Posted on August 30th, 2022


We wish to refer to Sri Lanka government’s  decision to de-list some of the banned designated persons, groups and entities which were proscribed  under paragraph 4 (2) of the United Nations Regulations no 1 of 2012.

The main reason for the proscription was their direct assistance and funding of  the Liberation Tamil Tiger Organization a k a Tamil Tigers , a terrorist organization.

The recent decision to de-list said to be after a detailed study of 577 individuals and 18 organizations
which were blacklisted in the year 2021 for financing terrorism. The people who underwent extreme difficulties and the kith and kin of the subjects of LTTE killings and specially of the soldiers and those who are still suffering from the injuries sustained in the war expect a more detailed explanation from the Government of Sri Lanka and the defense establishment of the Government of Sri Lanka whether any written reliable undertaking had been received from the de-listed entities that they will disassociate with the armed struggle against Sri Lankan people, Sri Lanka and the Government of Sri Lanka in future and they accept the country’s defeat of the armed terrorists at Nandaikadal as the final settlement of their separatist armed struggle.

One common feature of the separatist and terrorist movement launched by some Tamil political and the Tamil Tigers had been their use of ‘little now more later’ strategy in negotiating with the Sri Lankan government.

They launched their agitation against the enthronement of Sinhala language in the country and which received the attention of the policy makers and then the Tamil language too received due recognition. Then some Tamil parties initiated  their claims for a federal form of government and then to an exclusive Tamil areas in the North and the East which progressively  developed to the ‘Eelam’ concept  of balkanizing of the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. The armed struggle launched in the 80s by the Tamil armed carders progressively evolved into a full scale war in the 90s which ended in the defeat of the Eelamists in 2009. But, during the period of war too there were peace talks sponsored by foreign nations. One would notice even during the negotiations the tactic of ‘little now more later’ was applied by the Tami Tigers. Even the present President,  Ranil Wickramsinghe was lead astray by the Tamil Tigers during the  negotiations  which resulted only making their position stronger making them a force to be reckoned with in the eyes of the international watchers. The situation was artificially created to identify that the Tamil Tigers cannot be defeated by Sri Lankan forces compelling some to believe  that only available solution  was to negotiate and share the land by creating a country called Eelam. But, subsequent efforts of the armed forces who were given the green light to get rid of the terrorist gang proved beyond any doubt that the LTTE was weak contrary to the mythical publicity  veil which was woven by the LTTE propagandists and their fellow travelers,

The Government and the country need an inflow of foreign exchange and some of the ‘de-listed entities’ apparently have given an undertaking as Sri Lankan expatriates to  arrange remittance of foreign funding. But. Such an exercise should not be allowed to open a Pandora’s Box for the country and the nation to receive continuous demands such as tampering with the Constitution, delegation of powers to the provinces, demand for traditional homelands and weakening of the national security in keeping with the well known little now and more later strategy.

The President and the Prime Ministers who were  appointed with the help of many members who believe in a unitary form of Government to tackle the immediate and acute economic issues should not fall prey to the possible manipulations of de-listed entities if they are motivated by ulterior objectives. The nationalist forces will be watching the unfolding scenario  with eagerness that the offer  to bring in foreign exchange will not be a monster Wooden horse of Troy.

We request the President, the Prime Minister and the Government to have their eyes wide open


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