“It’s easy to criticize, find fault & protest but finding solutions is hard, let’s unite & face the country’s challenges together”- President
Posted on October 6th, 2022

Courtesy Hiru News

President speaking in parliament says “I embarked on this political journey at great risk when no other political party or leader was willing to take the risk. Now we are forging this risky path slowly but steadily. Majority of the country supports this journey as they aspire for a decent life, country and future”

President Wickremesinghe further told parliament today that Sri Lanka hopes to come to a common agreement with creditor nations including Japan, China & India. Also commenced dialogues with Ambassadors from other countries, that have already provided debts

Following discussions with countries that provided debts to Sri Lanka we expect to discuss with private creditors such as London Club on debt restructuring.

I strived to get maximum benefit to Sri Lanka by meeting state leaders from UK, Japan & Philippines, representatives from international organizations & Finance Ministers.

Japan to assist Sri Lanka in Credit Restructuring process. Sri Lanka government requests Japan to co- chair the Sri Lanka creditors conference.

We have requested International Development Association to assist us to get concessional financing as Sri Lanka currently lacks the credit worthiness to borrow on market terms from WB or any other institution

This journey can be strengthened & expedited only with everyone’s support, President told parliament n called on all to put aside political vendettas & join this journey. “It’s easy to criticize, find fault & protest but finding solutions is hard. So, let’s unite face the country’s challenges together. I invite all to join the mechanism of rebuilding the country through the parliament national council parliamentary committees etc,, President Wickremesinghe told parliament today.

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