more You are getting 

           entangled badly in the Canadian Political Web of Deceit.     My humble advice

           to you Pierre, is to snip your umbilical cord which is still attached to the 

           Separatist-Tamils and get down from your High Horse and renew your faith 

           in Honesty and Truth which will take you a long way as a politician. 

 15Pierre, under such a background where Canada aided and abetted the most 

 ruthless terrorist outfit in the world,, the Tamil Tigers, and prolonged that war

in Sri Lanka, to carry on for 30-bloody years, I felt a bit distraught  that you had demanded the arrest of Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the former President of Sri Lanka who  also was the Defense Secretary, who kicked the butts of yours and India’s prodigies , the Tamil Tiger terrorists, who were annhilated on 19 May 2009,

by Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s team of heroic  men and women soldiers still living

and dead.

I see that the penalty for annihilating the Tamil Tigers, and  giving back the most paramount Human Rights the Right-to-Life  to 20.5 million of their peoples, which includes the Tamils too;  to having rescued 295,873 Tamil refugees from the clutches of the Tamill Tigers who were used as a Human Shield  for 6 months; and sustaining them in a temporary tent city preparing 1 (one) million breakfasts, lunches and dinners every day, you want the leader to be arrested and brought to an International  Human Rights Court.  What sordid crap…not worth two dead capelin washed on the shores of Newfoundland’s Middle Cove, or two prairie straws waving in desperation in the  chilling cold wind… what ratty tosh! 

Are you insane Pierre.  You are too young to suffer from dementia., I see that you are also Hallucinating that you will be the first Viceroy of the Tamil sovereign Kingdom of Ellam-Makkam in Canada,  been sponsored by these Canadian separtist Tamils, Dream on,  Mr. Pierre  Poilievre, MP…dream on!

Get off that train to the dreamland of yours, and cut your umbilical cord with the  Canadian Tamil separatists who have made a fool of you,  are certainly not doing you any good.

 16.   In Conclusion, you have been lucky that you heard from three top veteran 

         Sinhala-Canadian activists, Mahinda Gunasekera, Ira de Silva and Jaliya 

         Wickramarachchi, who have been working on this file since  24 July 1983, who 

          had advised you, who had questions for you on your involvement in 

         lambasting the Sri Lanka Government in support of the Tamil separatists, as a 

          favour to gain their votes at a federal election. The choice is yours to heed to

          what they said, and shut your gob on this file without getting entangled in the

          Canadian Political web of deceit any further.,  Failing you will remain at the

          bottom of my heap of the arrogant and foolish Canadian Conservatives, and

          twinned with Brampton’s Mayor Patrick Brown, who thinks he is God and wants

         to change what is Sri Lanka today,  and hand it over to the Tamils.  What a clown!

       Let me repeat what one veteran activist told you.  Ira de Silva said – I suggest 

         that you get Your facts correct and not merely parrot what you are told by 

         the very people who funded and supported terrorism in Sri Lanka.  It is 

          obvious that you are ignorant of the situation in Sri Lanka both past and

          present.  Please educate yourself and not merely repeat the inaccurate

          biased information given to you by your LTTE constituents in Canada who

         are the very people who for decades funded terrorism in Sri Lanka.  

         Canadian politicians who just want Votes in Canada and have no concern 

         for the people who live in Sri Lanka are willing to say and do whatever it 

         takes hoping that they will get votes in Canada.   That is a damning

         indictment on you.  Have you any confirmation that they will vote for you 

         after you debase yourself?

        The people of Sri Lanka do not know you nor do they care to know you and

        should not have to suffer because of your myopic action.”

        Hallelujah!  You have heard from one veteran on the issue .  She is the best there

        was since July 24, 1983…the Best there is Today…and the Best there ever will be

        after today, to take on the dumb Canadian politicians who have sold their souls to 

        the proxy- Tamil Tigers to garner their votes.

         Pierre Poilievre,  before you go to the closest mirror and ask – Mirror…mirror..

         on the Wall, who is the liar of them all,”. have a cloth with you to wipe your face, 

         as You have got rotten eggs all over it..

         It is your call Pierre to get off that high horse of yours and stop being so arrogant 

         and  foolish. All I  will say is …Good luck Pierre.  I know and my Crystal Ball 

         reading  says that one day Pierre Poilievre will say under his breath I wish I 

         listened to Asoka Weerasinghe on the 27th of August, 2022.  He was so 

        damn right!” Pierre, my Crystal Ball has never failed me.

         Be well.

         Asoka (Weerasinghe)

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