US Aragala Awards for Their ThinkTanks
Posted on October 16th, 2022

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In the midst of the annual US World Bank & IMF financial frolic in Washington…With all their suited & tied mannequins-of-color in attendance…The Governor of the Central Bank declares out loud: Sri Lanka will not take part in alternate international payment systems: Central Bank declines to accept Russian Mir Payment System…Central Bank Governor Nandalal Weerasinghe has declined to approve it on 2 occasions. (see ee Sovereignty, Mir)

The first story makes it appear this is a sole decision by a vertical vertebrate. It takes another whole day, before the gelatinous chain-of-command is clarified:

Due to the US sanctions on the MIR payment system,as confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Sri Lanka,the Central Bank of Sri Lanka is not in a positionto consider favorably, at the current juncture,the request to operate MIR card scheme within the banking system,’ the CBSL said in tweet.

It is tweet, tweet, indeed. Or is it chirp? Or squawk? If we believe the English media, the IMF & World Bank are all earnestness & lament for the ‘global economy’. Much like the real assassins attending a Mafia funeral, they are the first to rise to eulogize the corpse. The news keep up its squawking stenography: ‘The IMF expects’to conclude an agreement with Sri Lanka. They then keep insisting they need further proof that the imported medicines prescribed, will be forced down throats. The IMF guarantees for the 17th time, these panaceas will revive the unliving!

     Meanwhile the CB raising interest rates, will profit the moneylenders, and further discourage investment in modern industry. The holy spirit, the GDP, will duly rise, even as it merely indicates growth in bank services, etc.

     The Central Bank, right from its inception in 1950 under a US governor, has opposed the independence, let alone the industrialization, of the country, recalled SBD de Silva. One of the features of the 1948 Soulbury Constitutions was its attempt to stifle our international relations. This continues to this very day (see ee 10 August 2019 – Central Bank Special).

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