What is True Humanity?
Posted on November 6th, 2022

Justice for Animals and Nature

The definition of ‘True Humanity’ must go beyond the species of Humanity. This is the true test of our Humanity. 

If Humans confine themselves to the well-being of only one species i.e. Homo Sapiens ( human species) and remain indifferent to the well-being of non-human beings (other species) and the surrounding Nature we become emasculated morally and ethically. 

Every religion that wants to retain its credibility in the future must embrace a vision of ‘Going Beyond Humanity. 

The notion that God created animals to serve purely the needs of humans was tantamount to passing a death sentence on animals. That death sentence still continues and is carried out in many parts of the world, unfortunately.

Humans have become insensitive to the pain and suffering of other living beings and in turn, suppress the innate compassion they are born with because they have been indoctrinated and brainwashed to think that nonhuman living beings exist solely for the benefit of Human Beings. This is not true. No one is born to serve someone else. 

This is the same cruel logic that was used to justify the vicious slave trade. It was said by the slave traders that the Black Man was created to serve as a slave. That is God’s will so they said. The name of God was dragged in to justify inhumanity to both humans and innocent animals with no one bold enough to challenge and spread the gospel of love to all living beings in the Abrahamic world, bar the Buddha and Mahavira ( Nigantanatha putta – founder of Jainism) in India. Humanity is never civilized until we encompass all living beings in our circle of compassion, said Dr. Albert Schweitzer. 

The enlightened Human Beings of the future can be expected to no longer tolerate belief systems that encourage intolerance, cruelty, and exploitation of other non-human beings and Nature for human survival. Cruelty to animals begins in the minds of human beings. It is these types of mindsets that must first be cured of inhumanity and predilection to violence against animals. That is why lessons on Animal Protection must commence in our schools from the time of Kindergarten.  Every animal has a right to life and a right to happiness. The challenge for humans is to recognize these basic animal rights.  This is true pluralism. 

A pluralistic world must include animal species and not only human species. The Sanatana Dharma of India which includes Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism among others recognized that reality and responded to it accordingly in law-making. The Mahawamsa, the leading Historical Chronicle of Sri Lanka, gives glorious accounts of the extension of state protection to birds and beasts by mainly Buddhist Sinhala Kings following the duties of an ideal Chakkavatti King as spelled out in the  Cakkavatti Sihanada Sutta (Digha Nikaya of the Sutta Pitaka) preached by the Buddha. 

These are the shining chapters of the humanity of the past, that Sri Lanka can be joyfully proud of.  

Justice and Compassion for all beings can be expected to become the moral basis of a more equitable world order.

The Rule of Law that is spelled out today to protect only humans while excluding other non-human living beings is a self-serving exercise based on outdated and archaic speciesist thinking. It is tantamount to hypocrisy. Suffering is common to both.  A reformed Rule of Law must protect not only Humans but also extend to protect non – Humans and our natural environment, wherever possible. 

These are the lofty ideals that ‘Justice for Animals and Nature’ stands for and actively pursuing to achieve.

Justice for Animals and Nature

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