Posted on February 2nd, 2023


President, Ranil Wickremasinghe recently expressed that the proposed 13th amendment to the constitution should be fully implemented, and the purpose of the amendment would be a supportive action to the reconciliation process. The speech of the president, in fact, was to mislead people during independent celebration time or genuinely implement the constitutional reforms is a question to analysts and many Sri Lankans consider the speech has become a significant question. According to my understanding 90% of population of the country have no understanding of the contents of the 13th amendment and few groups of Sri Lanka attempt to protest against the amendment which is not clear to people. India and some Sri Lankans expressed that without complete implementation of the 13th amendment the reconciliation process could not be implemented in the country.

Since beginning of the reconciliation process it was a failure and it has been a talking point to provoke certain people of the country and neither Sinhala nor Tamil nor Muslim or any other people of the country consider that it is an essential requirement for unity between races and the reconciliation does exist in the country and current talks about it just for politics than genuine reconciliation. This situation could be seen in other countries too.

As long as there is a situation that express needs a reconciliation it would be subject to politics and firing to such issue spraying energy further misleading people for politics. As we observe in the country people have already reconciled and no need specific effort to it.

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